God's Great Love Expressed in Healing Gifts

God's Loving Healing Hands

My name is Rick. Welcome to God's Loving Healing Hands website!

Recently a family tragedy intensified my journey as a healer and propelled me into a powerful energy healing method that is guided by God.  This is not one of the usual healing methods that you might hear about, but very spiritual and high-level healing gifts.  

I teach those interested in this process of healing with "God's Loving Healing Hands", a fully Christian approach to healing with heavenly light energy and the power of love. Healing by love and light energy is the ultimate healing method. This method comprises eight healing gifts (links on the left sidebar) and which are expressions of a deep, eternal love from our Divine Father and Mother in Heaven, and their son Jesus Christ, and put the human soul in a state of healing and peace. They are all done by God’s Loving Healing Hands. We who exercise these gifts are conduits of God's healing power.

All of these eight healing gifts come directly from a loving God who is allowing his children a greater access to his divine healing power. I hope you will spend a few minutes browsing around.

I want to share this information with all who have a propensity for healing, or may wish to have the gift of healing in some form. My mission is to help awaken and teach these healing gifts in God’s children.

I have chosen to hold introductory and advanced classes. I have tutorials and videos on this website for those who are unable to attend one or more of the classes. I have attempted to keep the costs low so this information is available to all.

In October, 2014, I felt in prayer that I needed to share more fully the information that I have received. Therefore, I have put online eight of the advance class videos, pdfs and class helps at no cost (these used to only be part of the paid advanced class). I hope you will take advantage of this added information so you may learn of these healing gifts that have been so freely shared with me.

To see my story of how this all started on April 20th, 2013, please click here.

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