My name is Rick
(January 2018)

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Rick.  I am the one who received the information about the five healing gifts, the Find-Scoop-and Remove gift, the Intention Healing gift and God's Loving Healing Hands gift from God. I also have created and presented the Introductory Classes on this website. I am fully responsible for these teachings and methods. I willingly share all of this information to interested energy healers and those who are interested in learning to develop their healing gifts. I share this via this website and through classes that I teach.

You may wonder how I claim to have received healing direction from God. I don't know why I have been chosen to receive this information; I only that I know it has happened. It has made me feel very humbled, very loved, and also responsible.

I have spent a large part of my life raising, with my loving and supportive wife, a family of seven children and providing for them (most recently having my own business, and before that as a mechanical engineer). I have learned in 1995 how to energy test, and have written a booklet on the subject.  Most recently I have worked tirelessly (with my wife) in trying to help our injured child heal. This has propelled me on a fast-track to the position I am in now with my healing gifts.

Besides teaching a very well-received class in May 2013, two Christ-Centered Energy Convention Classes in 2014, and several Advanced Classes in 2014, I have kept these things to myself. I have pondered about them a lot, written much in my personal journal, and spent a lot of time in prayer.  

I found that as more and more was given to me from God, I was soon directed to practice these gifts on friends and family members through the latter half of 2013. During the first part of 2014, I spent time transcribing my nearly five journals containing all the details of these methods. I then put much of this information online, particularly to those who take my classes or sign up for tutorials on my website. I will also use this as the basis for handouts and references for these people to have and use.

There are five gifts of healing that were shown to me from in April 2013 to October 2013. These gifts allow us (whom I call conduits) who are activating one of these healing gifts from God, to have this heavenly healing power flow through us to the person needing the healing (I call them clients).  For every gift, God does the healing, and the conduit is the assistant or go-between God and the client. I am not sure why God has chosen to have healing done in this manner, but he has. This does not discount in any way, other healing methods and gifts of healing. Nevertheless, these gifts are remarkable, heavenly methods of healing, open to every person who wishes to receive them.  

I have named these five healing gifts from God the following:

Each one of these gifts of healing is targeted for specific healing in four areas that make us people: our physical body, our mind, our emotions and our spirit body. These gifts are determined specifically for the needs of each of God's children, and are fully controlled by God himself, who is the master healer.

In addition to these five divine gifts above, I have also been awakened to two other healing gifts in 2013 and 2014: Find-Scoop-and Remove gift and the Intention Healing. As I started using any of these healing gifts from God on a regular basis, I have felt directed in the choice I use for the particular client.

In January 2015, I was introduced to the final healing gift which I have named God's Loving Healing Hands. It is the most powerful healing gift on this website.

All of these eight gifts above are those I call God's Loving Healing Hands Gifts, and are included in the Advanced Class 2 that I teach.

Who is this Healing God?
I believe that there are three divine resurrected and glorified personages whom we call God that have the healing power to bless us:

  • Heavenly Father - the literal father of each of our spirits. He it is to whom we pray and direct our petitions. He is strong and tender and very loving.

  • Heavenly Mother - the literal mother of our spirits. She is often called Mother Divine.  She is extremely full of love and compassion.

  • Jesus Christ- the great redeemer who has given his life as a ransom for our sins.  He loves us deeply because he knows intimately of our sufferings and struggles.


Removing unwanted energy using the Find-Scoop-and Remove gift

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