Am I a Healing Angel?

When you read and study this website, and if you sincerely feel like you have had an awakening experience recently as a healing angel, please contact me! In fact, I have been give specific instruction what to do for you (see my journal entry below):

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 8-26-2015

"Earlier this morning, I was in a meditative state at God's Loving Healing Center, on the far side of the lake. I prayed to my Heavenly Father, who came before me on the path around the lake. He brought to my mind something that I needed to do with my website:

I need to have a way for the awakened healing angels (who have been recently awakened unconsciously by myself, Roberta or Elizabeth) to be able to come for training and information. I should make a link on the witness tab at the bottom. I had asked Heavenly Father what happens to those healing angels that are awakened.

He said: 'Rick, I will give them revelation about what has happened to them, with their awakening experience as a healing angel. Then I will send them to you and your website. They will need to be able to contact you and then you can give them a login to your website section for healing angels. They will be able to receive information and training from your website, and from future classes as well.'

I then realized the need to make another page with the title 'Am I a Healing Angel?' and a way to contact me."

If you want to contact me because you feel that you have been awakened as a healing angel, please confirm this in prayer. If you still feel impressed that this is true, then contact me here. Once I review things, I will then contact you by email with further instructions. Thanks!

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