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Remote Energy Work
I feel most comfortable doing remote energy work since I can meditate and
connect much better to you as a client and to God, than if you were with me in person. 

I prefer to teach everyone the healing gifts, so they can help their loved ones, but sometimes people need healing work done for them.  I do take a limited number of appointments for "remote" or distant healing. I do this at no charge.

I genrally will email you my findings at the end of the session, which includes two separate energy work periods a week apart (to give your body time to heal and adjust).  I exclusively use the healing methods described on this website (God's Five Healing Gifts, Find-Scoop-and RemoveIntention Healing and God's Loving Healing Hands Gift). Occasionally I may suggest remedies for you to purchase on your own.

I have found that remote energy healing work to be just as effective as working on a person hands-on. I prefer remote energy work since I can meditate and connect much better, than if you were with me in person, where time schedules, social manners, nervousness, may play a part and may prevent full relaxation of the patient and myself. 

To work on you remotely, please email me:

(1) a digital picture of the person I will be working on, and their name and age if young, emailed as an attachment.
(2) a statement that permission is granted to me to do remote energy healing work. This permission should be by the person himself if a teenager or an adult. Young children require a parent's permission.
(3) list your symptoms and desired outcome.
(4) read and agree to the disclaimer statement.

I look forward to working with you, and hope to create a turning point in your healing.

As a sidenote, I have made it my practice to only do energy work on those people for whom God tells me I should work on. I haven't asked to work on anyone specifically for over several years. It seems there is always someone that God knows, not me, that needs healing work, unknown to me. These are the one I generally am directed to do energy work for.

So don't send any money, but please just contact me and start a correspondence with me. There is a likelihood that I will receive direction to do energy work for you from God. If this is the case, there will not be a charge. I love to help people and feel a desire to do whatever God tells me to do. If you still want to send place an order and are very eager for me to work on you, I will still be happy to do so.


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