Imagine, if you will... At the Seashore
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At the Seashore

Please shut your eyes and imagine with me. . .

Imagine, if you will, that you are on the seashore. Imagine seeing the waves of the ocean, falling gently on the beach sand. They are rhythmic, and steady. Image now walking to the water’s edge. You are barefoot, and you feel the increasingly wet, cool sand under each footstep. Imagine that you are now coming to the cool water, and that it rushes past your feet, advancing up your legs, almost to your knees. Think of how it feels.

Now look up in the sky. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and there are some white, high clouds in the distant. Look now at the ocean’s horizon. Scan the edge where the ocean meets the sky. Look for a sailboat in the distance. It is far out, hard to see. But now zoom in, and see it closer. See how far over it is tilted as it skims across the ocean surface. Look at the 2 people onboard. Look at the white mast and colorful sails, and the fullness of air in the main sail that propels the craft forward. Look now under the sailboat and see the keel, the stabilizing weight under the boat which keeps it from toppling in the breeze. Look closer, and see the red paint on the keel which is chipped and worn in a few spots.

Now go back to where you are standing in the sand. Imagine the sand moving back and forth around your feet until your feet are covered by the sand. Wiggle your right toe and imagine seeing it under the water, the sand moving away as you wiggle your toe.

Now you lift your left foot. It is still under water, the sand is being washed away by the salt water going back and forth with the waves. Now lift your right foot and imagine it being cleansed by the turbulent water.

Now imagine walking in the shallow ocean water which rushes past you after each gentle breaking wave. Soon your feet and legs don’t feel numb by the coolness of the water, but find it a normal, good temperature. Now you see a beautiful large spiral shell in the water just in front of you. Its inhabitant is long gone. You reach out your right foot and gently touch it. It is white and worn by the sand and water. Reach down now with your hand and pick it up. Rinse it in the ocean water as it passes. Look at the beauty of this shell. Turn it over, feel its texture, smell it and even put your tongue on it to taste the surface of this beautiful shell. Is its surface smooth or rough. Is its color all white, or are there streaks of other colors? What does the underside look like?

Now take your shell and imagine what it looks like inside. Peak in the opening with your eye. Zoom inside the shell with your mind. Imagine you are able to shrink in size as you go inside the shell. Imagine walking into the shell, and imagine the entrance of the shell getting larger and larger, or you getting smaller and smaller. Look at the surface of the inside of this shell. See the color. Reach down and feel this with your hand. Is it smooth, is it slippery, is it colorful, is it hard? Now imagine in your mind being able to see the rest of the inside surface of this beautiful spiral shell. How many rotations does it make? How far does it extend? What is at the end of the inside spiral opening?

Now come back to yourself, standing in the sand, water moving around your legs. You are still holding the beautiful shell in your right hand. You look up to the sky, and breathe in the salty air. There is an extreme peace all around you. You feel consumed in the moment, how beautiful it is!

Imagine your feelings. Are you at peace? Are you happy? What are your wanting to do next? Do you feel connected with God? Do you feel his love? Do you feel close to him? Do you feel what he wants you to do with your life? Think of your spouse, your children, your grandchildren if you have them, your extended family. Think of your friends. Think of those who you know are in need. Feel your love extend out to all of these. Do you want to help them? What do you think you should do for them?

Think of Jesus. Imagine what he would do in service and love for them. Imagine him asking you to go in his place. Imagine being empowered by him to act as his representative, his angel. Imagine him telling you that he will lead you along. Imagine him smiling. Imagine looking into his eyes. Think of the love he has for you. Think of him coming to you, embracing you. Feel his love and tenderness. See him now backing up. See him smile again while he looks at you. Feel what he says to you. Feel that he now gradually turns and walks away. Think that he now is gone and that you are left to yourself. Think of your experience with him. Feel your inner desire to serve him, to love others as he loves you.

Now come to see yourself again on the seashore. See yourself as you are. See what you need to do next to be able to serve like Jesus wants you to serve. See yourself becoming more and more like him. See yourself, in time, becoming more and more refined, more and more like him. See yourself doing the things he wants you to do.

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