What You Can Expect to Learn from this Advanced Class 2

Demonstration and practice of Find-Scoop-and-Remove
• Demonstration and practice of Intention Healing
• Demonstration and practice of:
• Review of the Introductory Class materials
• Using a remote healing room
• Remote versus in-person healing
• Some of my experiences in healing with deity
• Imagine if... connected to heaven
• Imagine if... healing room
• Imagine if... the three healers
• Introduction to Mother Divine music
• Have access to all the detailed information on my website

If you wish to take these classes online for free, please start with the Intention Healing Class 2A.

(Note: I have decided not to do any more in-person classes, but only offer the online version. I am also free to answer all of your questions by email as well. Please contact me with your questions!)

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