How Muscle Testing Works

I recorded this video in my studio in February 2015. 

Video Goals:

• Learn WHY and HOW you can receive answers to health-related issues with muscle testing
• Learn how this amazing system really works
• Understand the world’s view of muscle testing, or applied kinesiology
• Gain confidence in receiving correct answers with muscle testing
• Learn the capabilities of our spirit (LDS perspective)
• Learn the relationship between the physical body and the spirit body as it pertains to energy work
• Be taught where our mental thoughts, subconscious mind and emotions reside
• Learn how the LDS definition of revelation ties into perceiving energy
• Enjoy blessing others!

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How Muscle Testing Works

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Energy Testing

I resurrected this article that I had written years ago for those who are trying to learn how to do energy testing, or muscle testing. I have edited it since then, adding more recent information. It contains a lot of my learning journey through this very exciting and rewarding gift and skill.  Enjoy!  

A Bout with Pneumonia
In 1994, my wife was at a very low state of health in spite of living a lifestyle based on health foods, herbs, etc. She had been battling pneumonia for 6 weeks, and was going down fast. She did everything we knew of--even at one point fasting for days, taking only raw garlic juice 5 times daily. . . Nothing seemed to touch the illness: all the infection-fighting herbs, fasting, diet changes, bed rest, even consulting 2 different medical doctors which gave conflicting advice and plenty of drugs with so many negative side affects that pneumonia was preferable. She felt desperate!

One night I awoke around 3:00 AM and felt the need to pray. I went into the living room and prayed for a long time, in behalf of my wife, for she was the one I was prompted to fervently pray for. I awoke her around 5:30 AM and told her I wanted to give her a blessing. Part way into the blessing I felt a very dark, eerie feeling, and knew that Satan did not want me to continue the blessing. I mustered faith, cast Satan out, and continued the blessing. Soon marvelous promises came forth. The Spirit was very strong. I promised my wife that we'd find answers to her health problems, and have her pneumonia cleared up in a short while.

The next day a friend called and told us about Pat who did “muscle testing”. We were very open, having just been given great promises in the blessing. When my wife called Pat, she told her “I am at the limit of my knowledge.” Pat said not to tell her anything about the state of her body. She spent several hours with my wife, and told her all about the her body’s condition, the healthiness of her organs, and gave her a list of remedies to start taking. Pat also said that the garlic and goldenseal that my wife was taking for her pneumonia was hindering her progress because she was allergic to both!

Soon we had the whole family testing with Pat. I kept praying about this new-found procedure, and felt promptings to continue. Our oldest son (age 18 at the time) was soon tested and had a list of problems nearly as long as my wife's! We took a course from Pat on how to muscle test. My oldest son and I seemed to have the knack and persisted until we learned. Soon I became more and more proficient, and started practicing muscle testing (I now call it energy testing) on all my family. At first it took long hours, but with persistence, my ability speed at arriving at a correct diagnosis improved.

Arrival of our 7th Baby

The very greatest challenge for my newly found skill was being an instrument in bringing our 7th and last child into our family. I tested my wife daily in preparation for and during her entire pregnancy. The remedies that were prescribed were specific to her situation. Sometimes the sheer quantity was overwhelming to her!

A year earlier, just before one of my wife's miscarriages, she heard the distressed cry of a little girl- "Mama!". Earlier she had felt this little spirit's presence several times, and knew she was to come to our family.

How could this be? She was nearing the end of childbearing, she had now miscarried three times in the past few years, and her health was poor. We prayed and fasted for answers only to seemingly be getting no where.

A year and a half later, we cradled this little baby in our arms. She was really our beautiful miracle baby. I know she is the same child that tried several times to come to our family, but we lacked the knowledge of how to assist her in this tenuous journey to earth. In our case, Heavenly Father expected us to do all we could do before he performed his great miracle.

Energy testing (called also applied kinesiology, muscle testing) was the means to teach us what we needed to do to bring our baby here. For me this has been a marvelous skill and gift from God. I gradually learned how to test and gain reliable answers to our family's health questions. Together, We studied all the books we could find to give us a starting point for natural remedies. Then, in faith, we applied this knowledge and skill to the birth of our seventh child.

I am convinced now that without this direction, My wife would never have been able to remain pregnant. If she missed her herb dosages for even half a day she would begin cramping and threaten to miscarriage! We placed our full faith in our belief that the answers I was receiving via energy testing were correct and would result in a successful pregnancy and delivery. And it worked!

Energy testing has also been the tool to determine the direction we need to take for the physical health of my family. Besides the forthcoming of my last daughter, we have had so many positive and faith-promoting experiences with others in our family. We are all significantly healthier and more vital than before we started. A few years after the birth of our daughter, I was been able to systematically eliminate my arthritis condition until it is now almost non-existent. I need an hour and a half less sleep than two years ago. My wife's strength had been so much faster coming after the childbirth than any of the previous recoveries. My children were more resistant to illness, and when we found them getting sick, we could usually greatly shorten the duration and severity of the illness. We feel greatly blessed.

The Worlds View of Energy Testing, Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing (please view my video at the top of this page)
Energy testing is often explained as an electro-magnetic reaction the body has with the substance that is being tested. Dr. Lendon H. Smith, in his book “Feed Your Body Right”, stated this about applied kinesiology (AK): “The basic idea behind AK is that we all have an electrical field of force around us, much like the earth with its north and south poles, and the magnetic field. Because every cell in our body carries an electrical charge, the sum of all those little batteries creates an electromagnetic force around our whole body. If something gets near us that is a negative force, the electrical fields will indicate a change. The kinesiologist can test the muscle to find these changes.

“He might place vials of different foods, toxins, drugs, vitamins, minerals, or amino acids near or on the client, and the muscle being tested will become weak or strong depending upon whether the substance is damaging or beneficial to the client. It sounds strange, but the results can be validated because they are reproducible. Kinesiologist have been able to find by testing and “asking” the body about its responses, what a particular person needs.

“Try this: Have a friend hold her arm straight out from the shoulder, and then you try to push it down against her resistance while she is holding it up. You will notice a certain strength. Now have her hold a sugar bowl in her other hand and do the same pushing down on the outstretched arm. There is usually a marked difference in the ability to hold an arm out straight when sugar is nearby. Most people find that sugar, a negative food, weakens them.”

Dr. Lendon Smith’s explanation is pretty typical. However, I have found that one can simply ask the body if the substance good for the body without presenting the substance and the body will react either strengthened or weakened. I wondered, “How can this be explained by an electro-magnetic field interaction?”

How Energy Testing Really Works
 (please view my video at the top of this page)
As I have pondered upon this explanation, I have come to the conclusion that energy testing is not an electro-magnetic phenomenon at all. I believe it is a response from our spirits which fully controls our subconscious mind which in turns controls our central nervous system which controls the muscle response. The world's explanation is limited because it cannot explain many things one can do in energy testing. As Latter-day Saints, we have unique insights, revelations from our prophets, and the Holy Ghost to put together these pieces. Let me share with you some very interesting ideas that support my theory.

D&C 93:23-24, 29, 36-37: “Ye were also in the beginning with the Father; that which is Spirit, even the Spirit of truth; And truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come. . . Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be. . . The Glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth. Light and truth forsake that evil one”

In the above verse, we are told we were spirits in the beginning, even spirits of truth. Light and truth is synonymous with knowledge and intelligence. I conclude we were spirits full of great intelligence. We lived in the presence of the most intelligence of us all, even God (see Abr 43:22-24. Abraham was called an “intelligence” and a “spirit” before he was born to this earth, literally a very “intelligent spirit”.) We had vast knowledge before we came to earth. This earthly tabernacle (body) shrouds our Spirit's great knowledge. A veil of forgetfulness hides incredible access to knowledge from our full use.

Elder Harold B. Lee spoke to the Seminary and Institute Faculty at BYU on July 6, 1956 about the intelligence of our spirits. He quoted President J. Reuben Clark, then a member of the First Presidency:

“Two years ago President Clark came down to this group and he gave you a most interesting talk about the relationship of the spiritual to the physical. Some of you, no doubt, have kept and have treasured what he said to you on that occasion. Now he, in reasoning out why we had all the miraculous things that our bodies do unconsciously. Why they did them, as he reasoned it out, was because of that spirit--that intelligent part of us. And then he said this,
“The spirit with the full experience of living through the first estate, enters the body--the body by and through which it must work out its eternal salvation. It comes that it may gain the experience of the second estate. The scriptures tell us this. To get the full experience, the infant must mature. This seems vital to the fullest experience. This end becomes the chief experience of mortal life. The spirit of man himself is the most interesting personality in this purpose for the body it inhabits is its vehicle to travel to immortality and eternal life. Would it be reasonable to assume, indeed rationally, what could be more appropriate or necessary than that since this mortal experience is thus vital to the spirit's progress, now and hereafter, man's spirit might have come to the mortal body with the infinite knowledge necessary to run the body. By and large, all bodies properly built have the infinite great laboratory to be operative. Might not this knowledge of how to run a mortal body be one of the prerequisites to birth on the earth?

“When a mortal body, for one reason or another, has been imperfectly built, when it does not function normally, when sickness or surgery comes, might it not be that the spirit could not, of its own knowledge, make the necessary repairs or supply to the defective or injured parts, the materials required for making an organ or muscle or what not? It would need help. Could it not be that under these circumstances, aid would come to the spirit from other spirits. invoked to the task by the prayers of the priesthood? I have found this a pleasing, speculative reflection. It satisfies me, and to this time, it is the best rationalizing I can do. But it is not scripture. It is not Church doctrine. I am merely speculating.”

If you wish to hear the quote above in the voice of Elder Lee, click here

In the opinion of President J. Reuben Clark, it was a prerequisite for the spirit to gain the infinite knowledge of how to operate and repair the body before the Lord would allow that spirit to come to earth. I believe this to be true also. It is that knowledgeable spirit that we are accessing in energy testing. When help is needed beyond this, additional spirits or God may come, when properly invited by administrations of the priesthood, by prayer, by healing gifts, to assist in the healing.

President Brigham Young talked about angels coming to heal the sick. In the same talk above, Elder Lee quoted Brigham Young:

JD 4:24-24 “You may go to some people here and ask what ails them. And the answer, 'I don't know, but we have a dreadful distress in the stomach and in the back. We feel all out of order and wish you would lay hands on us.' 'Have you used any remedies?' 'No, we wish the elders to lay hands upon us. We have faith that we will be healed.' That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick and ask the Lord to heal, to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the gospel of salvation, I might as well ask the Lord to ask my wheat and corn to grow with out my plowing the ground and casting in the seeds. It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge and to ask my Father in heaven in the name of Christ to sanctify that application to the healing of my body. To another this may be inconsistent. But, supposing we were traveling in the mountains, and all we had or could get in the shape of nourishment was a little medicine, and one or two were taken sick without anything in the world in the shape of healing medicine within our reach. What should we do? According to my faith, ask the Lord God Almighty to send an angel to heal the sick. That's our privilege when so situated that we cannot get anything to help ourselves. Then the Lord and his servants can do all, but it is my duty to do when I have it in my power to do.”

If you wish to hear the quote above in the voice of Elder Lee, click here

The Fundamentals: Yes and No answers
Here is how I perceive energy testing to work: The tester either asks the person if a substance is good for him (or brings that substance), and then tests the strength state of the body. When that statement or substance is good for body, then the body retains its strength. When harmful to the body, the spirit weakens the body. The tester merely needs to determine the strength state of the body.

I learned how to energy test with the person being testing lying on a mattress on his back. It was best at first for him to wear shoes (until I got the feel of it better). Before testing began, I brought the feet together and usually the heels of the shoes were aligned. If not, I simply said, “for the purpose of this testing session, the feet are aligned.” If misaligned, the person's spirit then aligned the feet so testing can begin. It may seem bizarre, but it works.

Next I began testing with either words or by using a substance to be tested. I always made a statement: “My wife needs goldenseal root to help her body fight the infection she has”, or a similar statement. Then I moved the feet outward and back in again with my hands gripping the heels. I only moved the legs out about 18 inches and bring them in again, making sure the person being tested was relaxed and that I smoothly move the legs back and forth without pulling one leg more than the other. When there was a balanced response (“yes” answer), the heels came right back together even again. When there wss a weakened response (“no” answer), one leg shortened and the heels were no longer aligned. To confirm a negative answer, I often made a counter statement and saw what the response was:

First statement: “My wife needs goldenseal root to help her body fight infection.” Response: “No” (misaligned heels).

Counter statement: “My wife does not need goldenseal at this time.” Response: “Yes” (heels aligned).

Energy testing is really very easy when you get the hang of it. Remember, we are accessing the spirit to find out what the body needs.

Beware of False Answers
Because this is a spiritual phenomena, the adversary may block the response. Do you think that Satan wants us to develop this method of finding answers to our health questions? Of course not. I have found him to be annoyingly persistent in blocking answers for people who are just trying to learn to do energy testing. If he can get them discouraged, then he will have his wish that they do not learn this important skill and gift. How do you know when you are blocked? You may make the statement: “I am being blocked in receiving correct answers.” If the heels show a yes response, then you are being blocked. If a “no” response, you are not blocked but are getting correct answers. If that sounds too simple, here are two scriptures that may help.

D&C 129:4-9 “When a messenger comes saying he has a message from God, offer him your hand and request him to shake hands with you. If he be an angel he will do so, and you will feel his hand. If he be the spirit of a just man made perfect he will come in his glory; for that is the only way he can appear -- Ask him to shake hands with you, but he will not move, because it is contrary to the order of heaven for a just man to deceive; but he will still deliver his message. If it be the devil as an angel of light, when you ask him to shake hands he will offer you his hand, and you will not feel anything; you may therefore detect him.” Moro 7:17 “But whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do evil, and believe not in Christ, and deny him, and serve not God, then you may know with a perfect knowledge it is of the devil; for after this manner doth the devil work, for he persuadeth no man to do good, no, not one; neither do his angels; neither do they who subject themselves unto him.”

I believe Satan is bound to deceive and will always deceive. When we are blocked in our testing, the key is to ask in faith if we are blocked. My experience is that our spirit will always let us know and that Satan can't block that response. We can then follow the example of Moses in Moses 1:21 and cast that false spirit away in the name of Jesus Christ. Then we can retest and determine if we are still blocked. If I have been blocked, and then if I command the evil spirit to depart, when I retest I always find that I am no longer blocked. But there is a need to check frequently as Satan is not easily rid of.

My son, when still living in our home, once was trying to duplicate the results of some testing that I had done. We learned how to energy test by confirming each other's results. Once he said that it was extremely frustrating because every few minutes he detected that he was being blocked again. He had a persistent spirit trying to discourage him from learning energy testing!! Sometimes, coming back the next day and trying again, we find more success. “That which we persist in doing becomes easy to do, not that the nature of the task has changed, but that our capacity to do has increased.” (President Heber J. Grant). I believe a determined person, full of faith in this thing, will almost always succeed.

If a child were angry, mad, or disbelieving, his very agency could prevent me from testing him. I’ve had a son come to me and be tested and I couldn’t test him because I couldn’t get rid of a lingering “angry spirit” that continually blocked the testing. He kept the spirit there regardless of my efforts to make it depart.

Both a Gift and a Skill
Another main ingredient to success is having a gift bestowed to you from God to learn how to muscle test. In D&C 46, where the Lord talks about spiritual gifts, he begins with these words about being deceived:

D&C 46:7-8 “But ye are commanded in all things to ask of God, who giveth liberally; and that which the Spirit testifies unto you even so I would that ye should do in all holiness of heart, walking uprightly before me, considering the end of your salvation, doing all things with prayer and thanksgiving, that ye may not be seduced by evil spirits, or doctrines of devils, or the commandments of men; for some are of men, and other of devils. Wherefore, beware lest ye are deceived; and that ye may not be deceived seek ye earnestly the best gifts, always remembering for what they are given.”

I have found that as I have diligently sought the gift to correctly use energy testing, I have been more abundantly blessed with the ability. However, this gift has been only granted me as I have applied myself. I used to come home on Mondays (my day off), and spend 5-6 hours each Monday testing the family. I was very persistent. I was determined to learn! I found that as I persisted, my ability improved. For me, this ability has been both a gift and a skill. I found that the more I applied myself, the more Heavenly Father granted me the gift. Since that time, years ago, my ability has also continually improved.

I have also found that faith plays a large role in correctly finding answers through energy testing. Once I tested a young mother who couldn't get pregnant. She took many herbal remedies, similar to the ones my wife took when she was pregnant. Without these remedies, this young mother would begin to miscarriage. She started taking them and kept her pregnancy for several months after which time she miscarried again. It was very hard on her, and she began having doubts whether she was ever pregnant or not. After our discussion, I decided to conduct a little experiment on the effect of both faith and doubts: First, I reconfirmed through energy testing that she was pregnant which was a positive answer. Then I purposefully allowed myself to be filled with doubts: "She was never pregnant . . . This method is not accurate. . . I have been deceived into believing that we can really find answers to our health questions with energy testing. . . " etc, etc. I was really getting doubts in my mind! Then I tried testing again, and sure enough, my answers were weakened (very hard to distinguish) and very inconsistent. I couldn't figure out what had happened to this young mother! Then I got a hold of myself and generated some faith: "Of course this method works – my wife is pregnant and almost due with our miracle baby which we only got here by energy testing! . . . My arthritis is nearly gone though energy testing! . . . My children are not nearly as sick as they used to be!. . . ." etc, etc. Then I tried retesting and my answers were again very clear and unconfused. Such is the power of faith in using energy testing.

I also believe that the more truly in-tune a person is with the Spirit of the Lord, the more accurate and clear his answers will be. I call this now "being a clear conduit" (like a wire that is conductive, or a conduit, for electricity. The more conductive the wire is, the better it transmits the electricity). If you are going through an emotional trauma in your life where you feel out of tune with the Lord, chances are that your answers might also be out of tune. I think that the further we depart from the source of all light and truth, the more open we are to deceptions of the adversary who is able to blind us, usually without our realizing it. When I have had an argument with a child, for instance, I need to first make reconciliation with that child and the Lord before I can really feel my answers are correct from energy testing.

ABCs of Energy Testing
A. Find the State of the Body
I've created a simple but thorough chart showing the 14 Chinese meridians, state of body infections, presence of parasites, tumors, pre-cancer cells (a-typical cells), allergies, need for emotional help (Bach Flower remedies), whether the body has a lack of cell salts, calcification and toxicity state of the body, and all the major body systems and organs (Click here to view a pdf copy of this chart). On this chart, four levels of the state of health of each entry are entered (see the key): ok, needs help, distressed and severe.

This is how I fill out this chart: I begin by having the person being tested (or his proxy) to lie on the mattress as described above. I make sure they are aligned and relaxed. Then I start at the top left of the chart and state: "(person's name)'s Small Intestine Meridian is ok." If that is a true statement, then the feel will remain aligned which is a positive answer. If not, then I state the next level of severity: "(person's name)'s Small Intestine Meridian needs help." If this is a true statement, then the feet will then become aligned. If they continue to remain misaligned, then I repeat the same procedure for the next level of health: "(person's name)'s heart meridian is distressed." I do this until I get a "true" response from the alignment of the feet. I then mark the chart and go onto the next entry on the chart to be tested. In this manner the entire chart can be filled out with the markings located in the boxes.

Once the entire chart is filled out, I ask the person if there is anything not on the chart that they might also want to be tested. If there is, I also test for that in the same manner as I did for all the body conditions. Once completed, I then rank the items which have a mark in the boxes. For ranking, the number one item is the most important item to be worked on for that person, number two is the second priority item, etc. This is done until I find the top 10 priority items that need to be worked on for the body. I write the rank number to the immediate left of the box.

If a person has an accurate view of the state of the body conditions, systems and organs, and has a prioritized ranking of these, then he has a clear idea of where to start to best help the body. I always recommend to start with the first priority area. Once remedies are found to correct this situation, then we go to the second priority area, next the third, and so forth. This method really helps take the guesswork finding out where to start.

B. Identify the Remedies for a Specific Body Ailment
Once an area is identified that needs to be worked on, I then try to find the very best remedies to correct the ailing condition. This is perhaps the hardest thing to do, for it depends upon the following: • Knowledge of remedies that might help • Ability to find the cause of the ailment, or factors which might be the underlying reason for the condition.

This is my favorite part of energy testing! It is like detective work. I find that I get the most promptings in this phase because we really need to find the correct remedies that would be help this person being tested. I am very frequently amazed at the results, for the answers are completely new to me and I learn a great deal. I very often receive promptings from the Spirit when I am pondering what the specific priorities or the problems are. Often many new ideas come in my mind; I then test and confirm by energy testing if these “hunches” were correct.

What I do is to systematically find remedies, from general to specific. I test whether there is a remedy that is in one or more of these six areas: Herbs (medicinal uses of plants)
Supplements (minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc.)
Other natural remedies (massage, enema, magnet therapy, acupressure methods, etc.)
Drugs (rarely is this a positive result)

For instance, Sandy came in some time ago who with Epstein Barr, a common virus. I went through the list above in this manner: "Within the knowledge that I have, Sandy's Epstein Barr virus can best be treated by an herb." (positive response). When positive or yes, I then state "there is one herb to best fight Epstein Barr (positive response), two herbs (negative response). I then note that one herb is needed. Now all I need to do is discover which herb or herb combination that is! Next, I go to the homeopathics: "Sandy's Epstein Barr virus can best be treated by a homeopathic remedy." (positive response). "One homeopathic remedy" (positive response), "two homeopathic remedies" (positive response), "three homeopathic remedies" (negative response). I then note that two homeopathic remedies are needed. I then continue to the end of the list above.

What I found out for Sandy was that she really needed four remedies to best fight the Epstein Barr virus in her body: one herb, two homeopathics, and one supplement. I then ranked these: #1 most important: a homeopathic remedy, #2 most important: a homeopathic remedy, #3 most important: the supplement, and the #4 most important was the herb.

I then call upon all the knowledge both that I have and the person being tested has to find what these remedies are. I usually ask the person being tested if they know of any remedies that they might think which would be able to fight this infection. If not, then I go on my knowledge. For Sandy, I found she most needed the following: First: DNA Homeopathic remedy D-94; Second: DNA Homeopathic remedy D-95; Third: Colloidal Silver (a supplement); Fourth: Echinacea (an herb).

C. Find the Dosage for each Remedy
Once the most important remedy(ies) are identified, next I find the dosage. The dosage usually varies with time--the longer you take a good remedy, the less amount you need because your body starts to heal and to perform its normal function.

I used to generally retest our family members (since I was around them all the time) every 10-14 days unless there was a critical condition such as illness, miscarriage, etc. For people that came in to be tested, I generally extended this to 3 to 4 weeks with some degree of accuracy (about 70% accurate). Therefore, before I found dosages, I always found out far I could reliably test them. For the severely sick or for little children whose health turns around very fast, it was often only 2 to 3 weeks. For one person who was in an appendicitis attack, I could only reliably test for 4 days!

To determine how far I can reliably test, I state: “I can reliably test (name the person) for 1 week (check answer), 2 weeks (check answer), 3 weeks (check answer), etc.” When the answer comes back negative I then recheck the last previous positive reading and if that still holds true, then that is the correct answer. I have found that when a person comes back after their prescribed length of time, the new dosage levels are always within 70% of the old predicted levels.

When I've identified the item a person needs and how far out in the future I can select dosages, I next determine the quantity (for example, 3 capsules) and the frequency (2 times daily). To determine dosage, do it like this: “For day 1, Sandy needs echinacea capsules, one capsule” (pause and see the response; if “yes”, go on), “. . . two capsules (see response), . . etc. until there is a “no” response. When “no”, the previous amount is correct. I always check it again. For example, if 3 capsules was a “yes”, but 4 capsules was a “no”, then I would go back to 3 and check that it was indeed a “yes”. Next I check frequency: Sandy needs 3 capsules . . once a day” (pause and see the response), . . “twice a day”, . . . etc until there is a “no” response. When it goes to a “no”, go back to the previous “yes” response and confirm the dosage. “Sandy needs 3 capsules of echinacea, 2 times a day.” (confirm a “yes” response.)

Once I know the dosage for day 1, I then determine how long this dosage is valid. I state: “Sandy needs 3 capsules of echinacea, 2 times a day for day 1” . . (pause and see the response; if “yes”, go on), “. . . day 2” . . (pause and see the response; if “yes”, go on), “. . . day 3” etc. until there is a negative response. When negative, I go back and confirm the last reading. If the last positive reading was on day 10, then I write down the following: Echinacea: 3 caps 3x / 1-10. This is interpreted as 3 capsules, 3 times a day for days 1 to 10.

I next see if she needs more on day 11. If she does (positive response), then I repeat the above procedure and find the new dosage. I do this until I go all the way to how far out in time that I have previously tested. When done, I clearly write the dosages through day 28 (in this sample, the last day (end of 4 weeks) that I can reliably test Sandy for dosages):
3 caps 3x / 1-10
2 caps 3x / 11-21
2 caps 2x / 22-28
(Note: the further from the time of testing a dosage is, the less accurate the result will be)

Once all the remedies and dosages for a particular ailment in the body are discovered, I like to determine how much better the ailment should improve if the person took all the remedies for the full time. This is not necessary, but it does give you an idea of the approximate period for renewal of that ailment. It is also subject to the same accuracy as determined with the projected time to test (about 70% accuracy). I state something like this: “If Sandy takes the four remedies for Epstein Barr for four weeks, after four weeks her Epstein Barr will be approximately eliminated by 10%” . (pause and see the response; if “yes”, go on), “. . . 20%” etc. until there is a negative response. Normal improvements range from 20 to 50% in a four week period, all depending upon the age, severity of the condition, and the vitality of the person being tested.

If people come back after the prescribed period of time, having taken all the remedies as explained, and I recheck how much they have actually improved (an accurate reading), I almost always have found them to have improved by about 70% of the projected value from the first visit. The dosages on their remedies have also always been at that same 70% tolerance from the last dosage amount.

Using Comparisons and Factors
I graduated as a design engineer from BYU. As a result I was trained in logical thinking and problem solving. I have found these same skills can be applied to energy testing.

When I am trying to determine the cause of an ailment, I do some brainstorming. For instance, one mother brought her 4-year old boy who had been plagued for years with ear problems. She had tubes in his ears with no success, and had exhausted the understanding of the medical doctors. The boy was only worse off when she brought him to me. I found out that his number one priority to work on was his ear problem (no surprise, huh). I then made a little chart where I wrote down potential factors that directly affected the health of his ears. After looking at his chart, I wrote down digestion and allergies, thyroid malfunction, body toxicity, neurological system, parasites, infection and tumors. I then told the mother I we would see what factor each of these played in the health of her son’s ears. Five graded factors would be tested for each potential problem: highest, high, medium, low, no effect . The highest effect is the most important factor. For the boy, the factors were as follows:
Digestion and food allergies---highest
Thyroid malfunction---low
Body toxicity---medium
Neurological system---low
Tumors---no effect

Once this was done, it was clear what we had to work on: first digestion, food allergies and parasites. We did that. When the mother came back in a month, she was very pleased that her son had made marked improvement, better than with anything she had ever done. Besides the ears being clear for once, she even mentioned that his breath now began to smell sweet again (no foul odor which had been plaguing him for a long time.).

I also find comparisons very useful. Sometimes the person I am testing has some remedies they would like to use up. However, I have identified some that are more effective. I then often make a comparison statement to see how much more effective the one is than the other: “Panzyme (a DNA brand stomach and pancreas remedy) is this much more effective on improving the stomach condition than this enzyme bottle: 1 times, . . . 1 1/2 times, . . . 2 times, . . .” etc. In this way I can give the person valuable information for them so they can make a good decision.

Don't feel confined to any brand of remedy. Sometimes the weeds growing in your backyard may test out to be much better than the $12 bottle of herbs you bought from the store! You can save money by testing the new products on the market before buying them. I tested a lady and she wanted to know if her expensive herbal weight loss pills were good for her body. In energy testing her spirit said “no, no, no!”. She has since returned the pills and asked for a refund.

Other Forms of Energy Testing
There are many, many forms of energy testing which are accurate. They all follow the same principles of the body being weakened for a “no” response. I personally have developed an inconspicuous method of testing between my right thumb and right ring finger. When balanced or “yes” answer, my finger remains straight when pressed against my thumb. For a “no” answer, the finger weakens and bends downward. It took about 2 months of persistence and double checking to gain the same confidence and accuracy that I could get with feet testing. I find I can go much, much faster with this thumb-finger method and be just as accurate. Some people connect thumb and one finger from each hand (making a circle shape in both hands) and interconnect the two circles from each hand. Then they pull both hands apart with a constant force, keeping the finger circles from “breaking”. A “no” response is when the finger circles “break” apart when the hands are pulled apart. Some people I know have developed a method to test themselves when standing. After making a statement or question, a positive answer is indicated by their bodies leaning forward and a negative response is indicated by their body leaning backwards.

I have found that people who are beginning, it is most often easiest for them to start with testing with the feet. Once this is mastered, other methods that are less troublesome can be developed. Even though I use both the foot method and the finger method, I still feel that I am most accurate with the foot method. When I am tired, stress-out, or my wife is unsure, this is always the sure-fire method.

Using Proxy
It may seem odd, but you can test by “proxy” for another person who is in your household or who gives permission. For instance, I could still muscle test for my son who was on his mission. When I tested on my thumb-finger, I simply state “I am now testing for ______. ______ needs . . (etc.).” This works because it is a spiritual method, not electromagnetic. My spirit and his spirit are in communion even though he may be miles away. I often test mothers for their children by proxy.

I have found that I am more accurate (more assured of myself) when I test for another person using the foot method. With my thumb-finger method, I don’t even need the person to be there and the results are the same as if I tested them directly. This proxy no-present method has been more difficult for me. However, my accuracy in testing by proxy for someone else using the foot method is just as quick and accurate as testing directly for that person.

Other Useful Information That Energy Testing Can Obtain
Before proceeding with any energy testing testing, I always come back to my question “Does this question affect the health of the body?” If it does, then I feel I can proceed with confidence. Don’t ask questions unrelated to the health of the body, but instead you should follow the old rule of studying out potential problems in prayer and then reach a decision (see D&C 9). Questions like “Should we move?” and “Should I marry Fred?” will not test accurately. I have been repeatedly wrong with asking the sex of a new baby before birth (I don't ask that question any more, since it is not a health issue, but more a curiosity issue.)

You can determine your optimum diet, vegetarian or meat, etc. You can pinpoint allergies and how frequent you can take a food, for example. Our son, while on his mission, could tolerate up to 5 pieces whole wheat bread per week when before he was extremely allergic to wheat. (He took a homeopathic antigen for wheat.)

You can check the potency of herbs, vitamins, etc. that you have in storage. We’ve gone through all of ours, and determined either full potency, half potency, quarter potency, etc. We generally use the half potency herbs still (double up to make a full potency dosage). We’ve used the less potency herbs as garden mulch!

If you have eaten correctly, a “Word of Wisdom” type diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, many of your vitamins and minerals needs may be fully met. We have found that many vitamin and mineral supplements can be replaced by this kind of “Word of Wisdom” type diet. I tested once that I needed a multi-vitamin. When my body was given a choice between the multi-vitamin pill and a raw vegetable lunch, it chose the raw food!

My Own Liahona
When I began using energy testing, I never dreamed that it would help me be sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit of the Lord. However, as I persisted and became proficient, I noticed that I would receive spiritual promptings at least several times during each testing session. I soon became accustomed to the way these promptings felt. I learned to recognize them. I could also verify these promptings with energy testing since they related to the health of the body.

Next I found that when I did other things during the day, I would get similar feelings like those in my testing sessions. These promptings were for me, for guidance in my personal, family and other stewardship areas. What I was most excited about, however, was the way I could also gain answers to my prayers: I could make a statement or ask a question, and then I would almost immediately be able to feel the response from the Spirit. I “tested” the Spirit’s response in my mind much like I did with applied energy testing. My discernment was thereby magnified greatly beyond my own ability. I soon realized that I had been given promptings all throughout my life, but hadn’t been nearly as aware that these were given me by the Spirit. Now I could recognize them. As in energy testing, the closer I was to the Spirit of the Lord, the more clear the answers were and the more sure I was of not being deceived by the adversary.

As a test of this new found blessing of recognizing spiritual promptings, I decided to go through my wife’s energy testing chart without any use of using my body as a testing platform. Instead I was going to do the testing in my mind, and determine if I could “feel” the difference. The first time doing this, it took me about three times as long as normal. Something in my mind clicked on or off, just like the feet did with the foot method, when I asked the health-related questions. After I finished the chart, I rechecked with my regular energy testing method and it was exactly the same. I felt elated, and extremely blessed.

Since the time that I originally wrote this article over 20 years ago, I have learned another method of energy testing that is just as reliable as using the feet or my mind. I call this testing method "energy testing using my spirit hands". I cover these in my class "How to Feel and See Energy" (see In this class I address energy testing. My whole ambition is to help you learn how to do this marvelous gift and skill yourself. I firmly believe that if at least one person in the family could become skilled at energy testing, the entire family be could much more self-reliant and attain a greater degree of health.

A note of caution: when you test for loved ones, particularly your immediate family, it is very necessary to separate yourself from sympathy emotions for your loved ones. This is often difficult to do, and requires a lot of concentration, but it can be done. Think of yourself in these situations as Dr Spock of Star Trek fame, who has no emotions. Your "sincere intent" in energy testing may have fear or unfounded hope laced with it which could throw off the results. Finding a non-family friend to test is sometimes desirable: you test his family, and he test yours.

I believe the Lord was talking to us individually as well as a people when he said to be independent, including independent in the diagnosis and treatment of our bodies for optimal health.
“That through my providence, notwithstanding the tribulation which shall descend upon you, that the church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial world” (D&C 78:14)


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