Here are some questions from interested people and my answers.  
I thought you might enjoy my answers!

Q– "When you say that you would practice muscle testing for hours a day to really learn it, what would you do that whole time?"

A– There are many ways of doing "energy testing", which most people call muscle testing or applied kinesiology (see my article here). It is also a skill that, when practiced, you get better and better at. I have been doing this since 1995-ish, and I am still learning how to energy test better and better. It is both a skill and a gift, I believe. If it were me, I would proceed in not stopping in your healing art skill, by learning more (like taking the advanced class), all the while practicing energy testing and trying to get better and better. Energy testing is integrally woven into all the advanced class information.

You also asked if I had a list of things you could test, a chart or a sheet of some kind, to compare your answers to. My suggestion is to find something related to health, like information in an anatomy book, and test known truths in the book. For instance, you could test like this: "I have a right lung", "My heart is pumping blood through my arteries", which are both true. In addition, you could ask for an untrue statement like "My left lung is non-functional" or "My right hand grip is 3x as strong as my left hand grip". Try to feel the difference in the yes or no responses while doing your energy testing. You might also ask questions for family members, like "the infection that my daughter has is a bacterial infection", etc. As you gain confidence, you will be able to go onto more difficult, and unknown statements.

I seem to be doing energy testing every day, and do energy work daily for others. Yesterday, for example, I did it for at least an hour straight, and did remote energy work too. Over time, you just get better and better at it, for that which we persist in becomes easier.

Q– How is the health of your child who lead you on this quest?

A– Our child is now attending BYU and is living at home. He has short-term memory issues, but seems to be doing better each month. Thanks for asking!

Q– Who do you get to work on you? My concern is that if I learn this modality I won't be able to use it on myself and I won't know anyone who can do it for me.

A– I work on myself frequently—it really hasn't been a problem. I do like others working on me too, but I can do it also. We cover this in the advanced class.

Q– I just use essential oils, do you use those as well as herbs or just herbs? I am wanting to stock my medicine cabinet with vitamins and essential oils that will be good for emergency preparedness. Do you have any recommendations?

A– We use essential oils sometimes, and as a supplement to other remedies, but it is my impression that essential oils are way over used in our current society. I recommend herbs, particularly fresh and wildcrafted or grown in your garden. We have been able to keep illness down with these a lot. We use infection fighting herbs when sick. I always energy test to see which is needed and how much. If we catch a sickness early, we can usually beat it in a short time. I believe there are some very nasty "bugs" out there now that herbs and natural remedies may not really cure—that is why we need healing power from God to heal us. I know it might seem overwhelming to you to try to figure out all this energy stuff, including herbs. It has taken me years to really comprehend this. The same with working and using herbs. Please, however, don't be discouraged with things coming slowly. It seems this is how life is and how the Lord works with us.

We get herbs are the local herb shop, or on (they ship extremely fast and are very well priced). About which herbs to use: it depends what your issues are. There are books that help you figure things out. I do energy test the herbs all the time to see which ones I need, or that person in my family or client needs. I use them based on my experience, mostly in our family over the years, and what we have read online or in books. For example, there are herbs for about any situation you may be in. In is a very exciting adventure, and I do this all the time. If I were you, I would start reading and studying. . .then test which remedies you may need for those in your family. 

Q– Would it be best for me to rewatch the first video on your website and really try to learn that before signing up for the advanced class? If I take the online advanced class, can I come learn it in person after at a discount?

A– Yes, for sure see the first video another time if you think that will help you understand. I think signing up for the online advanced tutorial course and watching it is good too. And then when you come in person to an advanced class 
(which I would recommend), you can better feel and see what I am talking about in the advanced class videos. In every class so far, everyone attending has been feeling it, at least to some degree, in all the phases. They surprise themselves I think.

Q– What type of things do you specifically use this modality for? When do you use it?

A– I use the five gifts found in God's Loving Healing Hands website everyday it seems. I also use Find-Scoop and Remove and Intention Healing daily. These are all very powerful healing gifts. The healing comes from God in all the cases, and we are the conduits for that healing power. I am in awe often about the grandeur of this all.

Q– How does this healing from this energy work you describe on your website differ from healing from a priesthood blessing?

A– I have thought about the relationship between energy work and priesthood work a lot. I believe, in all the work done by God's Loving Healing Hands, Find-Scoop and Remove, and Intention Healing—that we are really conduits of God's healing power. It is really not us that heals or helps the client, but God. Our job is to be intuitive and a clear conduit. This God who does the healing is either Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother or Jesus—that is my belief and experience.

Now, when we men exercise our priesthood and give a priesthood blessing, it is really the power of God that heals, not us. We who hold the priesthood are really given a gift to be effective conduits of God's healing power when we do healing-type priesthood blessings. As quoted by Elder Dallin H. Oaks in April, 2010 in General Conference, “President Brigham Young taught: 'When I lay hands on the sick, I expect the healing power and influence of God to pass through me to the patient, and the disease to give way. … When we are prepared, when we are holy vessels before the Lord, a stream of power from the Almighty can pass through the tabernacle of the administrator to the system of the patient, and the sick are made whole.’”
If you wish to hear a short recording of this, quoted by then Elder Harold B. Lee in a talk he gave in 1956, click here

So, it is my belief that whether we act as conduits in the healing sense (including women), or whether we exercise our priesthood as a conduit to God's healing power, it is very similar in that we are conduits for the healing power of God to pass through us.

Here is another interesting quote from a recent LDS blog in September 2014 that I subscribe to (I got permission by email from this single LDS mother that gave this information—she knows nothing about me or my "gifts"):
“I asked my son (who had fallen ill) if it would be okay if we had a special prayer for him. He agreed. (I had read how women were able to heal their children by the laying on of hands when no priesthood were available, worthy or confident enough to believe that healing could be accomplished.) I had no ambitions to attempt to heal my son by the laying on of hands myself. I understood the power of the priesthood, but felt that it didn't work 'exactly' that way.

As I was pondering, the spirit whispered to me that it was by the power of God people were healed and that the priesthood was a conduit that God used to heal and bless both the priesthood holder and the person being blessed. After a moment of letting that thought sink in, the Spirit informed me - or maybe 'reminded' me - that my Heavenly Father holds the priesthood and I could ask that he use that priesthood to heal my son.

So, I ran my fingers into my son's hair and bowed my head, and petitioned my Heavenly Father. I shared with Him my current priesthood limitations, my concerns about the next day and asked Him if he would use his priesthood to heal my son. I was filled with peace and just knew all would okay.

This morning, his fever and headache were gone and we were able to travel to my daughter's appointment and my son has been fine since.”

My Conclusion: Healing power from God can pass through us if we petition humbly our God in behalf of the sick person.

Q– What are your thoughts on the Chakras?

A– Please realize that I didn't even know what a chakra was 2 years ago—I was just on a path to help heal my son, with whatever method I could find that I felt led to do. I have been led, without hardly any prior knowledge, or information from books or online, into realizing there are energy fields in our body (chakras and meridians) and outside our body (auric fields) that help us be balanced and protected, and given much more too. God has given me this information I feel.

Just before the energy class I took, I had read online about chakras for a few hours. I knew very little. However, when I had that overwhelming experience with Heavenly Mother that day when working on Sara, I learned that the chakras were very powerful energy healing channels that God has designed we people to have while we are in mortality. I learned that God can endow us with His/Her love and light through our chakras. I believe I was given the ability to "see" and perceive Heavenly Mother (and Heavenly Father and Jesus) that day through my crown and brow (pineal) chakra. I had been given a gift to perceive the presence of God for some reason a few weeks before—and then ultimately received all five gifts through the channel of my enlightened chakras. I am so much in awe, really, of how this all happened. It is like a step-by-step, planned process that got me to where I am now. I believe our chakras make us who we are, our abilities and our well-being. When one of these chakras is "out", then I have found it is one of the first things to get back "in". I really don't understand too much about it, only what I have received from working with God in my healing energy work.

Q– I still don't entirely understand the methods you discuss on your website enough to have the confidence to do it and know that it is of God. What are your comments to this?

A– You have expressed well your own humility and lack of confidence. I had lack of confidence too, and still have it to some degree (we need to keep dependent upon God, humble, leaning on God and not our own abilities or self). I have felt, nonetheless, to act in faith to try by acting on what I have been given at the time. God always seems to take me in little steps, just what would extend me with what I could do in faith. As I act, I gain more confidence, and God gives me more. The Lord seems to work with us, wherever we may be, and move us a little closer to where He wants us to become, if we will act in faith.

Energy work, I believe, is called energy work because people really don't know what else to call it! I think it is all spiritual work, or work that our spirits do in conjunction with God. We are the spirit children of a very loving Heavenly Father and Mother, and we are all brothers/sisters to Jesus Christ, our elder brother. These three (the healers I believe) work directly with our spirit which is housed in our physical bodies. The healing work they do through us is what we call energy work. This is really them working directly with our spirits. We may have developed spiritual gifts, and have been given these and maybe other gifts related to healing. This is all "energy work". It is just symantics—I think "energy work" is a good enough name, and allows those who don't really know too much about our spirit natures to participate willingly, without any stigma to spiritual things.

Q– As I read the section about the 5 gold coins, I thought, "Wow, does Heavenly Father really do things like that?" (Not in a questioning way but more in "awe" of it). I hear mixed thoughts and opinions within the church about how much God guides us and/or how much He leaves us alone to work through things on our own. What are your thoughts?

A– The more I commune and work with God in this wonderful healing world, the more I am awed at how much detail God to which pays attention. Just like the gold coins—it is maybe hard to believe that Heavenly Father planned something for my benefit so long ago with my earthly father's investments, with me being the recipient so far out in the future. But remember too, that the LDS belief is that all things, past, present and future, are before Him continually. He has power and ability to plan our individual lives to a high degree of detail, so that we learn certain things that He and Heavenly Mother think we should learn. I really feel, for me personally, my Heavenly Parents have been involved to a high degree in planning events in my life: 1) up to this time of my awakening to my healing gifts, 2) to how I was tutored the last 1 1/2 years, 3) and from now on. I can't help but believe that this same thing is true for you, and for others of his faithful children.

I don't believe in magic or make-believe. It seems so many LDS people do now-a-days. I mean by this that people make up some idea "how God protected us", or we sometimes feel "God is showing us a sign". They reach these ideas based on the current LDS culture, without going to God in prayer and asking for themselves. We need to be careful of this thought since He does things differently for each of His children, based on His plans for each one. God does things for specific reasons—to test us and guide us based on His and Heavenly Mother's plan for us (I feel they are both very involved in our lives, and probably Jesus too). I hope this is not too confusing—please read on.

I do believe in the loving guidance and direction of Heavenly Parents for us, their children, in this very critical juncture of our individual eternal progression. They are testing us here, and orchestrating the very tests we experience, in detail. They bring to us the new vistas we should see and participate in (like energy work for me). They combine all their children's plans together in a larger macro plan of moving their children forward. They can see things in detail we cannot fathom, and They have unlimited capacities. They have super powers, of course, since they are God. They are omnipotent, omnipresent, and so full of caring and loving for us. I think they are involved in the details of our lives (do a search on for "involved in the details of our lives" and you will find quotes from President Monson and Elder Neal A Maxwell that agree with this).

Q– How do you deal with your weaknesses like discouragement and such when you are learning energy work?

A– I know that for me, my Heavenly Parents and Jesus have been so patient with me in my foibles, in my shortcomings and in my weaknesses. I have often faltered. It is like they understand this to a high degree, and are so forgiving, so patient, so understanding! They do expect me to get up and try again, however. LDS doctrine indicates that they too have been through a mortal experience themselves long ago, and are now so full of understanding. I think they have experienced fear in their own mortality, to some degree, and they understand from experience. This is probably why we go through certain experiences too—for a greater understanding for some future time perhaps.

My suggestion—pray for more "umph" to keep going, to keep responding to what the Lord whispers to your heart. Try to just do a little bit more, a little more progress, a little more faith. He recognizes this. He has said He will lead the faithful like this: "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little" (Isa 28:10). This is certainly how He has interacted with me.

Q– You talked about herbs and other forms of natural healing. Do you recommend any books or other resources for me to educate myself in healing besides what your curriculum covers?

A– About books to read about herbs and natural healing:
The ABC Herbal
Treating Illness Naturally
Medicinal Herbs

Q– How do we cope with the pesticides, GMO's and other harmful substances in our "healthy" foods? Is the answer buying the expensive kind of wheat? Avoiding it? Going organic? I just feel like Heavenly Father would make it a little simpler and cheaper but wanted to get your thoughts.

A– We only use the wheat we have bought before any GMO wheat came out. Some of our children even then had issues with wheat bread and wheat products. Sometimes sprouting makes it more tolerable. Another idea: if you ask the Lord in prayer to bless the food and change it to a higher vibrational state, so it is more palatable to our bodies, that might work. We have done this on water, and I believe we can ask the same for food. Try energy testing before you do this, and then again after you offer the prayer. Ask to find out, from 1 to 10, (10 being best for your body), what your wheat is, like this: "Is this wheat 1 out of 10 good for my body? (get response) 2 our of 10? (get response) and so forth. When the answer becomes a no, then the previous "yes" is the answer. If wheat was a 4 out of 10 good for your body, and then you asked for the blessing on it like I explained above, and then it became a 9 out of 10, that would be a great improvement! You can energy test your food this way, after trying to improve it. I believe this is why we ask for blessings on our food.

Q–As far as healing goes, I was wondering at what point do you turn it over to the Lord vs. do all that you can do? When do you do this and when do you do a Priesthood blessing? What's the difference? 

A–Please see my comment above about my view of how a righteous priesthood holder acts as a conduit for the healing power of God to flow through him during administration blessings for the sick. Were I was trying to help heal a loved one or friend, I would importune God and follow my intuition/promptings. Most likely, if they wanted me to do so, I would do both a priesthood blessing for the sick person as well as energy work, at the same time. I have done it this way many times. I would do all I could do to be a clear conduit to bless and heal the sick, depending upon God for His mercies to heal the afflicted.

Q–Why did you make the Advanced Class available online? Don't you need to create revenue for yourself?

A–I have decided to make the advanced class videos and helps free and online. I prayed more about this and became convinced this is what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do. 
As far as monetization from my website goes, my family and I have been amply blessed with income from other sources. I believe the Lord has blessed us far beyond our expectations in this area. Why would I want to hold back when He prompts me to make something free online when He has given it all to me free also? I believe all this healing direction comes from Him, and He entirely makes the decision when and how to prompt me, as His steward, and how to govern its use.
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