The Find-Scoop-and Remove Gift, Advanced Class 2B FREE

This healing gift was shown to me between March and November, 2013. The Find-Scoop-and Remove gift is controlled by God, the conduit acting under his intuition to exercise this healing gift. This gift has been introduced to me (click here). This is a gift initiated with prayer, faith and desire. When exercised with intention and prayer, God is there to direct the conduit in his efforts. Seek to have the presence of the Spirit when doing this gift of healing. 

This gift is a healing gift that has been introduced to myself. I have been told to freely teach others in how to use it. I believe God will bless others with this same or similar gift according to their desire and faith in him.


Use your "spirit" hands to scoop and remove the unwanted energy

I will explain how I use this gift: When beginning, I energy test and/or pray if the exercise of this gift is appropriate. When this gift is selected by this method, I try to be very intuitive, in a state of prayer and a desire to exercise this gift. For example, I always offer a prayer to Heavenly Father in my mind. In this prayer of faith and intention, I ask that the most significant issue(s) for the client be found and removed from their body and spirit. I close in the name of Jesus Christ. I then go through the "S-T-I-P-E-S" acronym below to find what is to be removed. I use energy testing and prayer to determine what to remove.

Once I determine what is to be removed, then the actual removal goes something like this: for that unwanted thing, or unwanted energy, I get a "deepening" feeling when finding and locating that thing or energy. Sometimes there are multiple occurrences of this deepening feeling if the unwanted energy is deeper, or harder to detect. When the unwanted energy is actually found, and I am at the "bottom" or deepest level of that energy, then there is no more deepening feeling. At that moment I "scoop" the unwanted energy with one or both of my "spirit" hands, and bring it gradually to the surface of the client's body. As I am bringing this unwanted energy up and out, I try to bring it at the correct rate so not to lose it, not too fast as guided by my intuition. Then I act in faith by following my intuition and the general summary given below. I seek to be able to "see" the unwanted energy that should be removed, and to witness it being removed. Sometimes I pray to receive assistance from God if I feel that I am getting "over my head" with difficult to remove unwanted energy. I feel God is always there, beside me. I seek for the Spirit of the Lord to open my mind and heart, and to act in love for my client. Again, this gift of healing is powered by God, and only by his removal power is the gift is really actuated. When I do this work, I act fully as a conduit of God's healing power.
Sometimes I have noticed when I am talking to a client, and the person is relating a particularly difficult time in their life, I perceive or see a trapped emotion well up on the surface of their body. I then use my hands to remove it away using this Find-Scoop and Remove gift.
Often, when I exercise this Find-Scoop-and Remove gift, I see the unwanted energy as it comes out of the body.  Sometimes it is a "darkened blob", a "wiggly entity", a "sandy" or "grainy" substance, a "translucent bubble", or a number of other things which represent unwanted energy. I always remove this unwanted energy (in my mind's eye) far away from my client as I feel directed to do. I keep it contained in my hands as I remove it. When far away, I give it a quick jerk with my hands and then watch it disappear in space. This process of seeing may be what is called "symbolic sight", but it is real to me and it works effectively.

This gift can be done directly on the client in front of you, or remotely. This is true with all of the healing gifts described in this website.

"Spirit" hands removing unwanted energy

Find-Scoop-and Remove
Takes about 5 to 20 minutes

Method: The parts of this Find-Scoop and Remove gift are these:
1) Identify the intention of what is to be done (use energy testing)
2) Go deeper and deeper until the hand is at the "bottom" of the issue
3) Scoop it all with one or both hands ("spirit" hands)
4) Gradually bring it out of the body, following intuition
5) When out, keep it all contained and take it far away from the body.
6) Shoot it off into space somewhere with a jerk, or jerk of the wrist.  Watch it leave.
7) Repeat as necessary until it is all gone

Effects: The greatest effect is relief from the unwanted item. Here is a list of what can be removed with 
Find-Scoop and Remove:
1) S - Sickness (viral, bacterial, fungal)
2) T - Toxins
3) I - Inflammation, Pain
4) P - Pain Bodies (false spirits, often hiding)
5) E - Emotions, Trauma
6) S - Subconscious Beliefs

Acronym: "S-T-I-P-E-S" of above

I recorded the following video of a Find-Scoop and Remove powerpoint presentation in November 2014 in my studio. Feel free to view the movie or download the pdf below:

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