Future Awakenings of Healing Angels

I inquired about what was going to happen now for awakening God's healing angels. The journal entries below give my directions, my questions and their answers.

Please inquire for yourself whether this is true, and given to me from God. Ask in faith, and he will give you his witness.



Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-2-2015

"After a connective prayer this morning, I lay on my back and meditated. I felt sure I would go to the domed room to which I momentarily did go. I checked my healer's portal and there was one bump, meaning I was there in my spirit.

At that time I felt like I was being taken up, high above God's Loving Healing Center, and I could see from way up in the sky the domed room as a mere speck below it seemed. I could also make out the lake and meadow. I then looked at the locations of each outlying healing rooms, all 12, and saw them being 'lit up' like lights that were shining, one at a time as I looked at where they were located.

When all 12 were lit up, like little lights glowing, I then looked at the glorious temple to the north. It was shimmering and a very bright light on this beautiful celestial orb.

Then my Heavenly Father came to me. He faced me, while I was still up in the sky, far above the domed room, God's Loving Healing Center, the surrounding 12 rooms and the temple. He placed his hands on my shoulders and spake to me:

'Rick, your work now is to help us awaken all the remaining healing angels that are on earth for their mortal experience, and also those who have passed on and are in the spirit world. You will be assisted by Roberta and Elizabeth who also have this same mission. Together you will do this great work over the next 10 months. Once our healing angels are awakened to their abundant healing gifts, and are clothed in their healing vestures, your work of helping awaken them will be completed. This great work will be done by your spirits as you have described on your website, and will mostly be done without you being aware of it in your conscious mind. Please share this information with Roberta and Elizabeth, my choice daughters who have already helped awaken healing angels in their spirit. I love you, my son!'

Then I felt the strong embrace of my Heavenly Father on my spirit. I felt his love and confidence.

Next I felt my portal and I was back on my bed, with three bumps on the portal, meaning I was back in mortality. I began immediately to write all this down.

When done writing, I prayed to know if it was all true. I felt it was, for my mind and heart synched with heaven and I felt assurance and peace. I also felt I should share this experience on my website too.

As a postnote, I had asked in prayer two days ago about some details of those to be awakened (see below, my journal entry on 6-30-2015). I didn't realize at that time that there would be those to be awakened who had died and were in the spirit world now (see the awakening account of Amelia, the 28th healing angel (scroll to the bottom). I believe only about 4% of the total healing angels being awakened now constitute those in the spirit world that have already died. Therefore, by far the greater number of healing angels to be awakened are those who are now having their own mortal test."

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 6-30-2015

"I slept well, and awoke at 8:30 am or so, quite late for me. When I awoke I realized that my spirit was already in another realm and was doing awakening work (my spirit had been away for couple hours I think). This will now be normal for me I believe, over the next 10 months. Here is what I prayed about this morning and received these answers about awakening healing angels:

healing angel future
This is the time for awakening of God's Healing Angels, now in mortality

• Total number of healing angels which I helped awakened before the Mesa Arizona class (this class ended on Saturday, 6-28-2015): 28 healing angels, all done in my conscious mind
• Number I helped awakened on Sunday, 6-28-2015: 2 women healing angels, done without my conscious awareness
• Number I helped awakened on Monday, 6-29-2015: 5 women
 healing angels, done without my conscious awareness
• Number I helped awakened on Tuesday, 6-28-2015: 2 women, 2 men healing angels, done without my conscious awareness
• How many healing angels are to be awakened that are now in mortality? 1,475 healing angels
• When is this anticipated to be finished? By the end of April, 2016 (10 full months away from tomorrow)
• How many total healing angels came to that first grand meeting in God's Loving Healing Center and were called, blessed and set apart by Heavenly Father? 2,633 healing angels
• How many healing angels are men, women? 20% men, 80% women

This is a average of 14-15 healing angels awakened per day, one at a time, over the 10-month period until April, 2016. Since this effort is shared by three of us whose mission it is to help awaken healing angels, then we each will participate in about 4-5 awakenings a day.

I believe, for me, helping in these awakenings will be almost all be remotely done in my non-conscious mind, by my spirit. I won't know of their identities in my conscious mind either.

Meanwhile, I am not going to fret about this much. I am just going to relax, enjoy life and prepare every needful thing, strengthen my relationships, and live day-by-day in the present. I will leave all to God to orchestrate everything, trusting in him.

I don't feel also that I can do any classes until after April 2016, 10 months away, because of the heavy load I will have on my spirit. At that time, if the opportunity arises, I may do more classes."

healing angels future
There will be 10 months of intensive awakening
by God of the Healing Angels

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-5-2015

"I prayed last night (July 4th), being very tired from the many festivities we had done all day long with the family. My prayer was short. However, Heavenly Father came to me after my portion of the prayer, and said words into my mind like this (I was so tired that I asked that I might delay writing them down until the morning which I felt he granted):

'Rick, this is how we work with the healing angels, once they are awakened: they don't have to do remote healing work only in their conscious mind, as you don't have to be aware in your conscious mind when you help awaken healing angels. Once our healing angels are awakened to their full gifts and healing vestures, they too often have their spirits go to other places without being aware of it in their conscious minds. In this way, their spirits may go to God's Loving Healing Center, or directly to the person in need, to act as a pure conduit for our loving and healing energy. This is the primary way we have healing angels serve us in their capacity. I love you, Rick.'

I was left to ponder this but, being so tired, I fell asleep quickly. I awoke around 8 am, already away in my spirit, helping awaken the many healing angels, one at a time. I immediately wrote this down at that time.

I have been averaging 4-5 awakenings a day I believe. I can tell that I have been quite tired at times during the day, even when I have not been physically doing much at all! Some might say it is old age, but I believe this unique work in my spirit is keeping me tired, but happy too.

I also at times am very hungry, even ravenous! It seems I eat more now than before too. I think that when my spirit goes off for remote energy work, in any manner, or in-person with another person, there is a huge consumption of energy that goes into this type of work–it requires both more sleep and nourishment."

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-9-2015

An excerpt from my journal today: . . .

"At that moment, we saw Heavenly Mother come through the doorway, walking towards us. She came right in front of Natalie and spoke:

'Natalie, my sweet angel daughter, oh I love you! I am here, on your joint request, to help you see spiritually more clearly what happens when you do your energy work. Natalie, you have been daily in service to us as a very capable healing angel since you were awakened two months ago today as a healing angel. You were restored to your full healing gifts and clothed in your beautiful healing vestures. Since then, your spirit has come to God's Loving Healing Center daily, not in your conscious mind, but your unconscious mind, performing many labors of love for your needy brothers and sisters, as a pure conduit for our healing love and light. You have been active, particularly while your physical body is sleeping, in this great service. This is also true with all the awakened healing angels as well. I love you, Natalie!' "
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