2. God's Loving FocusAdvanced Class 2D FREE

Takes about 20 minutes or less

Note: This healing gift is used exclusively by healing angels (click here for information) as one of the healing gifts God uses to heal his children.

Method: In this gift, the conduit must be highly intuitive and feel where to place his "spirit" hands on the client, all in his mind's eye. Once an area of the client is determined, the conduit moves his "spirit" hands in place around that area of the body. This is frequently inside the body around an organ. The hands can also zoom in or out in size as required (all done in the mind's eye of the conduit). Once his hands are in place, God's hands then come and rest on top of those of the conduit.  The conduit then moves his hands wherever God's hands move, and do whatever God does who is guiding his hands. This is a very intuitive and sensitive process, requiring lots of concentration and focus.

Effects: God's Loving Focus is very instructive to the conduit who is following God's hands. The gift is also extremely clearing and strengthening to the body area of focus for the client. This gift has a more powerful capability to heal a specific part of the body, than the other gifts do which put the entire body in a state of healing. God's Loving Focus can fill the focused area of the body with light, love and healing, and rid that area of toxins, unwanted energies, false spirits, and any other "stuff" that may need removing. It is done in an extremely focused and gentle way, all done by God's wisdom.

God's Loving Focus

God's Loving Focus, working on the hippocampus of a client.
The inner hands are "spirit" hands of the conduit, the outer hands are God's Loving Healing Hands.

I recorded the following video of a God's Loving Focus powerpoint presentation in November 2014 while in my studio. Feel free to view the movie or download the pdf below:

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