5. God's Loving GroundingAdvanced Class 2G FREE

Takes about 1/1/2 hours

Note: This healing gift is used exclusively by healing angels (click here for information) as one of the healing gifts God uses to heal his children.

Method: The client lies on his back, and the conduit holds the tops of his feet.  God puts his hands from behind on the conduit's shoulders. The grounding comes from God through the conduit to the client. Grounding feels like a connective "trunk" of unbreakable, clear energy, in areas specified below. 

Note: this healing gift is a rare thing to occur. I was told this is one of the most sacred and deeply significant events in the client's entire existence up to that point.  When it does occur, this is a great privilege and honor. It might happen a few times in one's life. Much of the details of the grounding are known only to God, and not to the conduit nor the client.

Effects: There are four areas of grounding of the soul (spirit and body of the client):

  1. Physical Grounding.  There is a need to be grounded, or deeply connected eternally, to the earth and more specifically to our family on earth. Family ties, going backwards to parents and ancestors, and forward with our spouse and children and their families, is eternal.
  2. Emotional Grounding. All of our feelings, emotions and relationships need to be founded on love.  This is primarily centered in our heart.  It is taught in the message of the gospel of love of Jesus Christ, and includes all such attributes of kindness, compassion, gentleness, consideration, patience, easy to be entreated, long-suffering, and charity, to name a few.  The prime example of love is particularly Heavenly Mother, for she is so very loving and gentle and kind.
  3. Mental Grounding. This includes all mental reasoning, thought, and logic and is to be grounded in Light and Truth.  It is centered in the mind in our head area.  Light and Truth are focused in Jesus Christ our Savior.
  4. Spiritual Grounding.  This refers to our spirit, the spirit of man, and should be grounded to our heavenly parents and the world we came from, the Celestial World.

God's Loving Grounding
Grounding feels like a connective "trunk" of unbreakable, clear energy

I recorded the following video of a God's Loving Grounding powerpoint presentation in November 2014 while in my studio. Feel free to view the movie or download the pdf below:

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