God's Loving Healing Hands GiftAdvanced Class 2H FREE

This gift was shown to me in January and February, 2015. It is the final healing gift, and is also the most powerful to heal a person. This takes about 5-15 minutes to complete.

Note: This healing gift is used exclusively by healing angels (click here for information) as one of the healing gifts God uses to heal his children.

Method: The client either sits in a chair or lies on his back on a table, and the conduit (male or female) puts both of his hands on the client’s head. He then prays to God to come and help heal his client by sending loving and healing light energy through him as a conduit to the client. After closing the prayer, he then waits for God to come. When God comes, He comes either behind the conduit as depicted below, or in front of the conduit and client. The light and love energy arches down from God to the conduit’s crown chakra, down his head, shoulders and arms and out his hands. The light enters the client from the conduit’s hands, and proceeds down his body and out his feet. This light increases and provides the healing power, all determined by God who does the healing. When done, the light flow stops and usually God comes and embraces both the client and the conduit.

Effects: The client has direct healing from God to heal his body (physical, spiritual, emotional or mental), or at least put his body in a state of healing. The healing comes directly from God, and not from the conduit who is only the medium by which the light and love energy comes.

God's Loving Healing Hands Gift
This shows the basic flow of loving and light healing energy from Deity
to the Conduit and then to the Client.

God's Loving Healing Hands Gift
1. Prayer and placing hands on the head of the client. Offer a prayer.
2. God comes behind the conduit in the air (in this case Heavenly Mother).
3. Loving and light healing energy coming from Heavenly Mother to the conduit.
4. Intense loving and light healing energy flowing through the conduit to the client.

I recorded the following video of a God's Loving Healing Hands Gift powerpoint presentation in February 2015 while in my studio. Feel free to view the movie or download the pdf below:

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