The Five Healing Gifts

God's Loving Healing Hands

God has introduced to me five healing gifts

In 2013, I received direction on using a set of five healing gifts which I call the five healing gifts. These were the first healing gifts shown to me, and are each one of the God's Loving Healing Hands gifts. Each of these five gifts is controlled by God, either Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother or Jesus Christ. They are all healers. They have introduced these five gifts to me (click here). God has indicated to me that at least one of them (Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, or Jesus) will always come when these gifts are initiated by prayer and faith, according to the general guidelines below. We might not see God, but their presence and healing work should be manifest. Most often, because we are mortals, our spiritual sight is more perception and "seeing through a glass darkly" like 1 Cor 13:12 states.

These gifts are summarized below. Note: These healing gifts are used exclusively by healing angels (click here for information) as five of the healing gifts God uses to heal his children. There may be changes of how God uses these gifts with each of his children since he is the originator of these gifts. I believe this depends on the differences in his children and his infinite knowledge and plan he might have for that child. We who are conduits, are privileged to participate, but really don't control any part of this healing process. A conduit is the name that I call the "go-between" person, bridging God and the client. For some reason, God wants to use us, who have healing gifts, to participate in this wonderful uplifting process of healing. The more we become clear and effectively transmitting conduits, the better this entire healing process works.

I will explain how I feel you should use these gifts: When beginning these gifts, energy test or pray for which, if any, of these gifts needs to be used for the client. When one of these gifts is selected by this method, offer a sincere prayer of faith to Heavenly Father. In this prayer of faith and intention, ask that the most significant issue(s) for the client be found, opened, balanced and healed, by filling him (the client) with the light, love and healing power of God. Close in the name of Jesus Christ. Then act in faith by following your intuition and the general summary information given below. Pray to perceive the presence of God come and do this divine energy work. Their healing energy and light and love "vibrations" are the most elevated that you will ever feel. Seek for the Spirit of the Lord to open your mind and heart, and to act in love for your client.

Once you are finished with a particular healing gift, I strongly recommend offering another prayer of gratitude for having participated in this experience.  I believe this pleases God and he blesses us more as we are thankful to him. I always pray to the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, even if I may have had an experience directly with Heavenly Mother or Jesus. 

All these gifts come from God because of their great love for us, their children. I believe they have introduced these gifts at this time to their children who are healers. The purpose is to shed forth more healing light and love to their children to sustain them during the more darkening times ahead.

To view details of each of the five healing gifts 
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