5 Gold Coins–
A Second Witness of the Five Healing Gifts

5 Gold Coins

From my personal journal, 9/13/2013:

For some reason, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother have given me so much new information on new energy methods.  I was in the midst of receiving the 3rd method (gift) from Heavenly Father when my brother called (he called on 9/11/2013).  I called him right back when I was done, and he said that our dad (now deceased) had bought 20 gold coins, 1 oz Krugerrands as an investment in 1991, and that our mom had cleaned out the safe deposit box in which these had been stored.  I was to receive 5 of these gold coins!

Later that night, I felt that this was a direct witness from God that there are five energy methods that will ultimately be revealed to me: God’s Loving Embrace, God’s Loving Focus, God’s Loving Reset, God’s Loving Breath, and one more which I am to receive this afternoon after my nap.  Heavenly Father said to me that this second witness was prepared and planned ahead—inspiring my dad to buy the Krugerrand coins, knowing that I would receive five of these gold coins at this time to witness to me that all this was of God (hence the gold, the symbol of God the Father), and five coins representing the five methods, or gifts.  These are all from God himself, not man, and are to be taught and shared with those who have the healing art gifts. (Note: as I transcribe this from my journal, I have received another very powerful witness from the Spirit that this is all true!  It is truly very remarkable, and witnesses to me of the presence of a very loving Heavenly Father who is involved in the details of our lives.)

5 Gold Coins

From my personal journal, 9/16/2013:

I talked to my sister tonight at 6:00 and shared with her the five energy modalities of God's Loving Healing Hands.  She said these should be called gifts from God, for that is exactly what they are.  These five coins, gold Krugerrands, also came in the mail today from my brother—ultimately from my mom who said we four children should receive them now, and from my dad who bought them as an investment in 1991.  I have four 1979 coins and one 1981 coin.  I called my mom today and thanked her.  She said that they have increased four-fold since 1991.

Anyway, these five gold coins were a gift from my earthly father, and the five gifts were a gift from my Heavenly Father!  I should call these gifts from God from now on, for they are surely that.  They are for all who believe and have the gift of healing to use freely.

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