Healing Angels

I had this extraordinary experience in which Heavenly Father describes healing angels. I tried to write it exactly as it was given to me.

Please accept this account as what I experienced only. I expect you to fully question it and verify everything yourself in prayer. If you feel inclined, I would love to hear how you feel too!


God the Father
God the Father
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Rick's Journal Entry, May 7,2015

"This morning I had a very exquisite experience! I awoke well before 6:00 am. It was very peaceful and quiet. The blinds in our bedroom were opened and I saw we'd have a gorgeous morning with a lovely sunrise. I was lying in my bed on my back.

I started thinking of what I learned yesterday about healing angels being set apart, and given healing robes. Those concepts were entirely new to me. As I was thinking of this, I found myself in God's Loving Healing Center in the domed room. I pondered what must have happened to each of us who were healers at that time, long ago.

Then I felt the presence of my Heavenly Father come into the domed room with me, then Heavenly Mother, and finally Jesus! I knelt down before my Father, and addressed him: 'Oh, my Father, I am so honored to be again in thy presence! If it is according to thy will, please show me what happened to those of us who had been trained in thy healing ways before this world began.'

Then Heavenly Father spoke to me, in my mind, in answer to my request, for about 40 minutes of mortal time. He told me all about this grand experience in detail. He asked me to write it all down, and then to share it all with my fellow healing friends and to put it on my website. He said he would inspire me too as I wrote, to be able to recall all he said, so I wouldn't leave out any details. He also said he would confirm to each one who read this account that it is true, if they came to him in humble prayer and asked in the sincerity of their heart. It is my fervent prayer to write this now accurately, in vivid detail like he gave it to me in my mind, to my understanding.

Heavenly Father spoke:
'Rick, as we had our beloved children, some had tendencies to want to comfort, bless and love others to a high degree. Many of these we asked to attend instruction on being conduits for our love and healing to their fellowman. Rick, you were one of the first who taught these classes. You were filled with exceeding love for your brothers and sisters.

When the time came for our children to grow more like us, your Heavenly Mother and I presented a plan whereby our children could further progress and one day return to us. We selected Jesus Christ, our Beloved from the beginning, to be the chosen Redeemer of all mankind who would come to earth. It would not be easy, but it would be possible, through his sacrifice and love, for each to return again to our presence after their mortal experience.

There were those who rebelled and wouldn't follow our proposed plan of salvation. These were cast out of heaven, by the power that I had invested in my Beloved Son. This is all recorded in my holy scriptures.

We all had many sad moments and heartaches for those who rebelled and were cast out. At that time we designated this lovely place, God's Loving Healing Center, to be a place of healing and refuge for those who would act in a position of healing, love and comfort to others.

We gathered to this location all who had progressed and excelled in the healing skills which they had been taught. These we designated as our healing angels. Rick, you were one of them. There were thousands gathered here to God's Loving Healing Center, in the celestial world in that meeting. I announced to these, my healing children, that they each would receive a high and holy calling. Their mission would be  to act as pure and holy conduits of our healing love, light and power to those who would be in mortality. They would act in our behalf, and we would work through them to love, heal and bless our beloved children who were struggling and needed our healing help. Heavenly Mother, Jesus Christ and myself would provide all the healing love and light, and these, our healing angels, would be the agents through whom we worked our miracles of healing. We would decide whom to bless and heal, and how much healing would be dispersed. We understood the purposes of the mortal existence for each one of our children individually, and would reserve all power in this healing area.

Rick, as healing angels, these people assembled would be a vital part of our healing program we would establish. These were chosen, in addition to those who would receive priesthood and ecclesiastical authority, to be part of this healing force in the world. The healing angels would be healers at large, working directly under our supervision, independent of our earthly church and priesthood we would establish.
Pre Earth Life
Pre Earth Life

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These healing angels were also chosen because they acted out of love as their primary motivation. They would consist of both men and women, to bless our children on earth during all ages of its existence. There would be times when the church and priesthood would not be on the earth. However, our healing angels would always be available to us to minister love and healing to our beloved children.

Each of those we choose came into this domed room, one at a time, and were blessed and set apart for their high and holy calling as a healing angel. In all cases, we also gathered their future family in mortality and their friends for this occasion. Rick, I blessed you, and set you apart as a healing angel. Your loved ones were gathered here in this room to witness this blessing. At the conclusion, your Heavenly Mother dressed you in your new healing robes which you wore as a spirit in your role as a healing angel. These robes not only designated you in your new calling, but gave you more capability in your new role. These powers included more protection from the adversary, more clarity in perceiving what you should be doing in any situation, and more ability to be a pure and holy conduit for our loving healing power we would transmit through you.

Each of those thousands of our children whom we had gathered for our meeting that day were set apart and blessed in a like manner. They too were robed by their Heavenly Mother in their own new healing robes of righteousness.

During all ages of mortality, from the days of Adam down to the present time, and forward to the end of this earth's mortal existence, our beloved healing angels bless our children. They work quietly and behind the scenes. It is our will that they receive no notoriety or acclamation for their important work. Their reward is the blessing of quiet service which brings deep satisfaction and peace. They are filled with our love as it passes through them in their healing service. To them, this healing work is an immeasurable joy in their life.

There are other types of angels–like ministering angels that call our children to repentance or transmit our messages to mortals. However, healing angels have one purpose for all our children: to comfort, bless and heal through our power those to whom we direct them. This is their all-consuming desire.

Rick, as a healing angel, you have faithfully served us in all ages of earth's history. This has been true of each of our healing angels as well. We have sent a large amount of you, our healing angels, to earth at this time, for your mortal experience, in these days of great enlightenment but also of darkness and increasing evil.

Rick, your additional calling and mission is to help awaken our healing angels to the grandeur of their callings. They have not been released, nor will some of them until the end of the world. We will awaken each of them individually, in our own way, many times using you in this process. Be bold and loving, patient and tender to these, our beloved healers!

Their roles are critical in the dark days ahead. In the preparation of the earth, for the glorious Zion to be established and our Beloved Son to return, there must needs be a cleansing of the wicked. In this process, many of our elect children living on earth will be in great distress and trauma. Our healing angels will act from both sides of the veil in being our loving hands to minister to these, our needy children.

Those of you in mortality who have been awakened to your callings as healing angels, have a unique challenge. You will need to develop your spiritual perception to a high degree so you will know how to act and serve God as a pure and holy conduit. We will lead and bless you to fulfill your callings. We will endow you with additional spiritual blessings, because you are in a physical body. These gifts will be given directly by either myself and/or by Heavenly Mother. This will happen individually for all of our healing angels on earth. These gifts of the Spirit are given in quiet moments of prayer and meditation, to each specifically to help them fulfill their great tasks ahead. Rick, you know which gifts of the Spirit that you have specifically been blessed with. Treasure these and work on them–they will become great strengths to you as you fulfill our desires.

Rick, please convey this message to those you know who have been awakened to their glorious callings as healing angels. There will be so many more who awaken as our detailed plan for blessing our beloved children unravels before your eyes. Be humble, prayerful, and we will always be near you.

Please encourage my healing angels to use God's Loving Healing Center in all their remote healing work they do. You have accurately described it and its function on your website. In every case, as our awakened angels call on us, we will direct them with what to do, whom they should bless and act as a conduit for our loving healing light and power. They may come here and do their best work, as well as their most difficult cases. They may each use the healer's portal which you have also accurately described. This will be a powerful tool for all to use in their comings and goings from our healing center.

I love you, my son. Your actions are very pleasing to us.'

At that moment, Heavenly Father, stepped close to me, drew me to his bosom and embraced me! I felt deep peace and assurance that all was controlled by him, and that I need not fret nor worry, for he was in charge. I also felt his deep love and trust in me.

Then we released each other, and my wonderful Divine Mother stepped forward. She spoke 'I love you, Rick!' Then she drew me close, kissed me and embraced me fully. I seemed to melt in her loving arms–I felt so much compassion, tenderness and gentleness from her embrace. I felt tingles, from my head to my feet.

She too then stepped back, and my Beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, stepped forward. I saw his smile and felt his embrace with my spirit. I could tell he loved me so much, he knew all I had gone through and understood me fully. I felt great security in his embrace.

Then all three stepped back. Heavenly Father was flanked on his right by Jesus, and Heavenly Mother was on his left side. They all three were smiling.

Then I felt like I was falling backwards, and that they were growing dimmer and smaller. I was next in my bed, face up. It was 7:05 am on the clock–a full 40 minutes since I began this great vision.

I knelt by the side of my bed, thanking Heavenly Father for this marvelous answer to my prayer. I asked for the ability to record it all accurately. I immediately began writing in my journal. It took me almost two hours to record all of this account with my own hand.

Now that I have written this, I must say that these are all my own words, and are not to be construed as Heavenly Father's direct words–but how I heard them and then recorded them in my own way.

I feel deeply at peace and feel so, so blessed! I hope all who read this will know my account was my own deeply personal experience. They each should not rely on my testimony and words, but gain a witness from God themselves whether I speak of myself, or whether it was God who spoke to me. It is the truth that each of us should seek."

I finished writing in my journal at 9:00 am, May 7, 2015. Later, I soon finished transcribing this account on the computer at 11:50 am, only about three hours later. I made but a few slight changes in this transcription account from my original journal account. These events are all still fresh on my mind, and I could vividly recall everything. I feel the confirmation of the Spirit that what I have written is acceptable to God and is true.

Thanks for reading!
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