My View of Heavenly Father

My belief of my Heavenly Father is founded in LDS doctrine about God. I believe the Godhead consists of three separate personages: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ (both resurrected) and the Holy Ghost (a personage of spirit). Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ (both resurrected) and the Holy Ghost (a personage of spirit). Heavenly Mother is not part of this Godhead, but instead is an equal partner with Heavenly Father in an eternal marriage relationship. They both are our heavenly parents, we are their children.

In moments of prayer and meditation, we may be able to 'see' or 'perceive' spiritually the presence of God again. Sometimes we remember events or feelings from a prior existence when we lived with them. Living a pure, kindly life, patterned after the example of Jesus Christ, greatly helps in this process of knowing that God is near. I believe to access God, we need to approach our Heavenly Father in prayer and supplication, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Wanting to return to my heavenly parents
Heavenly Father
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Our Heavenly Father authored a plan for his spirit children to come back to Heavenly Mother and himself. They choose Jesus Christ to be the promised Messiah. As part of this, Heavenly Father became the literal father of Jesus Christ in the flesh, Mary being His mother in mortality.

Heavenly Father promotes his gospel plan through His beloved son. All that we do should be in the name of Jesus Christ.

I recorded the following video about my views of Heavenly Father in December 2014. In this video you will learn how I perceive my Heavenly Father, from my personal experiences with Him. I also give some of my journal entries from 2013 to 2014 in a sequential order so that you can see how our relationship developed. Just click on the video link below and view this presentation. Enjoy!

My View of Heavenly Father

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