Learn to Perceive, Feel and (potentially) See Energy!
Introductory Class 1A FREE

This is one of the introductory classes for all to watch online (see below) and should be watched before the Advanced Class 2.  It is taught through hands-on demonstrations and class involvement.  When you view it, please take time to also try to participate in the demonstrations that I talk about on the video. It is helpful to have some background on how to muscle test (applied kinesiology) to take this class, but it is not required. 

Class Goals:

• See, perceive and feel energy
• Learn simple directed energy healing methods
• Feel the sensitivity and light force of moving energy
• Be taught skills of meditation and prayer, visualization and imagination
• Learn how these skills (above) are the portals to seeing and feeling energy
• Learn how the LDS definition of revelation ties into perceiving energy
• Experience the state of intuition required to be able to see energy
• Learn muscle testing with your “spirit” hands while your physical hands are by your side
• Know how to use intention and faith to help heal
• Experience how to feel energy come into and out of your body
• Experience how intention can bring light and love to parts of the body
• Understand unwanted energy, how it gets in, and how to move it out
• Experience clearing unwanted energy and healing with your hands non-invasively
• Enjoy blessing others!

First Video: The following is a presentation I gave at the Christ-Centered Energy Healing Convention on June 2014 in Ogden, Utah at Weber State. This and four other introductory classes Being a Clear Conduit 1B, The Importance of Being Open 1C, The Importance of Prayer and Meditation 1D and The Importance of Acting on Inspiration 1E constitute the Introductory Classes that you should view before taking the Advanced Class 2 online.

How to Perceive and See Energy:

Second Video: I also gave a similar presentation at the second Christ-Centered Energy Healing Convention in September 2014 in Orem, Utah at UVU. It has similar content as the video above but I also talk about other things not in the June video. If you wish to see it, click on the video link below and view a movie of this September 2014 presentation. Enjoy!
How to Perceive and See Energy:

Third Video: I recorded this video powerpoint demonstration in my studio in December 2014. In it you will see all the demonstrations from the first two videos above that were not perhaps clear enough for you to follow. I have only extracted those parts I felt were necessary to go over in more detail.
How to Perceive and See Energy Demonstrations:

You may also be interested in the "Imagine If You Were At The Seashore" that I read during the above presentation. You may find it here.

You might also want to see the words and hear music for "A Window to His Love" by Julie Azevedo Hanks that I mentioned in the presentation here.  Best success in your energy healing journey!


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