Imagine if . . . Connection to Heaven

Please shut your eyes and imagine with me. . .

Imagine that you are refreshed and wishing to connect with your Heavenly Father. You are in a place of serenity.  It may be in your backyard on a lawn chair with the sun shining all around you.  It may be in the temple, in the celestial room.  It may be on a sunny, calm beach, with the waves gently coming to shore. Please imagine the most most serene and comfortable place you can think of, where you are now, in your mind’s eye. This is your very most happy place.

You are alone with your thoughts, calm, and have no cares except to just be with yourself.  You feel a desire to be close to your Heavenly parents.  You are feeling a great sense of peace.

As you try to connect with your Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother or Jesus, you begin to become more keenly aware of your own spirit body and your own physical body.  You can tell that they are together,  You can feel this by wiggling your fingers, and when you do you know you are wiggling your spirit fingers and your physical fingers.  Your spirit and physical bodies works so smoothly together. However, you can tell there is a somehow a separate spirit side of you, something that is eternally you.  Your mind is connected completely with your spirit.  Where your spirit goes, your mind, perception, understanding also goes with it.

As you sit there, in this most serene place, you sense being enshrouded with an envelope of light.  It is like an aura of light, surrounding you.  You look up with your spirit eyes, and you see a column of light coming from about 3-4 feet up above you.  It seems that this light is in the shape of a cylindrical trunk, and you are in the midst of this trunk.  This trunk is completely filled with light.  You seem to  have the capability to look at your spirit from a short distance away.  You can see that this ‘light-filled trunk’ seems to extend upwards into a very peaceful, happy world just above it.  The trunk opens up to this very peaceful, calm and beautiful place.

You now go back to your spirit, inside your spirit body, perceiving this trunk above your head.  You try to look up into this light-filled trunk, and you can see bright light above.  You look at the trunk coming down upon you.  Then you notice it starts spreading out over your shoulders like a cloak around you.  The word ‘mantle’ comes into your mind. 

You recall something you read in the scriptures about a mantle.  It is from the D&C88: 124—“And above all things, clothe yourselves with the bond of charity, as with a mantle, which is the bond of perfectness and peace."

This mantle extends beyond your shoulders and goes all the way to the ground.  You can tell that you are entirely encapsulated in this light. This way exciting to you!  You can sense too that this light around you seems to give you protection, tranquility and greater spiritual perception.

This trunk and mantle seem to be lit-up with heavenly light from within.  The light comes down from this world above you, down through the trunk and into the mantle.

Now you try to perceive if there is light inside of you.  You remember your 7 chakras, and feel to look at each of them energetically.  You look first at your own crown chakara, above your head, and see that it is shining from the light within yourself.  As you move down to your pineal, or 3rd eye chakra, you also perceive a bright glow from within your spirit.  Similarly, your other remaining chakras, your throat chakra, your heart chakra, your solar plexus chakra, your sacral chakra and finally your root chakra are all bright and glowing from within your spirit.  It is like you have been lit up from within with this heavenly light.  You notice that this inner light from each of these centers actually reaches out to touch and even overlap the lighted trunk and mantle. Therefore you are enveloped in light from above and from within, all heavenly light and clearness. This brings you a great sense of protection, of love, of enlightenment, of peace and happiness. It truly feels like you are covered with a mantle of charity, of perfectness and peace like the scripture says.

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