Imagine If ...(Portal, GLHCenter, Three Healers)

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Portal, GLHCenter, Three Healers

Please shut your eyes and imagine with me. . .

Imagine that you just awoke from a good night’s sleep, and felt very refreshed.  You spouse took all the kids to the store and then to the park, leaving you alone.  You feel free and unencumbered!  The morning sun is streaming in the window and you feel very peaceful and happy inside.

Instead of getting up for the day, you feel a great desire and a need to really reconnect with your Heavenly Father.  You return to your bed, situate your pillow under your head just right, and arrange the blankets so that you are perfectly comfortable.  You are not drowsy, but alert and awake.  You are lying on your back, very comfortable. You shut your eyes and are intent on getting into a meditative state.

As you shut your eyes, the cares of family and any unfinished business or work at home fades away.  You are feeling very in-tune to your mind, your heart, and your thoughts are clear and focused.

As you lie there, you begin talking with your Heavenly Father in your mind. Your words come freely, smoothly, and just come in a way to really express your feelings. You are impressed that you feel so in-tune with your real inner self.

In your prayer, you thank your Heavenly Father for your wonderful blessings.  You think about your family, and the really nice things that you appreciate about each one. You feel very blessed to have your home, your life, your mind and your abilities and talents.  You thank him for other personal things that are very pleasing to you. You feel very, very content and blessed by God.

As you do this, you become aware that your Heavenly Father is truly there, and loves you.  You even perceive he is above your feet, in the air, looking down at you with a smile on his face.  His countenance beams with love for you!  You are his special daughter (son), with whom he has been and known for ever it seems before you were sent to mortality.  He stands there, so pleased with you.  He loves you deeply.

Next the impression comes to you that he wants to talk to you.  You are thrilled, but also a little anxious, for this is not the normal prayer!  Most of your prayers have been to him, one way, but now he wants to talk to you personally.  This will be in your mind, in clear words, in your meditative state, words that come without constraint or being forced.  These words will not come from you, for you are in a very intuitive, listening state.  You are observing, hearing, waiting.

Listen to what he is saying to you..  (I will wait a few moments).

Healer's Portal

Now, you perceive an object like an elegant door-frame is in front of you.  You recognize this as a portal of some kind. It is in the air, also above your feet. This portal is to later transport your spirit to a special healing room. Heavenly Father is still there near you, in the background, watching and observing you. He wants you to take all the time you need to explore this new portal.

You next feel that your spirit is able to rise up out of your body and come to this portal, and look at it more closely. Your mind is fully aware of what your detached spirit is doing and thinking, and also of your body back on your bed. You have complete agency and thought.

You look and see that this portal is shaped like a large rectangular door frame, with a pillar support section on the right and left sides, and a horizontal top which connects them together. The corners of the upright pillars and the horizontal top are curved in a smooth fashion. The opening is about 4 feet wide.  It is light brown and looks like a wooden frame. You are facing this portal. The opening is several feet taller than you are so you could easily walk through if needed.

There are two sides of the framework: the frontside towards you and the backside.  You reach out your right hand and touch the frame’s frontside closest to your right on the straight pillar support section.  You notice that it has three bumps along its surface which are three half-round segments which run the full length of the frontside surface. Each half-round is butted against the next one, side by side. The total width of this framework seems to be about 12 inches wide, so that with the three raised half-round sections, each section is a little less than 4 inches wide and about two inches high. Each one is identical in cross-section yet is made without seam and of one piece. You can trace these rounded bumps with your fingers:  up the right side, over the curved top section, and then down the left side.  It is just very simple, beautiful and of perfect workmanship. These bumps are very smooth and polished.  The entire portal is of one piece of this smooth and polished material.

On the backside surface of the portal frame is another smooth and polished  half-rounded surface. This one takes up the full width of the frame, and is about 6 inches tall and 12-inches wide, rounded.  Including the frontside half-rounds, the total depth at the middle of the portal frame is 8 inches.  You reach around the frame with both your left and right hands.  You can feel the backside of the frame with both of your your hands. As you do so, your fingers touch on the opposite side. It is so smooth, polished and hard.  You next move your hands up the backside of the frame, over the top, and down the left side. As you do so your spirit easily moves your body around the portal. You can tell it is a continuously rounded surface without any breaks. The entire portal framework is elegantly simple and beautiful!

You realize that the side towards you with the three half-rounds has a meaning. It means that you are in mortality, in your present time when you face this frontside.  If you were on the other side of the portal, and faced the single larger rounded side,  your spirit would be in another time period, place or in eternity without time, but not on your current time and place. This portal is your means of being transferred to that other location.

Coming into your mind next comes also these words: “The three half-rounds on the frontside of the portal represents the three heavenly healers: Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and Jesus.  The rounded backside represents the shape of the room that you are going to, God’s Loving Healing Center."

On the inside of the portal is a flimsy kind of mirror, which you can extend your hand through or walk through by just thinking to be on the other side. This portal responds to your thoughts and righteous desires of your heart.

(Note: This portal was referred to by Heavenly Father in May, 2015 as the 'Healer's Portal'. It can appropriately be used by any healer or healing angel to gain access to God's Loving Healing Center.)

Domed Room

Now you feel a great desire to go to the room which is represented by the backside of the portal. With that thought in your mind, you gather your faith, and step into and through the portal!  To make sure you have passed through, you reach back with your right hand and feel the single rounded backside of the portal.  You feel that you are in another location other than in your bedroom.

Next you look up, and perceive that you are in a large room!  It is quite large, maybe 60-70 feet across and about half that width tall.  The room is of a circular shape, with walls coming up from the floor to a rounded semi-circular ceiling.  It is the same cross-sectional shape as the portal: a half-sphere. It reminds you of a planetarium in shape if you have been inside of one. 

There is no furniture in the room, and no doors that you can see.  it is pleasant and bright. You walk to a wall surface and feel the wall. It is very smooth and polished, just like the portal surface.  Where it meets the floor there is a rounded corner. There are no sharp edges anywhere, for all is rounded.  The only flat surface is the floor. Every surface is of the same polished material, and of perfect workmanship.

As you wander around the room you wonder why it doesn’t have any furniture.  You think to yourself that it would be nice to have some chairs and a table.  At that moment these pieces of furniture are created from the floor surface in front of you! This is amazing! You realize it was your right that initiated these chairs and table coming into existence. You sit at one of the chairs and it fits your body perfectly! 

Next you wonder why there isn’t a door.  Then you look at the wall and a rounded door frame appears, in the same shape as your portal, on the side of your room. This too is so amazing to you! You walk over to the door and see that it opens to a beautiful outside foot path.  It is just as bright and beautiful outside as inside the room.  

You venture outside, on the path through the doorway.  There is no door to shut, for there is just an opening.  The path proceeds a short distance with green grass on a rounded hill. The path process at the top of the hill–all is perfectly beautiful and very tidy. Conf up, you see that the path divides into two: off to your left you see one path go into a beautiful forest of every kind of tree imaginable.  This forest is lush and breath-taking! The path to the right goes over a small hill and then opens up to a beautiful meadow of flowers, a small lake and a grassy field. You decide to take this path. As you walk along, the path goes through the field and along the lake shore. Although you are alone, there are benches along the path so people can stop and talk.  It is all lovely and gorgeous beyond belief.  It all seems very familiar and like home somehow too. 

As you proceed on foot you come near the lake shore.  You sit down on the comfortable bench to contemplate how lovely all this is.  You soak up the beauty of the light, the flowers, the grass and beauty. You shut your eyes and offer another prayer to your Heavenly Father for being in this serene and lovely place. It is just so unbelievable almost that all of this is happening to you!

The Three Healers

When you open your eyes you see three radiant beings in front of you, standing.  They are all three dressed in simple and lovely white robes. They seem so familiar to you, and you start remembering who they are.  You can hardly believe this is happening to you! You fall down on your knees before them.

One of these three comes forth, calls you by name and asks you to stand. You look up and see your Heavenly Mother.  She is smiling, puts her loving hands on your shoulders. She kisses you on your lips, and then on your cheeks, and then embraces you in her loving, tender arms!  You feel her deep love, her gentleness, her spirit.  It is familiar, and so, so wonderful.  You wish you could stay in her arms forever, but the embrace only lasts a short moment.  She steps back and says your name again.  She talks to you briefly. Listen to what she says to you. This comes in your mind, in clear words. They are so gentle and loving words.

Heavenly Mother drops her arms, moves a step back and tells you that this entire place—the large room, the forest, the meadow, field and lake, with all the paths and benches is all called God’s Loving Healing Center.  It is a place where you may come back whenever you wish to heal yourself and to help heal others.  It is a place to bring with you the spirits of others, to serve them, to love them, to heal them. It is a gift from God to all who are healers on earth should they decide to use it. She says that It will be particularly useful as the world gets more and more distressed and wicked. You can minister healing, comfort and love to people who need our help from this location.

Then your Heavenly Father comes to you.  He kisses you on your cheeks and takes you in his arms in a loving, strong embrace.  You feel his power, his strength, his steadiness, his deep love and care for you.  You feel so secure, so protected in his embrace. It is so familiar too, like he has held you this way many times before. That embrace too lasts only a moment, and then he steps back. He too calls you by name, and says something to you.  You hear it in your mind too like you heard from Heavenly Mother. Listen to what he says to you.

Now, your heavenly parents step back and your Savior, Jesus Christ comes forward.  You recognize him as your older brother, your wonderful friend and your Redeemer.  Jesus smiles and embraces you too!  It is a thrill to know your Savior loves you and knows you so well.  Your arms go around his side too, and you feel through his robe where he was pierced in his side for your sins. You absolutely know at that moment he has suffered for you fully and willingly. It seems overwhelming! His embrace is full of compassion and understanding, of deep love to carry you across all heights and depths that your life may have gone and may go.  He understands and sees all, and accepts and loves you so deeply.  He wants you to be free of those troubles, and lifts them away from you during the embrace.  He fills you with light and love and strength. You feel so fully loved and complete! His embrace is done, and he holds you at arms length and calls you by name. He speaks to you in your mind.  Hear what he says to you.

You now see that these three wonderful Gods who love you and have embraced you now step back.  Heavenly Mother now calls you by name, and says “We are all healers.  We want to show you how to heal in a way like we heal.  We love you!”

With this you see them start moving away together. Then suddenly you are back in your bedroom, lying face up.  You know where you are.  You reach out your hand and feel the three bumps of your portal and know that you are no longer in that far away, celestial place.  You are back in your body, back home.

After you gain your composure, you slip off the bed on your knees. You are so full of gratefulness! You are so filed with the love of God. You offer a silent prayer to your Heavenly Father for the wonderful experience you have had with him, Heavenly Mother and Jesus. You are awed by the whole experience.

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