The Importance of Being Open
Introductory Class 1C 

This is an introductory class for all to view online (see below) and should be watched before the Advanced Class 2.  It is an informational class that I give prior to taking that class. When you view it, please ponder and perhaps look up the scriptures and quotes that I talk about on the video.

Class Goals– Learn:

• What being open will give you
• The great importance of testing all that you will be taught
• That we are individually responsible for knowing that the course we follow is of God
• The information covered was revealed to me and is not doctrine
• Scriptures and quotes about the great importance of being open to new ideas
• To know that your personal direction from God is paramount
• Many ideas are perhaps new and need to settle in, sometimes over a few days
• The need find out for yourself that these things are true
• Enjoy blessing others!

I recorded the following video of a The Importance of Being Open powerpoint presentation in my studio in November 2014. Feel free to view the movie and/or download the pdf below. This class and the four other classes How to Feel Energy 1A, Being a Clear Conduit 1B, The Importance of Prayer and Meditation 1D and The Importance of Acting on Inspiration 1E constitute the Introductory Classes that you should view before taking the Advanced Class 2 online.

Just click on the video link below and view a movie of this presentation. Enjoy!

The Importance of Being Open

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