Remedies for the Influenza:
Written by Rick Hopkins, 3-7-2018

At the beginning, Feb-Mar 2018:
I have never recall being so ill! Both my wife and I were down and out for over 2 weeks. I energy tested the following remedies for both of us at the beginning who were just coming down with the flu. I had never tested for so many 10/10 for anyone ever! (10 is highest, 0 is lowest)

10/10 Old Indian cough syrup 1T-4x day
10/10 Olive Leaf capsules 1-3x day
10/10 Echinacea blend capsules 2-3x day
10/10 Goldenseal root capsules 1-3x day
10/10 Oregano essential oil 1 drop on tongue-3x day
10/10 Freshly crushed garlic 1 clove-2x day
Found and added later:
10/10 Get Over It liquid put in gelcaps 1-6x day (contains Lomatium root, see

Here are more:
9/10 Anti-PLG 1T-5x day
9/10 Vitamin D, 5000 iu, 1-2x day
9/10 Turmeric capsules 1-1x day
8/10 Vitamin C with bioflavinoids 1-4x day
8/10 Sambocus Elderberry syrup 1T-2x day
7/10 Grapefruit seed extract pill 2-2x day
7/10 Mullen Lung pills 1-2x day
6/10 Wild Cherry cough syrup 1T-1x day

These numbers kept high for several days, then starting gradually decreasing as I would energy test them day by day.

Midway through the illness, there was a lot of coughing and congestion. Our bodies became very weak and like we had been run through by a locomotive engine!

Here are the remedies at the end of the illness:
10/10 Mild food 3x day (check for anemia)
7/10 Herbal minerals in gelcap 1-2x day
6/10 Trace minerals 1-1x day
5/10 Herbal decoction mullen and thyme leaves 1 2oz cup-4x day
5/10 Lime juice freshly squeezed 2x day
5/10 Ginger capsules 1-1x day
5/10 Good vitamin pill 1-1x day
5/10 Serious Cough (see
4/10 Ginseng capsules 1-1x day

As I write this, I am on day 19 of the lingering illness. My energy is returning but I still have a dry cough, more productive in the mornings.

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