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was made aware of the Intention Healing gift in July and August 2014, and added other healing intention healing gifts in July 2015 (scroll down to the bottom). I was helping my pregnant client by energy testing daily for her (she was having a very rough time). As I was doing this, I became aware that my intentions to heal or align something in her body was actually correcting her issues. I could tell within several seconds usually that the energy connection was really corrected. 

I believe that Intention Healing is controlled by God, and the conduit acts under his own intuition to exercise this healing gift. When exercised with intention and prayer, God is there to direct the conduit in his efforts. Seek to have the presence of the Spirit when doing this gift of healing.

This gift is a spiritual gift of healing that has been introduced to myself. I have been told to freely teach others how to use it. I believe God will bless others with this same or similar gift according to their desire and faith in him.

Intention Healing
"Intention" energy comes from the mind

Intention Healing
Takes about less than a minute

This gift has lots of similarities to the Find-Scoop and Remove gift, but is not so powerful.  Sometimes a more gentle healing effort is needed, and this gift is perfect for that.  Usually there is a connection in the auric fields, the chakras or meridians that need to be reconnected, or something is to be removed that doesn't need to full power of the Find-Scoop and Remove gift.

I will explain how I use this gift: When beginning, I energy test and/or pray if the exercise of this gift is appropriate. I often do this quickly in my mind. When this gift is selected by this method, I try to be very intuitive, in a state of prayer, full of love and have a desire to exercise this gift. For example, when starting the session on a client, I always offer a prayer to Heavenly Father in my mind. In this prayer of faith, love and intention, I ask that the most significant issue(s) for the client be found and either connected or cleared from their body and spirit. I close in the name of Jesus Christ. I use energy testing and prayer to determine what to connect or remove. If I am to connect something, it is usually auric fields, chakras or meridians. If I am to clear something, I then go through the "S-T-I-P-E-S" acronym below to find what is to be removed. 

Once I determine what is to be done, then here is what I do: I concentrate my mind and faculties on 'fixing' or using 'healing with love' the issue at hand, through God's power which flows through me. I still know that I am a conduit for God's healing energy. I think in my mind to have it corrected. I make sure I send lots of love intention and happy thoughts. If I try to 'force' the healing intention it doesn't work. The issue that is to be lovingly corrected usually falls under a A) connection (or re-connection) or a B) clearing of an unwanted energy. When I have done this, I have always had a strong impression, usually seconds later, that the issue is corrected. When I go back and energy test, I find it has resolved and is no longer an issue.
I have also used Intention Healing when massaging a part of a hurting body, like a foot. When doing that, I usually massage with castor oil (this penetrates well, and helps break up adhesions and scar tissue). As I massage, I have the loving intention on clearing with my spirit hands the unwanted energies. I often perceive exactly the energy that I am clearing out. When it is out of the area, I 'push it out' of the body area with my spirit hands so it is removed. I do this while I am massaging with my physical hands.

Often, when I exercise this Intention Healing gift, I see the unwanted energy as it comes out of the body.  Sometimes it is a "darkened blob", a "wiggly entity", a "sandy" or "grainy" substance, a "translucent bubble", or a number of other things which represent unwanted energy. I always remove this unwanted energy (in my mind's eye) away from my client as I feel impressed to do. This process of seeing may be what is called "symbolic sight", but it is real to me and it works effectively.

This gift can be done directly on the client in front of you, or remotely. This is true with all of the healing gifts described in this website.

Intention Healing
Use your "spirit" intention to connect or remove the energy

Method: The parts of Intention Healing are these:
1) Identify what is to be done (use energy testing and intuition):
  A Connection
  B Clearing unwanted energies
  C Massage (defined as connection and/or clearing and physical touch) with/without castor oil
2) Focus your mind and faculties on 'fixing' or 'healing with love' the issue at hand

3) Keep concentrating with loving, happy thoughts of intention on healing the issue
4) Await an impression for the resolution of the issue
5) Energy test whether your impression in 4) above is correct
6) Repeat as necessary until it is all gone. Offer a prayer of gratitude.

A) For connections: 
the greatest effect is the client feeling better because the broken energy system of the body is reconnected. Here is a list of some items that can be connected with Intention Healing:
1) Auric Fields
     a. Etheric (closest in)
     b. Protective
     c. Mental/Emotional
     d. Morphogenic
     e. Celestial
     f.  Celtic Weave
     g. Life Color (farthest out)

2) Chakras
     a. Crown
     b. Brow
     c. Throat
     d. Heart
     e. Solar Plexus
     f.  Sacral
     g. Root
3) Meridians
     a. Small Intestine
     b. Heart
     c. Spleen and Pancreas
     d. Stomach
     e. Large Intestine
     f.  Lung
     g. Liver
     h. Gall Bladder
     i. Triplewarmer (Endocrine)
     j. Pericardium
     k. Kidney
     l. Bladder

B) For clearings: the greatest effect is relief from the unwanted energy. Here is a list of what can be removed with Intention Healing:
1) S - Sickness (viral, bacterial, fungal)
2) T - Toxins
3) I - Inflammation, Pain
4) P - Pain Bodies (false spirits, often hiding)
5) E - Emotions, Trauma
6) S - Subconscious Beliefs

Acronym: "S-T-I-P-E-S" of above

I recorded the following video of an Intention Healing powerpoint presentation in my studio in November 2014. Feel free to view the movie and/or download the pdf below:

All of these copyrighted materials above (video and pdf materials) are for your individual use only, not for commercial use. Enjoy!

Other Healing Gifts (added July-August 2015)

I have been mulling over the individual gifts that many of us have developed and actively practiced both here on earth and before coming to earth. These healing gifts really fall under this Intention Healing gift category. They are all used with the loving intention of the healer. I wanted to collect some of these various gifts that I have used a little, and some that I have seen others use.

Before I list these, please know that God is very open to all varieties of healing gifts, and gives them abundantly to those that seek. We can develop these gifts while we live on earth too. They are not part of the gifts God uses to directly bless his children through us as conduits (the five gifts and God's Loving Healing Hands gift). He encourages us to develop them and use them to bless the lives of those we serve. All these gifts are given by God.
D&C 46:11-12 "For all have not every gift given unto them; for there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God. To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby."

Please send in your specific healing gifts and I will post them here. They are not in any particular order, and there are many.

Healing Balm
Jeremiah 8:22 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?"

From "Balm of Gilead — The Guide to the Scriptures An aromatic gum or spice used for healing wounds (Gen. 43:11; Jer. 8:22; 46:11; 51:8). A bush producing the resin from which the balm was made grew so plentifully in Gilead in Old Testament times that the balm came to be known as the “balm of Gilead” (Gen. 37:25; Ezek. 27:17).

My sister introduced this healing gift to me. This is an ointment or salve, spiritually applied to person's needy physical body, spirit, mind or emotions. When applied with love and tenderness, it heals and soothes.

Here is what my sister says:
"When I do the healing balm, I picture a very liquid gold balm that goes in at the crown and slowly moves down the body, absorbing into every single cell and all the nerves, the organs, the fluids...everything. It is soothing and healing. If there is a particular place where there is damage or illness, the balm can be directed there. One can even imagine dipping an organ into a beautiful vessel filled with this healing balm and imagine the organ bathing in it and being slowly filled with it (like marinating). I have not tried an ointment or salve, just the liquid golden healing balm which I actually have used for years!"

Here is my recent experience: I was trying to energetically sooth and heal a client's foot which was hurting in a specific location, near her little toe. When I paused and looked, I perceived a little piece of 'something', like cartilage, which kept sticking up. This was a little peculiar to me. I applied Intention Healing to this area, and that seemed to help. However, when I visualized energetically applying healing balm to this area of her foot, I perceived a deep penetration of calming of the tissues. This little piece of something went back in place and seemed to merge with the surrounding tissue.

Spiritual Bandage

The Good Samaritan parable told by Jesus Christ includes this verse, a loving act performed by the Samaritan who served the wounded Jew:
Luke 10:34 "And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him."

Speaking of the House of Israel which has gone astray, Isaiah says:

Isaiah 1:6 "From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment."

In Isaiah's day, as in ours, binding up wounds and soothing with ointment was a normal practice.

I like to think of binding up wounds (physical, spiritual, mental or emotional) as wrapping a spiritual binding or bandage around the wound. I did this yesterday too with my client's foot (same illustration as shown in the healing balm above). When I came back the next day, the 'something' had popped up again, like it had been originally. I was wondering what I could do to get the foot to heal, and to get this 'something' to go back down into its adjoining tissue. When I thought of this more, I wanted something to bind or hold the cartilage in place, so I visualized a splint of sorts and a bandage. The splint held the protruding something down so it wouldn't pop up again, and the whole foot was wrapped. I then poured healing balm over it all again, and I could see it penetrate into the tissues again, making it soothed and comforted.

Holding a Wound

From my healing friend Natalie:
"I thought of holding a wound together and praying for it to go back in time, and re-align itself to close the wound. I was taught this at another class, and I successfully did it on my nephew when is lip split all the way down! It was a very neat healing gift!"

Thank you Natalie! I believe we can do this in person or remotely with our client. Intention and prayer are key ingredients with this healing gift.
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