1) To awaken and instruct, by classes, tutorials and this website, 
all who have or desire to develop healing gifts. I teach these healing gifts: Five Healing giftsIntention Healing giftFind-Scoop and Remove gift, and God's Loving Healing Hands gift.

2) To use my own healing gifts to bless people's lives.

3) To help awaken healing angels (added July 2015).

4) To help awaken and instruct mortal angels (i.e., God's holy angels that are now in mortality, added May 2017).

5) To help awaken and instruct those who feel they are of the 144,000 spoken in the scriptures (added May 2017).

1) I want my life be an instrument in God's hands to comfort, love and facilitate healing for those in need of God's healing touch. This would include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. I also want to encourage and teach others to do the same.

Awaken Healing
One of my missions is to help awaken those possessing healing gifts

2) I want also to act as a servant for God in any way that God may want me to act and lead, beyond the healing gifts God wants me to use. 

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