Notable quotations
from General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I have enjoyed reading some of these direct and clear opinions of early Latter-day Saint leaders and others about heaven, angels, faith, communion with God, etc.–all which directly apply to the great healing work we are involved in. These boost my spirit. Enjoy!


James E. Talmage: "Our eyes are so heavy, our ears so dull, that we see and hear only the things of earth. Could our vision be opened, we would see in this room at this very moment more worshippers than are occupying these seats; could our ears be unstopped we would hear more than our own feeble voices joining in the hymns of praise that we sing. When at times trouble comes upon us, and we feel almost given up to despair, and think we have been deserted by friends, let us think of the heavenly companions whom God has assigned to us; who, indeed, would reveal themselves to our eyes but for our lack of faith." (Millennial Star, July 10, 1893, 55:447-48)

John A. Widtsoe "Many other intelligent beings, superior to us, no doubt take part in the work of man on earth. There are angels and spirits who no doubt have assigned to them the care of the men and women who walk upon the earth. Man is not alone; he walks in the midst of such heavenly company, from whom he may expect help if he seek it strongly….Those who cannot feel and in part commune with the holy spirit, are blind to the larger part of the universe, Man walks with God. Literally then, through the assistance of the might and all- pervading holy spirit, man is, indeed, always in the presence of God and his agencies. From this point of view, man is immersed in the light and power of Godliness. He, who by earnest prayer, close attention, and noble desires seeks the intelligence above and about him is not alone. He walks hand in hand with intelligent beings and draws from them the power that he does not of himself possess." (Rational Theology, p 64,72, 75)

Brigham Young "He has caused us to forget every thing we once knew before our spirits entered within this vail [sic] of flesh. For instance, it is like this: when we lie down to sleep, our minds are often as bright and active as the mind of an angel, at least they are as active as when our bodies are awake. They will range over the earth, visit distant friends, and, for aught we know, the planets, and accomplish great feats; do that which will enhance our happiness, increase to us every enjoyment of life, and prepare us for celestial glory; but when we wake in the morning, it is all gone from us; we have forgotten it. This illustration will explain in part the nature of the vail which is over the inhabitants of the earth; they have forgotten what they once knew. This is right; were it different, where would be the trial of our faith? In a word, be it so; it is as it should be." Journal of Discourses 1:351-52

Heber C. Kimball "Who have you now in your midst? Have you Abraham, Isaac and the Apostles Peter, James and John? Yes, you have them right in your midst- they are talking to you all the time." (Life of Heber C. Kimball, 460-61 as quoted in Angels, Oscar W. McConkie Jr., between 98 and 110)

Parley P. Pratt: "[Angels’] business is, also, to comfort and instruct individual members of the Church of the Saints, to heal them by the laying on of hands in the name of Jesus Christ, or to tell them what means to use in order to get well, to teach them good things, to sing them a song, to warn them of approaching danger, or to deliver them from prison or from death. These blessings have always been enjoyed by the people on our planet. They are not peculiar to one dispensation more than another." (Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, p 116-117)

Orson Pratt: "The day is to come, when the knowledge of God will cover the earth as the waters do the great deep; when no man shall say to his neighbor, know ye the Lord, but all will know Him from the least unto the greatest. To prepare the way for that great day of knowledge, the Church of God must be restored in the latter days; the Saints in that Church must be filled with righteousness and with the Holy Ghost; the miraculous signs and spiritual gifts must be restored to them; and they must increase in these gifts and powers, more and more, until they grow up from babes and children in Christ to be perfect men in the kingdom. And when they have been sufficiently perfected by these gifts, and the wicked have all been destroyed out of the earth- then the Spirit of the Lord, as Joel predicted, will be poured out upon all flesh who are counted worthy to remain; and the whole earth, in that day, will be inhabited by Prophets, Seers and Revelators, having dreams, visions, and heavenly powers; communing with angels, with glorified men, with God the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ; gazing, by visions, upon heaven, and upon the heaven of heavens, that the knowledge of kingdoms, and glorified worlds may be multiplied upon them till they shall be overwhelmed with eternal light and truth, as the channels of the mighty deep are overwhelmed with the ocean floods." (Masterful Discourses of Orson Pratt, 594-595)

Orson Pratt: "A Saint who is one in deed and in truth, does not look for an immaterial heaven, but he expects a heaven with lands, houses, cities, vegetation, rivers, and animals; with thrones, temples, palaces, kings, princes, priests, and angels; with food, raiment, musical instruments, etc., all of which are material. Indeed, the Saints' heaven is a redeemed, glorified, celestial, material creation, inhabited by glorified material beings, male and female, organized into families, embracing all the relationships of husbands and wives, parents and children, where sorrow, crying, pain, and death will be known no more. Or to speak still more definitely, this earth, when glorified, is the Saints' eternal heaven. On it they expect to live, with body, parts, and holy passions; on it they expect to move and have their being; to eat, drink, converse, worship, sing, play on musical instruments, engaged in joyful, innocent, social amusements, visit neighboring towns and neighboring worlds." (Millennial Star, November 17, 1866, 28:721-22)

Dalai Lama: "This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

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