God's Loving Healing Hands

God's Loving Healing Hands consists of eight healing gifts which are given below. As part of learning these gifts, I offer five Introductory Class Tutorials. We do lots of hands-on demonstrations and practice in the classes that you can participate in while viewing these videos. All of these Introductory Class Tutorials are offered free, and will take you a little over one hour each for the first two classes and about 30 minutes for the last three classes. I also offer downloadable pdfs of each entire powerpoint presentation, as well as audio recordings along with their written text, for those used in the introductory and advanced classes. Please take these five Introductory Class Tutorials BEFORE you take any of the Advanced Classes online.

I also offer eight Advanced Class Tutorials (also free, see below) which cover each of the eight healing gifts. O
nce a student attends the Advanced Class 2 online, he has additional access to more of the helps, videos, class handouts, and my pertinent journal entries on this website.

If you have questions during any of these online classes, please contact me on this website, and I should be able to respond within a day or so. These classes are free–just click the links below. Enjoy!

Five Introductory Video and Class Tutorials (ALL FREE):
The Importance of Being Open,  Introductory Class 1C

God's Loving Healing Hands Gifts–
Eight Advanced Class Tutorials (ALL FREE):
Intention HealingAdvanced Class 2A
Find-Scoop and RemoveAdvanced Class 2B
God's Loving EmbraceAdvanced Class 2C
God's Loving FocusAdvanced Class 2D
God's Loving ResetAdvanced Class 2E
God's Loving BreathAdvanced Class 2F
God's Loving GroundingAdvanced Class 2G
God's Loving Healing HandsAdvanced Class 2H

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