The Spiritual Harvest is Completed
Post dated 10-30-2016

Hello my mortal angel friends!

Well, there is more coming your way! I certainly hope I don't bore you with all of these posts–to me these are very exciting times!

I had a very unique prayer/vision this past Tuesday I felt I needed to share with you. This is about the spiritual harvest is completed.

I love you all! I hope to see many of you in less than a month.


Leaves freshly fallen in my backyard

Rick's Personal Journal 10-25-2016, Tuesday

"Tonight I came to my bedroom earlier than normal. My wife wanted to stay up, and I got ready for my prayer. I wondered where I should 'go' to have my prayer. I didn't know, so I tried to connect with my Father right in my room, in prayer.

I approached him, but Heavenly Father wasn't there. I asked for Heavenly Mother, or Jesus. None would respond and come. I knew that this had happened before, and it was my task to go find my Father, so that I could commune with him.

I felt to go to the domed room, for that is where I found my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother last night. I went to the domed room, but it was vacant. I wandered around the paths of God's Loving Healing Center, but I couldn't find him, or my Mother, anywhere!

I knew they weren't in the temple to the north, for it was still filled with smoke from the wrath of God. I went there (in my physical body), and went around the east side of the temple, and could see Heavenly Mother's garden on the other side of the gently flowing river, which went to the lake at God's Loving Healing Center. I continued walking to the north side of the temple, where the fountain of living waters flowed in three directions: east to Heavenly Mother's river, west to the river representing Jesus Christ, their Son, and north to the river representing Heavenly Father. I had a clear impression that I would find my Father to the north, to where the river flowed representing him. I had never been in that area before, nor had any memory of doing so.

I next travelled across the eastern river, representing Heavenly Mother, and started walking northward. I couldn't see anything except for the river going north, on my left. I knew it was the river representing Heavenly Father.

I walked or 'floated' some 10 miles, and looked back at the temple and the fountain behind me, from where I came. The fountain seem brilliant and sparkling, even from that distance. I felt I then needed to go to the other side of the river, which I had followed to this point. It seemed like I was in a wide fertile plain or flat valley.

When I moved to the left side, or western side of the river, I came upon a large wheat field. I saw someone in the far distance using a sickle to harvest the wheat. Most of the field had been cut, and only a little was left growing.

I started walking to this man who was working. I felt it was my Father, and that I had been in this field before! I remember when it was planted by my Father. As I walked, I wondered if I should disturb him, for he seemed to be working very hard and steady, in harvesting the remainder of the field, before the field it represented on earth would be burned. This was the thought that came into my mind.

As I wondered what to do, my Heavenly Mother appeared next to me, walking with me. I stopped and said:

'Oh Mother, I am so glad to see you! I am so glad you are here!'

I asked her if that was really my Father, working so hard at the end corner of this wheat field. She replied:

'Raphael, your Father has been very worried about his elect on the earth at this time. He has been harvesting the wheat in this, his choice field, which represents his elect who are like the wheat of the earth. However, on earth they are mixed with the tares, or the wicked. As he harvests the wheat here, in the celestial world, he is also gathering his wheat or elect on the earth, one by one. He is gathering them all, all that will hear his voice, on the earth. Once they are all gathered, from among the tares, then he will give the word to the destroying angels to bind the tares in bundles, and burn and destroy the field on the earth. This is in fulfillment of D&C 86:7, and is almost completed as we speak.

D&C 86:7– 'Therefore, let the wheat and the tares grow together until the harvest is fully ripe; then ye shall first gather out the wheat from among the tares, and after the gathering of the wheat, behold, and lo, the tares are bound in bundles, and the field remaineth to be burned.'

The tares of the earth

In this fertile plain in the celestial world, your Father has planted large fields of various crops, including this field, watered by the river from the fountain of living waters, next to our temple. There are mountains, woods and meadows here too. It is so breathtakingly beautiful here, Raphael! You frequented this area in your pre-mortal life, and loved to come with your Father, to farm this choice land.

Now, it is finally being harvested before the end comes, or the destruction of the wicked. We are just moments away from the end of the harvest. Let's not disturb your Father now. He will make the final decision on the timing of the destruction on the world, or the wicked, which will come upon the world as a whirlwind.

Thank you, Raphael, for being faithful and among the choice wheat in his field. All of the mortal angels are also so precious in our sight! Please share our love with them.'

At this time, I felt I had to write all this down, immediately. I can still see my Father, tirelessly working his sickle in the harvest of his elect. I can see this will be done any moment. I know the time is short. . .

Now that I am finished writing, I am satisfied with the message that was given to me tonight. The time is far spent, and there is little remaining. He is seeking that we follow him, our Father, so that he may gather us to safe places. We who are angels, have to get ready also, as he will individually direct us."

Stubble (chaff), was all that was left, the harvest of the wheat

Rick's Personal Journal 10-26-2016, Wednesday

"Last night after my prayer, I lay in bed, thinking for some time of my Father out in the field, with his sickle, harvesting the wheat, or the souls of the elect. This morning when I awoke, I thought again of the experience I had. Then I suddenly realized that Heavenly Father had finished the harvest last night, or early this morning, and the field was all reaped! I was able, in my transfigured body, to return to that same field: There was not a blade of wheat left, for it was all stubble! Heavenly Father was gone. I couldn't find one grain of wheat on that entire field. He had apparently gathered each grain into his garners for safekeeping.

I then knelt on that harvested field, and got ready to address my Father in prayer. I selected a spot on the field where I had seen my Father last, reaping the wheat with his sickle. As I knelt, I saw the sharp sickle leaning up against a tree by the edge of the field. I got up off my knees, and went over to the sickle and picked it up. It seemed to be made of fine steel, and was very sharp.

I then thought of two scriptures. The first is found in Matthew 3:12, which was spoken by John, the Baptist, speaking of Jesus who was among the people, who was mightier than himself:

'Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.'

I knew that would happen to the tares of the earth, and the chaff which remained after the wheat was gathered into the safe garners.

I next thought of the scripture in Revelation 14:14, where Jesus, who sat on the cloud, had a sharp sickle. He was told by an angel to 'thrust in thy sharp sickle and reap, for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped.' (see also verses 15-17).

Here are some grapes I picked at our neighbors this week

I then felt that the sickle that I was holding was the same sickle that Jesus Christ used to reap the earth on Monday, October 3rd, 2016, when I saw him on the cloud on Mount Zion, at the mouth of the Provo Canyon!

As I was standing there, holding the sickle and thinking, Michael, the archangel, appeared. He came as I saw him last, with his scarlet red cape. He spoke:

'Raphael, this is also the same sickle that I also used, after Jesus Christ used it to reap the earth. I used it to gather the vine of the earth, and to cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.' (see Revelation 14:18-20)

I then turned and placed the sharp sickle back by the tree, leaning against the tree as I had found it.

I turned around and Michael had gone, and before me was my Heavenly Father in glorious white robes! I was standing, facing him. He spoke:

'Raphael, the time of spiritual harvest is now completed. The scripture in D&C 101:64-65 is now fulfilled in part, that which reads: 'Therefore, I must gather together my people, according to the parable of the wheat and the tares, that the wheat may be secured in the garners to posses eternal life.'.

The wheat you saw me harvesting last night in your prayer, is now spiritually gathered into my garners. I will next come out in fury upon the wicked in my vengeance, when I will.

You have been faithful. Prepare for that day by continuing to help the mortal angels to learn the skill of teleporting–for this will be needed in the days ahead as they go forth to serve me, in great ability and with strength.'

He then drew me close and we embraced! I saw, I think, a tear in his eye. It was a tear for what he was about to do on the earth, for those, his children, who had strayed from him, and not hearkened to his still, small voice.

Then I was then immediately back in my bedroom, by my bed kneeling.

One of my grape harvest baskets from this week

Later: I was about to type this all up today, after I dropped Ammon off at BYU for his classes. I am at a park in Provo. My sister Kathy then called me! We had a long talk, and I shared with her the experience from last night and this morning. As I was talking about this, more of the meaning of the harvest came out which I explained to her.

Here is the meaning: The harvest of the souls of men and women is completed in its first part, and they are now gathered spiritually to the garners. This is not now a physical gathering (the second part), but more of a marking, or a selection of the elect by their Father. These elect that he has chosen might be even those in the paths of sin, but, in the foreknowledge of the Father, he even knows who will change and come unto him. The elect also are all the good people of the earth, whom he knows individually. These are all selected, for the Father has said that the spiritual harvest is completed, and these elect are now gathered spiritually to the garners. I take that to be a safe place where he, our God, will protect them individually while they are in the world.

Now, when the 144,000 go forth upon the earth, they will gather all these who have been preselected by the Father, who are the elect. These 144,000 will not go to the tares, or the wicked, but only to the elect. They will gather these physically also, to the New Jerusalem, by their portals and via teleportation skills, like we are learning now too. This will be the physical gathering of the elect (the second part of the harvest), before the field is fully burned, at the second coming of Jesus Christ."

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