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My Pre-Mortal Name

On April 2nd, 2016, I had the impression during my evening prayer that I could find out my pre-mortal name! I was excited, and wrote this down in my pocket journal to be addressed the next day or so. The story of what happened, as recorded in my journal, follows.

This information has been very impacting to me! I keep asking myself if this is real. I felt very humbled and full of wonder. 
I have received this information in prayer and meditation in a very strong manner, repeatedly. If I were to deny it, I would have to deny everything I know to be true also, for it all has come in a similar, confirming manner. I have chosen to move forward in faith, believing.

I hope you enjoy this true story as it unfolds. I trust that you will each confirm with Heavenly Father that this is all true also, and not rely on my own witness. We should never go into anything blindly, but feel assurance from God of the path of truth. To me, this information gives great support and assurance that the work of healing angels is true!

Warmly, as ever,


Rick's Journal Entry, 4-6-2016, Wednesday

"Three days ago on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, I had the impression that I could find out my pre-mortal and eternal name! I confirmed it in prayer that day.

The next day, on Monday, I prayed about this more, seeking to find out my pre-mortal name. The name 'Raphael' came immediately into my mind, so I asked if I was named Raphael. The answer came back a strong YES! In fact, I was named the angel Raphael, the healing archangel Raphael!

I really didn't even know much who Raphael really was. So I went online and found that Raphael means 'It is God who heals', 'God heals', or 'God, please heal' in the standard Hebrew. He is the archangel of Judaism and Christianity who in the Christian tradition performs all manners of healing.

On another website, it says 'Raphael has long been regarded as the angel of healing. His name may be derived from the Hebrew word Rophe which means medicine doctor or Rapach which means God heals the soul'. There is a lot more.

archangel Raphael
There are a number of books about the angel Raphael
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Raphael's color, according to multiple online sources, is emerald green. My eyes are green. My healing stone is a sapphire. (later I wrote: 'I tried to find out more details about my healing stone, which has the shape of the domed room. I confirmed that it is a sapphire. From the beginning, I had thought it was light blue, for this is the color of sapphires, or so I thought. It is a color so close to light green that I assumed it was blue, and they look so similar in coloring. However, I had it confirmed to me today (4-8-2016) that my stone is actually light green!')

Raphael is mentioned in the book of Tobit (an apocryphal book revered by the Catholic Church and others) and thought to have stirred the waters at the healing pool of Bethesda. In the D&C 128:21 he was mentioned as an angel who came to Joseph Smith. In the book of Tobit, he healed a blind person and told him he was the angel Raphael, one of seven, who stand before the Lord (Tobit 12:15). He is venerated as Saint Raphael the Archangel. An Archangel is an angel of high rank. In the Greek, it means literally chief angel.

In the book of Enoch, there is a reference to a system of seven archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Ramiel, and Sariel.

Another website said 'The archangels have a more powerful, stronger essence than guardian angels. They oversee and guide the other angels who are with us on earth.'

Also, 'As opposed to our guardian angels, the archangels can be in more than one place at a time. Therefore, don't feel guilty about calling upon them because you feel that others may need them more than you do. The exact number of archangels is debatable, but the four that are the most widely known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.'

Again, 'Archangel Raphael is the angel to call upon if we wish to heal others or ourselves, except in case where illness is part of the overall plan. As a response to our request, Raphael will show us what we can do to get well. He also often allows us to see how our thoughts and actions triggered our health problems in the first place. Clairvoyants often see his essence as emerald green colored light.'

Another website says the seven archangels stood before God in Revelations. In Rev 8:2, it reads 'And I saw seven angels which stood before God, and to them were given seven trumpets.' I believe that these seven angels were archangels.

Angel Raphael
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On Tuesday of this 'awakening' week, I asked if I was the angel who helped Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane when he was suffering (see Luke 22:43). The answer came back a firm 'Yes!'
That same day, after my prayer, I felt that Heavenly Father laid his hands on my spirit head and said these words to my mind:
'Rick, my son, I have awakened you to your identity before coming to mortality. You are my healing angel Raphael, whom I sent to people to heal them in all ages of the earth's temporal existence. Your calling, then and now, is part of my plan to administer healing and comfort to my children while they are in the flesh. You also had the singular charge to strengthen my Beloved Son in Gethsemane as recorded in Luke 22:43.

Your future mission will be glorious, as you continue to work in my behalf in administering healing to my needy children. I will lead you along and will always be near you. I love you, my son.'

That morning I wrote this in my pocket journal:
'When I acted as a comforting angel to Jesus in his suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, I was a conduit for Heavenly Father–with God's Loving Healing Hands gift. I believe now that Heavenly Father was intimately involved in assisting his Beloved Son during this very extremely difficult time–and by this means blessed his son and strengthened him.'

In D&C 128:21, the name Raphael, an angel is written who, with other diverse angels, declared their dispensations, their rights, their keys, their honors, their majesty and glory, and the power of their priesthood. . .

I received in prayer today that Raphael did indeed appear to the prophet Joseph Smith in the Kirtland Temple on January 5th, 1838. This was the period that Joseph was fleeing Kirtland before the apostates there who threatened his life, calling him a fallen prophet. At this time of great distress, Raphael appeared to him in the temple, giving him comfort and a blessing of healing and strength for the next part of his journey to Missouri. In this healing, God's Loving Healing Hands gift was administered to Joseph, with Heavenly Father giving the healing. This is what I received in answer to prayer, and in the state of prayer and meditation."

angel Raphael
Angel Raphael

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Rick's Journal Entry, 4-8-2016, Friday

"I have been pondering about the archangel Raphael. In prayer I asked certain questions which I wrote in my pocket journal. These questions and the answers are transcribed below:

Q- Is Raphael an archangel? A-Yes

Q- How many archangels, or chief angels, are there? A-Seven

Q- Why was I chosen to come forth in these last days?
A1-There would be so many people that would need to be comforted and healed when I would become aware of my mission to heal. That has just occurred.
A2-I would need to be here in the flesh with lots of other healing angels, to help direct them and to train them.
A3-This was also my choice of which time to be born into. I chose the last days.

Q- Are the seven angels in the book of Revelations 8:2, are these the seven archangels? A-Yes

Q-Which of these seven angels is Raphael? A-Not sure since I can't find details out about the future too well. . .

Q- Is Raphael one of the seven angels in Rev 15? A-No. These have the seven last plagues. . .

Q-is Raphael any of the seven angels spoken of in Revelations chapters 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20? A-No

Q- Can I tell my sister Kathy who I am? A-Yes!

Q- Can I tell my next healing class who I am? A-Yes!

Q- Is the apocryphal book of Tobit a true account, with an encounter with the angel Raphael? A- Yes

Q- Is what Raphael said in the book of Tobit 12:15 correct?: 'For I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the Lord' A- Yes, these are true words.

Q- Do I have power over the devil and false spirits? To cast them out or pull them out and reject them? A- Yes

Q- Are there other occurrences recorded in scripture when I came as Raphael? A- Yes

(I now want to go through each book of scripture and find these.)

Q- Is it coincidental that my parents named me Richard, for there are no known ancestors by that name?
A- This was not coincidental!

Both have 7 letters each
Both start with an 'R'
HA in each (in red) in the same middle location which means healing angel."

Angel Raphael
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I have not only received repeated spiritual confirmations of my pre-mortal name and standing, but I have also used the logic side of my mind to test this revelation. Here is what I wrote five days after receiving the announcement:

Later 4-8-2016, Friday
"Here are some confirmations I see that help me realize that I really am the angel Raphael:

1) I was the one designated to introduce the concept of healing angels and God's Loving Healing Center. These healing angels were a group of our heavenly parents' children who would act as conduits of God's healing power to his needy children.

This is what Raphael, the archangel, is supposed to do! His very name signifies 'It is God who heals', or 'God heals'. There are also references online to a group of supporting angels who assist Raphael in healing in behalf of God. These would of course be the multitude of healing angels.

2) The two archangels we know more about (Michael who is Adam, and Gabriel who is Noah), have both had mortal experiences. Why then would not Raphael also have a mortal experience? It seems most fitting that he be born in a day where there would be the greatest need of healing, once he were to be awakened to his mission and learns how to act as a healing angel. Today is that day.

3) It is commonly believed that Raphael can be in more than one place at a time. This doctrine has been reintroduced to me already, and shared in the healing angel login section. It is something I feel I am doing already.

angel Raphael
Angel Raphael
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4) The way I received this new revelation was not pre-meditated, but it was new and actually caught me off-guard. The impression came to me that I could know my pre-mortal name. When I inquired, the first name that came in my mind was Raphael. I asked and and received a strong confirmation. I then asked if it was the angel Raphael and this was also confirmed strongly. I hardly knew anything about Raphael at the time.

5) I had said that healing angels have worked in every period of time since mortal man and women have come to earth. This is exactly consistent with Raphael's story.

6) The choice of my birth name of Richard is so much like Raphael, as I have discussed earlier: 7 letters, starts with an R, the 4th and 5th character of each is HA, meaning healing angel.

7) My awakening to being Raphael, the archangel, happened one month after I turned 65 years old. This is similar to Michael's experience. Adam's position as an archangel was revealed later in his life as well. Three years previous to Adam's death, Jesus appeared and called Adam the name of Michael, the prince, the archangel–setting him as a head, that he would be a prince over them forever. (see D&C 107:54)

We have no information about when Noah was named Gabriel, only from the 'Guide to the Scriptures' under Noah, on "The prophet Joseph Smith taught that Noah is the angel Gabriel and stands next to Adam in holding the keys of salvation." During mortality men tried to take his life, but the power of God saved him (Moses 8:18). He came as a ministering angel to announce the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ (HC 3:386, also Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith).

Men in the flesh and angels are really of the same order. Under Angels in the Guide to the scriptures this is clarified. It is also noteworthy that I believe I have been translated, for I was told so by Heavenly Father.

8) Every time I pray now, I immediately feel I come into the presence of Heavenly Father. He always comes, and I can tell he is there. Sometimes Heavenly Mother and/or Jesus also come. This is consistent with what Raphael is purported to have said in the Book of Tobit 12:15: "For I am the angel Raphael, one of seven who stand before the Lord."

angel Raphael
Angel Raphael healing card
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9) The two other archangels, Michael and Gabriel, also have seven letters in their pre-mortal name, as does Raphael. Note that Michael also has an 'HA' in letter position 4 and 5 of his name. This is probably because he is the prince of the angels, and Raphael is under him as head of the healing angels. There are many accounts online of Michael and Raphael both doing healing work. The reason why there are seven letters in the names of the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael is probably that they each are part of seven who stand before the Lord.

I can find names of the other archangels online, but not in scripture except the book of Enoch. The other four are Uriel, Raguel, Ramiel and Sariel. These don't have seven letters in their English translation, or names.

Michael is the head of the seven archangels, like the president of the seventy in the LDS church at a general authority level (see it here). These are all presidents, and the seventh president presides over the other six. This is similar to Michael presiding over the other six archangels. He is even called the seventh angel in reference to the Book of Revelation when seven angels blow their trumpets (see D&C 88:112).

10) I have had a very close call to death where one of the doctors told my family to prepare for my death the next morning. I feel like the 3 1/2-month experience with the severe and rare illness named Handl Syndrome was a very close call to my death, but that I was rescued by God's blessings of healing. It is appropriate that my near-death experience was in the health area.

Similarly, Noah's life was threatened. Mine was threatened in my brain area. This was instrumental in opening up my 3rd eye chakra, the chakra most associated with Raphael online.

This third eye is where my translation process really began. This is critical for my position where I needed to see into the other side and commune with God.

11) I have had multiple experiences in casting out the devil and false spirits from myself and others. One experience stands out: We went to an energy worker in Salt Lake City for my son. I was a little grumpy going there, and a very devious false spirit jumped on me from this energy worker. I detected it soon that day, and extracted it from my being. I took two spirits (one an extremely strong, evil one) far away, and kept feeling I needed to take both of them into space. I took them further and further away as I felt impressed. We reached a distant orb of some kind that was dark. I felt to cast both of these false spirits down on this location so they couldn't return to the influence or sphere of earth. These two spirits then couldn't get out to trick and deceive and hurt people on earth anymore.

This behavior is what Raphael is supposed to have done to the demon in Sarah that left her (see the Book of Tobit 8:3): 'Then the angel Raphael took the devil, and bound him in the desert of upper Egypt.' This devil was named Asmodeus, and had killed the previous seven husbands on their wedding night with Sarah.

12) My 'first vision' experience was having Heavenly Mother come to the energy class I was attending as a student on April 20th, 2013. That was nearly three years ago now. This experience has been so deeply impressed on my soul–also the most clear I have ever had since this time. I knew that I had seen Heavenly Mother, and later that day Heavenly Father and Jesus too. It was true, and I knew it!

13) Every time I pray now, Heavenly Father comes is always there in front of me. When the prayer ends, he departs to a very close location–so that he literally is always there, or I am always in his presence. This is one of the attributes of each of the seven archangels who 'stand in God's presence.'

14) When other healing angels go to God's Loving Healing Center, I often show up, they say, to support or help them heal. A number of healing angels have reported this to me.

15) I have a sister named Kathy in the family in which I grew up who is also a healing angel. She also has my 'twin energy'. This was told us both in the class we both attended in April 2013 when I saw Heavenly Mother. We didn't know what that meant at the time."

angel Raphael
Angel Raphael
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From my Journal Entry, 4-13-2016, Wednesday:
"I told Kathy all about my experience with the pre-mortal name Raphael. We talked for about 45 minutes it seemed, and connected. She was very believing. I said that we had twin energies. Her healing stone is a light green pyramid stone. Mine is a light green sapphire stone, shaped like the domed room. In addition, I was the first to receive my healing vestures in the domed room. Kathy was also one of the very first ones to receive her healing vestures.

She also wondered about her pre-mortal name. As we were talking on the phone, the name 'Rachael' came into my mind. This was Kathy's pre-mortal name! I told her immediately on the phone, and told her the spelling of it too. I then wrote her a confirming email that same day.

Look at the similarities in these two names:


The only difference in the spelling is a 'P' to a 'C' in Rachael. She also has an 'HA' on letters 4 and 5, just like Raphael. She is also a healing angel.

For some reason, I felt so much joy in finding out my sister's pre-mortal name. It was such a happy feeling I had for an hour or so after receiving the name 'Rachael'."

The next morning, my sister awoke early and wondered about her name. She said she strongly felt the presence of Heavenly Mother come in her room, and then the name 'Rachael' was spoken into her mind, and it rhymed with Raphael! She wasn't sure if what she heard was pronounced Rah-shy-el or Rah-ky-el.

When I had my morning prayer that same morning, I confirmed her name was pronounced Rah-ky-el.

When I was researching information about Raphael, I had read in several places that there is a female angel which compliments Raphael. I believe that female angel is my sister Kathy, who's name is Rachael.

Later I prayed about responsibilities of Rachael and Raphael. I believe Rachael has no stewardship responsibilities to lead, but is a healer at large. However, she does have complimentary healing gifts to Raphael. Raphael, being an archangel, has leadership responsibilities to oversee the healing angels, and has stewardship over all healing and health issues among God's children.



The Last Healing Angel Awakened Now for Five Years

I had the following experience on the morning of April 28th, 2016. I had been previously told that this day was, for some reason, the last day of awakening healing angels for a long time. This experience I had clarifies this announcement. During this meditative communion that morning, Heavenly Mother also had some important words for all healing angels. Please read her words at the end.

Please pray to confirm this information with your Heavenly Father, particularly as it relates to your next step in your healing journey.

Warmly, Rick

From my pocket journal this morning, 4-28-2016

"I was communing with my Heavenly Father in the domed room this morning, receiving direction from him. At that moment, there was a pause and Heavenly Mother came in the doorway with her daughter in hand. She introduced her to me as Caroline (not her real name). She said that they had reserved her for the last day to be awakened as a healing angel! Caroline wore a plain white robe, like most everyone wears in the pre-mortal life.

I was told that both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother were going to awaken Caroline using the God's Loving Healing Hands gift! I was to go behind Caroline and place my hands on her head, and she was to sit in a chair. Then both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother would be behind me, slightly elevated above me, Father on my right and Mother on my left. Here is what then happened:

I felt a column of very bright, loving light come into my head and descend gradually down my body to my chest and shoulders. Then it extended out my arms and hands, gradually, until it came into Caroline's head. As it reached her head, a golden crown appeared through my hands momentarily.

Caroline was sitting, I was standing behind her, and Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother were behind me, in space, more elevated, with a beam of light coming from each and joining at the top of my head. This light came through my entire head, and went into my chest and shoulders, and out my arms.

I then found myself also in front of Caroline. I could see all four of us clearly, like I was an outside observer (I was replicated in my spirit). As the light continued down Caroline, I saw her healing robes and vestures appear, from the top down!

caroline healing angel
Caroline, the Last Awakened Healing Angel for Five Years

She wore a new inner and outer robe. The inner robe was light purple, had long-sleeves that were gathered at her wrists. This robe had a rounded neck and extended to her angles. Her feet were bare.

She also wore a glorious outer white robe. This was was uniquely gathered in the front from each shoulder. Large loops of fabric were draped over her upper torso. This was attached to a full-length wide and glorious cape in the back which extended to the ground. She wore no sash.

I looked for her healing stone. It was hidden in the folds of her outer robe above her sternum area, centered. It was a perfectly round sphere, a lavender diamond, about 1 1/2" in diameter. There was no chain or pendant. As she needed it, the diamond healing stone moved to the front to her view from the folds in the fabric, never to be misplaced or lost. The color coordinated beautifully with her inner robe, but her stone was a deeper purple. It seemed to change colors between lavender and purple, like it was alive almost, and move in and out as needed between the folds of the fabric.

Caroline was truly a magnificent sight to behold!

When the light flow stopped, and she was fully clothed in her healing vestures, she stepped forward to me and we fully embraced as good friends from another era. We had worked together many times in our capacities as healing angels.

I turned her around, and she then saw her Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother who were behind us. Heavenly Mother then stepped forth and fully embraced Caroline. They were both very happy to be together again.

Heavenly Mother then held Caroline in her right arm which was around Caroline's shoulders and spoke to me:

'Rick, Caroline is now restored as a healing angel! She has served us so faithfully during the entire time that our children have been on earth. She is a powerful healer and very capable. She is the last healing angel to be awakened for the next five years.'

Caroline then turned to her Heavenly Father whose open arms received her for a tender, full embrace.

Then I saw Heavenly Father on Caroline's right and Heavenly Mother on her left, all face me. They held Caroline's hands, all beaming with wide smiles of joy.

Then they started backing up and ascended right through the domed room ceiling. I could 'see' them then move in the sky towards God's Celestial Temple to the north where they all three entered.

I was alone in the domed room, standing. As I pondered what had just happened, I felt Heavenly Mother's voice speak to me in my mind:

'Rick, share this experience with Caroline and all the other healing angels on your website. It is now the responsibility of each healing angel to find out by personal revelation what they need to do for the next phase of their healing journey and training. Our desire is that each become fully trained and capable in their mortal body so to be fully vested as a healing angel. This will allow them to be even more capable in their healing skills than they were as pre-mortal spirits, when they acted as healing angels so faithfully before us. I love you, Rick!'

I have sketched what I saw of Caroline in her healing vestures above (please forgive my shortcomings in drawing)."

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