the bottomless pit
A Possible View of the Bottomless Pit

Hi everyone!

Our healing work as healing angels is starting to ramp up now, mostly to be done in the spiritual realm. I would love to hear about how you are doing! I have been told this will continue to be a gradual buildup on our healing work that we will all be involved in.

On the last Sunday in June, Heavenly Father told me that sometime in July of 2016, "Satan and his hosts will be unleashed upon the earth, going forth with great fury like they have never done before." (see my entry dated 6-26). The following journal entries show how I have been instructed on my part of this event. On 7-7-2016 (below), I was given a special black key, which you will want to read about. Everything came together on 7-31-2016 when this all occurred (read as the last entry to this post). I was asked not to share this with you until all of these things happened. I think you will want to read all about these important events.

I believe it is imperative for you to receive your own witness on these issues, and not rely on my word only. Jesus said that we should not trust one another with issues that affect our own salvation:

JST, Mark 9:40–48, especially verse 44: "Therefore, let every man stand or fall, by himself, and not for another; or not trusting another."

So please, petition your Father in Heaven whether I am in the right way or not, and whether you can accept the things that I say.

I have lots to share below this time. I have divided this into 4 sections:

1. Gaining Information about the Loosening of Satan
2. The Black Key
3. The Trumpet of God
4. The Events of July 31st, 2016

Each of these has lots of information which will be very interesting to you I am sure. We live in a perilous time, one that has been prophesied by many of the prophets and is recorded in the scriptures. I believe our work will now significantly increase, as we get more into this battle for the souls of men and women. Our role as healing angels is very important and critical in preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy, and hang on!


1. Gaining Information about the Loosening of Satan
See my journal entries from 6-28, 7-1, 7-3, and 7-6-2016, all given below:

Rick's Personal Journal dated 6-28-2016:

"I have been thinking about what I received at sacrament meeting from Heavenly Father! I verified, through prayer, that Satan would really be unleashed in July 2016–it was a very strong confirmation, held steady and is firm and constant when I prayed about the calamity coming to the earth, orchestrated by Heavenly Father–and I felt that a huge calamity wouldn't happen in July or August, but probably begin very likely the next month or so from then (September-October 2016).

Kathy called and is booking her flight for our class on August 18-20th. So far I only have 1 person signed up. I believe this will be the last class this year in 2016. In 2017, I don't think I will be doing a class either (just my feeling), but I'm not sure. I just have that impression.

When I prayed about the August 18-20 2016 class date, I felt it would be a super great class, as good or better than the last one! I am very pleased that Kathy is planning to come too, and has already booked her flights. I expect there will be a few from previous classes also who will want to come."

Rick's Personal Journal dated 7-1-2016:

"Somehow I was expecting perhaps something 'big' to happen, which it didn't. I do expect some revelation this month, announcing that Satan has been loosed in fury among mankind.

One of the Seven Archangels Sounding His Trumpet

I read last night in the Book of Revelation, ( Revelation 8:2, the seven archangels which stood before God which were given seven trumpets), and the 5th angel in Revelation 9:1-12, which I believe is Raphael. I thought that this correlates to what has happened with the battle with Satan on May 13th we had and the bottomless pit (see it here). In Revelation chapter 9, the 5th angel is given a key to the bottomless pit and he opened it. This is when a great smoke arose out of the pit. Then there were locusts, which came out of the smoke too, which tormented men for 5 months. These scorpions or locusts hurt men who had not the seal of God on their foreheads.

I believe the healing angels have the seal of God now on their foreheads and are protected from Satan and his hosts. These angels will be able to help heal the souls of men and yet not themselves become subject to Satan. It is like the angels can go into a bad situation and not be adversely affected.

Emily (not her real name) shared a scripture with me yesterday from Hebrews 2:5: 'For unto the angels hath he not put in subjection the world to come, whereof we speak.' She said subjection means oppression, or oppression of things that are to come in the world. She said this is for the healing angels. In other words, healing angels will not be subject to Satan or any of his oppressions when he comes forth in his fury.

I am awaiting the announcement from God what will happen this month of July 2016, with the loosening of Satan upon the earth in great fury. I will keep the healing angels informed too."


Rick's Personal Journal dated 7-3-2016:

"I wrote quite a bit in my pocket journal yesterday about the loosening of Satan this month of July 2016. I used a Question-Answer format, which I would like to record in here (there are quite a few). I went over these to confirm them each this morning:

Q- Will the events in Revelation 9:1-12 be done by Raphael, the 5th angel?
A- Yes

Q- Has Satan been released yet in his fury?
A- No

Q- Can I find out more about this event of Satan being loosed in great fury?
A- Yes

Q- Is the promised loosening of Satan in July 2016, in his great fury, the same event as the fifth angel Raphael having the key to the bottomless pit and opening it, letting out smoke, locust/scorpions to torment mankind for 5 months? (see Revelation 9:1-2)
A- Yes!

Q- Will this opening of the bottomless pit occur this month of July 2016?
A- Yes

Q- Can I know the time of the loosening of Satan and his hosts in great fury?
A- Yes. (Here is how I received my answer in prayer: July 2-3 no, July 4-10 no, July 11-17 no, 18-24 no, July 25-31 yes, July 25 no, July 26 no, July 27 no, July 28 no, July 29 no, July 30 no, July 31 YES!)
Is it July 31st, 2016? Yes

Q- Will the torment on mankind span from July 31st to Dec 31st, 2016? 5 months?
A- Yes!

Q- Between now, 7-2 and 7-31, what do I do?
A- Train in the spirit, finish up healing yourself, start gearing up by doing more and more healing, enjoy the summer and prepare.

Q- Do I share this with other healing angels yet?
A- No

A Possible View of the Bottomless Pit

About Revelation chapter 9:
Q- Who are in the bottomless pit?
A- Satan and his hosts, who were cast there by Raphael on May 13, 2016, and after they made their return attack, by Michael the archangel and other warrior angels. This is now Satan's headquarters where he is planning his attack on mankind, in great fury. (Note: they are not always there, but a lof of their planning and activity is there).

Q- When Raphael, the 5th angel opens the bottomless pit, what does the smoke represent?
A- Satan and his hosts.

Q- What do the locusts represent which came out of the smoke?
A- Mortals who are subject to Satan and his hosts to whom is given power over mankind for 5 months to torment them. These will torment mankind except those who have the seal of God in their foreheads, or the healing angels.

The locusts are armies (verse 7) prepared for battle. They have a king (verse 11) over them who is the angel of the bottomless pit (Abaddon, or Satan).

Q- Will I, Raphael, be given the key to the bottomless pit this month of July 2016?
A- Yes

Q- In Revelation 9:1, when John the Revelator saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth–was this Satan with whom I, Raphael fought when I was given the sword of Raphael on May 13th, 2016, and was that star a representation of Satan who retreated to the bottomless pit in the earth, along with his hosts, all before the silver lightning from the sword of Raphael?
A- Yes!

Q- Will the star fall again as described in Revelation 9:1 after the sounding of the 5th angel? Or was this star already in the bottomless pit before that time?
A- No–it won't fall again. Yes, the star or Satan already fell or retreated there on Friday, May 13th, 2016.

Q- Will Raphael, the 5th angel, be able to keep the key to the bottomless pit once it is given to him, until he uses it again as stated in Revelation 20:1-3?
A- Yes, he will keep it at least between the events found in Revelation 9:1 and Revelation 20:1.

Q- About Revelation 9:4-11– Is this torment for 5 months a spiritual torment only?
A- No, Satan is loosed, but he influences the armies of the earth to act like locusts/scorpions to hurt mankind but not necessarily kill them.
(Note, Rick here: this sounds like privations of war and diseases and pestilence. In addition, a month or so into this, I believe there will be added calamities on the earth of all varieties to afflict mankind.)

Q- Is this 5-month torment a localized event, or is it worldwide?
A- It is a localized event, not worldwide, from the aspect of war. Satan's unleashed fury will be worldwide.

Q- Where will this localized war occur?
A- In the USA no, In the Northern Europe no, In the Middle East YES.

Q- Should I as Raphael, the 5th angel in Revelation 9:1, receive the key alone and unloose Satan alone, or should I be with someone else in mortality?
A- Alone: I should do this with my sword of Raphael raised in a poised and ready position.

Q- Should I share this with the healing angels before it happens?
A- No

Q- Should I share this with the healing angels after it happens?
A- Yes

Q- Will this be a key, a literal key?
A- Yes, a literal key which will attach to your sash, on your right side. You will unlock the bottomless pit with your key in your left hand, as your right hand holds your sword of Raphael high above your head in readiness (in a ready and poised for battle stance).

Impression on 7-3-2016, Sunday morning:
When I unlock the lock to the bottomless pit, every one of Satan and his forces will completely vacate this location, fully making their dwelling among mankind. The next time they come back will be when they are locked up for a full 1,000 years in the bottomless pit during the glorious Millennium by me, Raphael (see Revelation 20:1-3).

My Initial Sketch of the Key

Q- Can I find the particulars of this key?
A- Yes. It is 3 inches long, has 2-keyed teeth, is black in color, and obsidian-like, polished, about 3/8 inches thick at the handle. I am not sure it has this shape at all, for this is what I think it might look like at this time."

Later, at sacrament meeting:
"I received the sacrament today. I felt my spirit was on the east side of God's celestial temple, next to the slow moving river that comes from the fountain. I knelt and faced the healing waters–I was in a beautiful, manicured garden area, sloping towards the river.

The Priests offered the prayer on the bread and water. I made my covenant. I then saw Heavenly Father on the other side of the river, walking hand-in-hand with Heavenly Mother on his left side. I audibly made my covenant again. Heavenly Father then turned, as did Heavenly Mother, and both faced me. Then Heavenly Father stepped forward a few steps and spoke words like this to me, from across the healing river:

'Raphael, I accept your covenant which you have made before me today. You are brought back into our presence this day.

Your fellow archangels and yourself have now left the temple of heaven and, together, with all their armies of heavenly angels, are now poised for battle on the earth and prepared to do their work. You each have a glorious sword, which is unsheathed, ready for the confrontation with Satan and his hosts. These evil ones will be fully released to the earth and will go forth in great fury. This will occur on July 31st, 2016. You will have the singular responsibility to release Satan and his minions from the bottomless pit where they are now conspiring for battle. I will give you the key prior to you unlocking the bottomless pit (see Revelation 9:1-5). This key will be placed on your sash, on your right-front side. You will then proceed as you have described in your pocket journal in the past day. I will give you further instructions also.

Once you free Satan and his hosts, the bottomless pit will be completely vacated, for these all will have gone forth upon the earth in great fury like they have never done before. You will keep the key to the bottomless pit on your sash. Later, you will lock up Satan, that old serpent, and all his evil hosts for 1,000 years in the bottomless pit (see Revelation 20:1-3). This will bring the day of peace during the Millennium.

Raphael, it is my will that you prepare for this somber event coming in four weeks from today. You should know everything that will happen prior to it happening. This is unlike your battle with Satan where you received the sword of Raphael, without any prior foreknowledge. I will lead you along, my son. I love you and place my power and trust in you."

Rick's Personal Journal dated 7-6-2016:

"Over the last few days I have been trying to find out more about the event of loosening of Satan on July 31st, just a few weeks off. I have been asking in prayer, seeking guidance and personal revelation.

About the key to the bottomless pit:
(See Revelation 9:1-5 and 20:1-3). I sketched what I thought this key would look like, as far as I can tell so from by the impressions to my mind and soul.

Key to the bottomless pit
My Sketch of the Key to the Bottomless Pit

I also made an online search for black gemstones. I found a website with 20 listed, and then I wrote each down in my pocket journal. When I prayed about each one, the 13th gemstone was the one that the key was made from (this is a significant number!). For this gemstone, I had a very strong impression. It is a Black Star Diopside gemstone. I believe this is the gemstone that the key is fully made from. It is completely black, which indicates Satan's darkness, and the dark smoke which will arise from the bottomless pit (Revelation 9:2).

black star diopside
Black Star Diopside Gemstone, with a 4-Rayed White Star

About the lock to the bottomless pit:
I figured that there had to be a lock if a key was going to open the bottomless pit. I prayed and energy tested also, if this was a padlock, a door lock, or a seal. I felt impressed it was a seal, a spiritual seal of some kind. I felt also that it was on May 13th, 2016, when I had the battle with Satan, that Satan and his devils went into the bottomless pit for the first time. They retreated to that location when my sword emitted silver lightning during their attack.

Here is what I wrote down in my pocket journal on 7-5-2016:
'Q- What kind of seal is to be opened?
A- The seal was placed on Satan and his hosts by Michael, the archangel, on May 13th, 2016, after the second attack of Satan against the healing angels and myself. This was a seal to limit their behavior and intrusion among mankind. The seal was placed over the volcano, or bottomless pit (in our class, one or more of the student healing angels mentioned a volcano to where Satan and his minions had retreated.) This restraining seal will be removed on July 31st, 2016 with the key to the bottomless pit by me, Raphael.

Here is how I envision the process of unlocking the seal:

1) I am given the key to the bottomless pit from Heavenly Father. It fits over my green sash, on my right-front side by means of a clip on the backside of the key. This key will not fall off or be removed once it is clipped on my sash.

2) I hold this key with my left hand while my right hand is holding my sword of Raphael, raised high above my head in the readiness position.

3) The key is removed and then inserted into a location in the restraining seal and turned counter-clockwise one full turn. It is then removed and clipped back on my sash.

4) Once the key is clipped back on my sash, then both of my hands are placed on the handle of the sword of Raphael. The sword will be in the ready for battle position, high above the head, held by both of my hands, ready to create the terrifying silver lightning.

5) I will then go into the midst of Satan and his hosts, with Heavenly Father and Jesus behind me to activate the silver lightning if needs be. No protecting angels will go with me there, but these 24 warrior angels who protect me continually will stay at the entrance. I will go to the 'bottom' of the pit beyond any false spirits and activate the lightning. This will make all the evil hosts, including Satan, evacuate the bottomless pit like smoke coming out of a volcano. I will look and ensure that all evil spirits are gone as I move towards the opening of the pit.

6) When I reach the entrance, I will gain again my 24 warrior angels where they left off, awaiting my return. Then Heavenly Father and Jesus will depart from me too. This will complete my responsibility. (Later: I feel that these 24 warrior angels will face inwards with raised swords at the circumference of the entrance of the bottomless pit while I am gone into the pit. When Satan and his minions flee the bottomless pit in great fear and speed, they will pass by these 24 warrior angels.)

7) My key to the bottomless pit will remain on my right side until what is described in Revelation 20:1-3 occurs. This is when Satan and his minions are placed again in this same bottomless pit, with another seal for 1,000 years this time. This seal will allow neither of Satan nor his evil followers to pass by the opening, but all will be fully confined. The seal will be locked for 1,000 years.

8) After this 1,000 years, the key will be used one last time to open the 1,000-year seal and route them out again from the bottomless pit. This will be done before the final battle with Michael and God's armies of heaven.

9) The key to the bottomless pit then will no longer be used again. When Satan and his minions are defeated, in the final battle, they will be banished forever in a far away location, never to trouble mankind again.'


Here are my notes from my pocket journal on 7-6-2016:

'Q- Where is the bottomless pit located?
A- It is in a volcano deep in the spirit earth. It will finally be removed when the earth dies and is resurrected at the end of the Millennium.

Q- How will I know where to insert the key to the bottomless pit on July 31st?
A- This seal is a spiritual seal with a keyhole that matches the key to the bottomless pit. When the key is inserted and turned 1 full turn counter-clockwise by me, Raphael, it will cause the seal to break apart and open up. This will allow Satan to act on his unbound fury when going upon the earth. Satan will continue in this state until Raphael lays "hold on the dragon, that old serpent which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled, and after that he must be loosed for a little season" (Revelation 20:2-3).

Q- What is the purpose of this great chain in Raphael's hand?
A- The chain will be wrapped around Satan after he is laid ahold of. Raphael will then pull Satan into the bottomless pit and secure Satan there with the chain. He will then return to the skies and force the remainder of Satan's hosts into the bottomless pit, along with their leader who is the chained Satan. When all are within the pit, a 1,000-year seal will be placed over the opening. This seal also will have a matching keyhole to the key to the bottomless pit. Raphael will later open this 1,000-year seal at the end of the Millennium.

On another note: I felt I should send out one more entry to the healing angels in July. I should wait on the entire key to the bottomless pit subject until it is all done before reporting this significant event. This will probably be reported around August 1st.

I felt I should not share my sacrament meeting experience from 7-3-2016 until the August 1st entry on my website.

I also wonder why I was chosen to loose and then lock up Satan and his hosts. I am a healing angel! Maybe Heavenly Father needed a mortal to do this. Satan would be no match for a resurrected person or archangel, but he would be a match with a mortal it seems. Perhaps this type of work with Satan requires an archangel who carries the high calling from God, as well as God's power.

It is also curious to me that I, who am a healing angel, would also be a warrior and defender angel against Satan.

Well, I am not to question what my Heavenly Father decides, only to fulfill his will!"

A Possible View of the Bottomless Pit

2. The Black Key

I have two entries which describe more the events of July 31st, 2016. These are given below.

Rick's Personal Journal dated 7-7-2016, Thursday:

"This morning I had a connective prayer with my Heavenly Father. I asked:

'Can I find out when I will be given the key to the bottomless pit?'

In response, Heavenly Father indicated 'Yes, today!'

I asked then if I could receive it now, and he said I could. I pray now to be able to record everything as it happened. Heavenly Father spent about 10 minutes it seems of mortal time in giving me the key and instructions on its use!

He first impressed me that I should go to the domed room in God's Loving Healing Center. I immediately went there in my spirit. I saw myself, with my gold crown, my white inner robe with my green sash tied on my right side. I saw my gold sword sheath on my left side secured to my sash. I saw my sword of Raphael placed in my sheath. I also saw my glorious outer robe covering my sword and sheath. I saw and felt my gold chain and light green sapphire healing stone around my neck. I was fully clothed in my healing and protective vestures.

I then knelt down in the domed room, next to an alter it seemed. I prayed that my Heavenly Father come. He and Heavenly Mother came through the ceiling and stood in front of me in the air! Heavenly Mother was on Heavenly Father's left side.

I addressed my Heavenly Father:

'Oh, my Heavenly Father, I am so pleased that I am brought again into thy presence, as well as in the presence of my glorious mother! I feel very privileged that you both have come today to give me the key which is to open the bottomless pit. I thank thee for this opportunity to serve thee, my Father!'

When I was done, Heavenly Father spoke words like these to me. I listened to them all before I wrote anything. He spoke to me between 8:00-8:30 am this morning (it is now 11 am when I write it down):

'Raphael, our son, please stand before us. We have come before you today in this domed room to give you the key to the bottomless pit. You have been chosen to carry forth this important responsibility in preparation for the glorious return of our Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth, and for the 1,000 years of peace during the Millennium. It is important that Satan and his hosts be loosed in their fury upon the earth, so that my people may be refined and tried, and so that the wicked people on the earth will be cleansed from before my face.'

the black box
 A Small Black Box with a Hinged Lid

At this point Heavenly Father brought forth a small black box with had a hinged lid. He opened it, revealing the black key to the bottomless pit. He then addressed me again:

'Raphael, this is the key to the bottomless pit which I have prepared for you. It is made from what on earth is called black star diopside, mined from this celestial world and crafted by myself. It contains important symbolism, including the reflective 4-rayed white star, representing Lucifer when he fell from my presence, taking with him a third part of the hosts of heaven. The two keyed teeth and two slots represent a timeline of the planned events, starting at the tip of the key. You will use this key only twice in opening seals to the bottomless pit. The clip on the handle will securely attach the key to your green sash, on your right-front side. This key will become a permanent part of your protecting vestures also.'

He then handed me the key and I took it in my left hand. I turned it over and carefully examined it. It was shiny and smooth, and created with the utmost craftsmanship. I had accurately depicted its size and shape previously. I did notice that the first keyed tooth, closest to the tip, was half as wide as the second keyed tooth. The slots were the same distance apart from the teeth and the handle.

My Final Sketch of the Black Key to the Bottomless Pit

Heavenly Father continued:

'Raphael, with your left hand, place the key onto your sash, on your right-front side.'

I then used my right hand to hold my sash on my right-front side, and then with my left hand, I inserted the slot or clip over my sash next to my right fingers, so that the flat handle of the key was facing out and the clip was against my inner robe. I heard an audible 'click' when it was seated securely on my sash.

Heavenly Father spoke:

'Your key to the bottomless pit is now securely fastened to your green sash. You will remove and use it only twice in the future:

First, when you unlock Satan's restraining seal, done with your left hand, turning the key a full revolution counter-clockwise, this to be done on the 31st day of this month, and then immediately returning the key to your sash.

Second, when you unlock the 1,000-year seal over the bottomless pit, at the end of the Millennium, again turning the key with your left hand a full revolution, counter-clockwise. After this is done, then return the key immediately to your sash, never to be taken off again until your robes of exaltation replace your healing and protective vestures.

On the 31st of this month of July, come again to this domed room and pray again to me, in the name of my Beloved Son. I will come with Jesus Christ, and we will accompany you to the opening of the bottomless pit. At the entrance, your protective warrior angels will remain at the entrance, and you will unlock the restraining seal for Satan and his hosts with your left hand. This seal extends across the opening of the bottomless pit. Your right hand should hold your sword of Raphael high above your head in a readiness stance, while you unlock the seal. Once unlocked, and your key is immediately replaced on your sash, I will come behind you, then on your left side, and Jesus will come behind you on your right side. Each of our right and left hands respectively will be placed on your left and right shoulders from behind you. At that time, raise your sword of Raphael high above your head, held with both of your hands. This is the stance you will use when we enter the bottomless pit with you. If you need to activate the silver lightning from your sword, tilt your sword forward from this position.

At this time, we three will go forth into the bottomless pit to the furthest point where there are no more false spirits. Then, turn around, and activate the silver lightning from your sword of Raphael. This lightning will completely clear out Satan and every one of his fallen spirits from the bottomless pit. It will be like smoke coming out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace (see Revelation 9:2). Satan and his evil hosts will then be brought forth among mankind in their rage and fury, for Satan knows his time is short.

At that moment, proceed back to the opening of the bottomless pit with your lightning activated. At the entrance, keep your sword upright but do not activate the silver lightning. My Beloved Son and I will then depart, and your guardian warrior angels will come about you again. This will complete your responsibility of opening up the bottomless pit for the first time.

The Sword of Raphael Activates Silver Lightning

Once the cleansing of the wicked takes place, and it is time to secure Satan and his defeated hosts into the bottomless pit again (see Revelation 20:1-3), this is how it will occur: Come again to this domed room and petition me in prayer, in the name of my Beloved Son. I will come, again with my Son, Jesus Christ. We will bring with us a chain with which you will be able to secure Satan. We will go with you as before, both of us behind you and on each side. You will carry the chain in your left hand and your sword of Raphael in your right hand, elevated high above your head in a readiness stance.

We will then take you to Satan's location where you will lay hold of him with the chain in your left hand. The chain will wrap itself around Satan and secure him tightly. This wrapping of the chain will be done through the power of God through you.

Once Satan is chained, you will take the other end of the chain and transport Satan into the bottomless pit again, with Jesus and myself behind you. There is a location inside the pit where the chain will be secured, keeping Satan fast.

Then we three will exit the bottomless pit again, and return to the clouds of heaven. Command, with a loud voice, for Satan's hosts to depart to the bottomless pit to join their master, Lucifer, and then activate the silver lightning again. They will all return to the bottomless pit, going with great fear.

A Chain Will Wrap Around Satan

Return next to the bottomless pit, ensuring that each false and fallen spirit has gone into the pit. At the entrance to the bottomless pit, place the 1,000-year seal over the pit. We will instruct you more on this later. Once the seal is in place, Satan and all his hosts will be locked up in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years, during which time the earth will have peace. This seal will remain until you return and unlock it with your black key. Satan will then be loosed from his chain, and he and his evil hosts will leave again the bottomless pit for a little season.

Our son, have courage and strength! Your work of protection, and your mission of healing to the healing angels and all the mortal inhabitants of the earth, is very important to us. We will always be with you. You will carry our power and strength in all of your work.'

After this, Heavenly Father drew me close in a full embrace. To me, he felt fully in control and in charge, so that I had utmost confidence in his power and capability in doing all that he and Heavenly Mother felt to do for their children.

He stepped back, and my glorious and Divine Mother stepped forward and embraced me fully too! She was so full of tenderness and love! We became momentarily as one it seemed.

Then the embraces were done. I could see each of them smiling as they started rising towards the ceiling. Soon they were gone and I was alone in the domed room.

I soon realized I was kneeling next to my bed. It was 8:30 am. I had received the answer to my prayer in a dramatic way! I also had the remarkable black key to the bottomless pit, clipped on my right-front side. I felt that the remaining time until July 31st (24 days away) would be spent in peaceful living and spiritual preparation. I finished writing this account at 12:50 pm in my front room."


Rick's Personal Journal dated 7-13-2016, Wednesday:

"In my morning prayer today, I asked more questions about the upcoming event that will happen on July 31st, 2016. I used the Q&A format, and felt I was well connected to my Heavenly Father, and received clear answers:

Q- Does Satan know that he will be released from all restraints and be able to go fully from the bottomless pit onto the earth in his fury?
A- Yes


Q- Is the restraining seal across the entire opening of the bottomless pit, like a circular trampoline?
A- Yes

Q- Is the lock, or keyhole, in this seal in the very center of this seal?
A- Yes

Q- Do I unlock the seal alone? Without Heavenly Father, Jesus, or my 24 protecting angels who will be on the sides of the pit watching?
A- Yes, you will do it alone.

Q- Do I say anything to Satan while I unlock the seal?
A- Only if you are confronted by Satan. If so, be bold and speak with a loud, commanding voice, whatever comes to you at that moment.

Q- Will the seal open once unlocked, or do I need to go to the side, raise my sword with both hands, and command it to open and be removed?
A- No. The seal won't automatically open. Once it has been unlocked and you have gone to the edge of the pit, and Heavenly Father and Jesus are both behind you, then lower the sword of Raphael and touch the seal. This will cause it to fully open and disappear. At that moment, raise the sword high above you head, with both hands on your handle in the ready stance, and then proceed into the bottomless pit.

Note: At the time I received this answer, I felt I saw this actually happening in the near future, in my mind's eye! Here is what I saw: when I unlocked the seal at the middle of the seal, there were evil faces pressed against the seal watching me, grimacing at me, trying to get out of the pit but restrained by the seal. When I touched the seal with my sword at the edge of the entrance, these evil spirits gushed forth in a huge stream up into the sky above. They raced past me, Heavenly Father and Jesus behind me, and the 24 warrior angels who stood around the perimeter, with their swords in front of them facing the center of the pit.

Q- Will Satan and his hosts be fully watching me?
A- Yes

The Bottomless Pit will be Pitch Black Inside

Q- How will I see where I am going once I am inside the pit?
A- It will be pitch black, but you will have light from your Heavenly Father, Jesus and yourself as you descend. You will be directed by God where to go. Once you reach a point past the last fallen spirit, when you activate the silver lightning from the sword of Raphael, the entire pit will be illuminated by the brightness of the lightning.

Q- So, do I have anything to fear in all of this?
A- No. Act in faith and assurance, and all will go as planned.

Q- Will my 24 protective warrior angels be also fully protected?
A- Yes, their protection will be immediately around their persons, for neither Satan nor his hosts can penetrate their protective shields.

Q- Are the healing angels tiring of these 'protective' reports with Satan, like the opening of the bottomless pit?
A- No. These descriptions will give them the assurance that they, and those they seek to heal also, will have full protection, according to their faith and your presence behind them, with your sword of Raphael. This assurance will allow them to go into any situation where I may inspire them to go, and act as pure conduits of healing for me.

Q- Will Satan and his devils be pressed against the restraining seal, ready to go forth like floodwaters when it is opened?
A- Yes. They will race forth like rushing black smoke from a volcano.

Q- Once they have gone forth, will there be other false spirits remaining still in the pit?
A- Yes, many will still be there who need to be routed out.

Q- Once all the false spirits have been routed by the lightning, do I then need to put a seal over the opening of the bottomless pit?
A- No. The terror of the silver lightning will traumatize them sufficiently that they will be very afraid to go back again into the pit. They also will have no reason to return. They will not return until you rally them forth as described in Revelation 20:1-3.

Q- Why July 31st, 2016?
A- You will find out later. Right now, act on faith. You only see a small part of the overall orchestration of events leading to the glorious 2nd coming of my Beloved Son to the earth.

Q- Is there anything else I need to know now for this event on July 31st, 2016?
A- No

bottomless pit
A Possible View of the Bottomless Pit

angel blowing trumpet

3. The Trumpet of God

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-17-2016 Sunday

"I have been spending time in the recent mornings thinking about the events in the Book of Revelation. I spent some of these days in prayer, and in my pocket journal. I created a Questions-and-Answer format where I recorded this information (see below). This was received from 7-15 until today, 7-17-2016. Here are the series of Q&As:

'Q- Are the sounding of the 7 archangels with their trumpets, in Revelation chapters 8 and 9, sequential as recorded (one after another)?
A– Yes

Q- Has the 7th seal (see Revelation 8:1) been opened yet?
A– Yes

Q- Has the first angel in Revelation 8:7 sounded?
A– No

Q- Will the first angel sound before the fifth angel (Raphael) sounds?
A– Yes

Q- Am I allowed to know when the 1st to 4th angels will sound?
A– Yes. Here are the sounding times for the first five angels:
1st angel–7-30-2016
2nd angel–7-30-2016
3rd angel–7-30-2016
4th angel–7-30-2016
5th angel–7-31-2016

Q- So, are the first four angels going to sound their trumpets on the same day, in sequential order, first to fourth?
A– Yes

Q- Just to confirm again, are the first four angels going to sound the day before I loose Satan from the bottomless pit, on 7-31-2016?
A– Yes

Q- When was the 7th seal opened?
A– 7-7-2016.
(Note that this date is significant from a numerology standpoint: 7-7-7, or 3 sevens, where the last seven is the date '16' added, or 1 + 6 = 7.)

Q- When the 7th seal was opened on 7-7, how long is the silence of half an hour (see Revelation 8:1)?
A1– It is measured in earth's time? No
A2– Is it measured in celestial time? No
A3– Is it symbolic, not literal? Yes

Q– Does the silence for half an hour mean that no angels are going to blow their trumpets as Elder Orson Pratt said? (see JD vol 16, pp. 328) wherein he said "During the period of silence all things are perfectly still; no angels flying during that half hour; no trumpets sounding; no noise in the heavens above;"
A– Yes

Q– Are the 144,000 already chosen and sealed in their foreheads, having been done in the 6th seal?
A– Yes

Q– Is there an overlap in the 6th and 7th seals?
A– No

Q– Was the fight with Satan on May 13, 2016 in the 6th seal?
A– Yes

Q– What about the terrible earthquake spoken of in 6:12-17 in the opening of the 6th seal? Has it already happened?
A– Yes
(Note by Rick: There are many people who believe that we are still in the era of the 6th seal, as given in Revelation chapters 6:12-17 and all of chapter 7. I have prayed about this, and struggled with this 
in prayer.)

Q– Concerning the 144,000, which are already chosen and sealed: are they also translated?
A– No, mostly not translated yet.

Q– Between 7-7-2016, the opening of the 7th seal, and 7-30-2016, the blowing of the first four archangels, could this period of time be the silence in heaven for half an hour?
A– Yes

Q– Why does God wait until the last two days of July to have the angels blow their trumpets?
A– Because he wants to wait until the last possible moment before the destruction of the earth and of the wicked. This is the last possible moment to wait before the 7th month is finished (or 7-7 is finished, 7th month, and for the year, the last 7 is the summation of 1 +6 = 7). A total of 5 archangels sound their trumpets in two days.

trumpet of God

Q– Revelation 8:2: have I Raphael been given my trumpet yet?
A– No

Q– Asked on 7-17: Will I receive it before 7-31-2016?
A– Yes

Q– Will the trumpet become part of my vestures? To stay there permanently, like the black key?
A– Yes

Q– Where will the trumpet attach?
A– On your back, under your outer robe or cape.

Q– Will it attach to my sash on my backside?
A– No

Q– Will it attach to my collar on my inner robe?
A– No

Q– Will it attach to my gold pendant chain around my neck, on my backside?
A– Yes

Q– How long is my trumpet?
A– It is the full length of your body, from where it hangs from your pendant to your feet.

Q– Is it attached with a hook or clip of some kind?
A– Yes

Q– Is the mouthpiece nearest my chain?
A– Yes

Q– What material is the trumpet made from?
A– Gold, except a silver mouthpiece, all 100% pure gold and 100% pure silver.

Q– How and when do I blow it?
A– You blow it on 7-31-2016, before you go to the domed room. Travel above the United States in the air, straight up in space, and blow it to the east. Go from your location in Utah, where you live now. Blow it with one mighty, long sound. 
Grasp it with both hands when you blow. Then place it back, to attach on your gold pendant, underneath your outer robe or cape, on your backside. Once back in place, proceed to the domed room.

Q– Is the hook on the chain or trumpet?
A– On the chain.

Q– When will I receive the trumpet?
A– Today, 7-17-2016, Sunday! This is two weeks before you use in on 7-31-2016.

Q– Are the other archangels also receiving their trumpets today?
A– Yes!

Q– Where are we receiving them?
A– In God's temple, in the celestial world, in the command center area where you were summoned on 6-1-2016.'

trumpet sketch
Sketch of trumpet

trumpet sketch
Sketch of trumpet secured behind my neck on my gold chain pendant loop

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-17-2016 Sunday

"I attended sacrament meeting with my wife yesterday after receiving many answers to my questions in the morning. We went to a ward in Elk Ridge, Utah, which is located above the Utah Valley, with a beautiful view of the valley, Utah Lake, and the surrounding mountains. I thought this location would be one of the most elevated chapels in the area. I was thinking I might be receiving my trumpet there, while in the sacrament meeting at this meetinghouse.

Utah Valley
Utah Valley, as seen from Elk Ridge, Utah

Here is what I wrote in my pocket journal during that sacrament meeting in Elk Ridge, yesterday:

'Today I attended sacrament meeting with my wife in an Elk Ridge, Utah ward. Once we began singing the sacrament hymn, I felt my spirit was immediately in front of God's temple in the celestial world, on the north side. I entered the grand temple doors, which were open. This was just south of the fountain, in front of the temple, which fountain divided into three rivers.

I walked south, going deeper into the temple. I came to a wall, and a ministering angel motioned for me to go to my right. I turned right, down a spacious corridor and then came to a very large door. I felt impressed to pull the door open, which I did.

I walked into a large room and saw six other angels, the rest of the archangels! They all came forth, and with me, Raphael, knelt in a row on the floor in order. To my furthest right was Michael, then next to my right side was Gabriel, to my immediate left was Uriel, and then the three other archangels were kneeling to my far left–all seven of us kneeling. Before us was Heavenly Father in the middle, Heavenly Mother on his left side, and Jesus Christ on his right side.

At this moment, the Priest in the ward offered the prayer on the bread. When finished, Jesus Christ picked up a tray of broken bread, and brought and held the tray before each of us archangels. He passed first to Michael, and then to each of us, going to the last one to my left, in order. I offered a silent prayer, making a covenant with my Father like I do each week. When I was done with my prayer in my mind, I opened my eyes and saw Jesus standing before me with the tray of broken bread. I partook and remained kneeling. Jesus continued passing the tray of broken bread to those archangels on my left side. When done, he returned to the front, where there was a table. He placed the tray on the table, and waited until the sacrament was returned to the sacrament table in the ward.

When the next Priest blessed the water, Jesus then passed to each of us, in turn, a cup of wine. We each drank from the cup, starting at Michael, then Gabriel, and then myself, and then the rest to my left. Immediately, after we each partook, we each stood before our Savior and continued to remain standing, until we were all seven standing.

We remained standing while each of us, and the ward congregation, also drank. Jesus returned to the table and placed the cup next to the tray of broken bread. The table was between Heavenly Father and Jesus in front of us.

Once done, Heavenly Father stepped forward and spoke words like this:

"My noble archangels! I have gathered you here today, during the time of silence in heaven for half an hour for the earth. This started once the 7th seal was opened by my Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. This silence has been designed in order for us to fully prepare for that which is soon to come on the earth.

Today I will give each of you your trumpets which you will sound, as recorded by my servant John in the Book of Revelation."

Revelations 8:2: "And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets."


He then came to Michael on my right, and gave Michael the trumpet which he had prepared for him. He also spoke to Michael words that I did not hear.

Next he gave Gabriel his trumpet and spoke to him.

He then came to me. My trumpet, along with the others, was placed in a row in front of us, with the bell openings placed on the floor, upright so that the mouthpiece was on top. Heavenly Father selected mine, and handed me my trumpet. He then spoke:

"Raphael, this is your trumpet which you will sound, both long and loud, in two weeks from today. Until then, place your trumpet, with the bell down, between your outer and inner robes. The silver mouthpiece will slip into the open chained loop, which hangs behind your pendant. Once looped, it will hang along your backside, out of sight.

When you are ready to blow your trumpet in two weeks, go up to the sky above Utah where you live, wearing your healing and protective vestures. Remove your trumpet with both of your hands from its location on your backside. Then, using both hands to hold the trumpet, and facing east, blow your trumpet on one note, both long and loud. This will announce the coming of the events that will occur during the next 5-month period by you, the fifth angel. This will include the opening of the bottomless pit, with the black key, located on your right-front side.

Once you blow, return your trumpet back to its place behind you. Then come and meet my Beloved Son and myself in the domed room. We will then proceed to the bottomless pit."

Then Heavenly Father went on the Uriel, at my immediate left, and also the remaining three archangels in turn, giving each their trumpets to blow. He also spoke to each of them individually.

The sacrament was then done in the ward, and I returned in my conscious mind to the ward sacrament meeting. I immediately began writing in my pocket journal, all that had happened in the celestial temple.

I finished writing about the time of the rest hymn, which was announced as "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." I sang and listened carefully to the words. I felt that this was a remarkable hymn, geared to bear witness to me from God, at that very moment, of that which had just occurred–that it was true!

Click here for my full description of why I felt this way.

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-20-2016 Wednesday

"I need to enter in here some entries from my pocket journal–

From 7-18-2016 (Monday): 'I confirmed in prayer that I really did experience all that happened yesterday, that I recorded in my journal, about the experience at the Elk Ridge sacrament meeting. I also confirmed that I did receive the trumpet of God there, and that it is now in my possession, located under my cape on my healing/protection vestures.

I also confirmed my Q&As that I received recently, and placed a √-mark next to each answer.

I also felt that the trumpet of God and the sword of Raphael are not causing me, in any way, to feel like they are a heavy burden. Each of them seem like they are not even there except when I need them.

I also feel that I will blow the trumpet of God more than once, although I don't know when else I will blow it. . . Oh, I think now it came to me! I will be present at the glorious second coming of Jesus Christ, next to the other six archangels, behind Jesus Christ, in the air, and we will all blow our trumpets of God at the same time, heralding the appearance of Jesus Christ in his glory! This is depicted in the painting on by Harry Anderson, entitled 'The Second Coming'. The painting shows Jesus having a red sash, coming in the clouds of glory. The archangels are on either side, behind him.

the second coming
The Second Coming by Harry Anderson
(image courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc)

I also asked if I might share this information I received Sunday and today with the healing angels? My answer was yes!'

From 7-19-2016, Tuesday night: 'Heavenly Father stayed after I closed my prayer, standing in front of me. I got back on my knees and heard these words in my mind:

'Raphael I am pleased with what you have written on your website recently (I had transcribed all of the events up to the sacrament meeting in Elk Ridge). Record the events of 7-31-2016 there also, and then share all of this with my healing angels. I will confirm these words to those who approach me humbly in prayer. I love you, Raphael, my son.'

I also did a search on, including all the scriptures (standard works), and there is no mention of lightning coming from a sword–it is only in the LDS Hymnal, in the Battle Hymn of the Republic!'"

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-21-2016 Thursday

"This morning I felt like I was connecting very well with my Heavenly Father. I jotted some more questions down in my pocket journal, and received answers. I went back and confirmed these answers at the end of my prayer:

Questions about the half an hour of silence in Revelation 8:1:

Q– Is this "silence for about the space of half an hour" in Revelation 8:1 the same "silence in heaven for the space of half an hour" in D&C 88:95?
A– No. The silence of half an hour in D&C 88:95 refers to a different time which is just before the curtain of heaven is unfolded and the face of the Lord is unveiled. This is a much later event than the half an hour at the beginning of the opening of the 7th seal as recorded in Revelation 8:1.

Q– Are we in the first half an hour of silence now?
A– Yes

Q– Why all the preparations at this time in heaven?
A– This preparation has to be finished up, in the beginning of the 7th seal, or in the times of the coming of the Son of Man. Every one involved is to be prepared and in their stations before the five angels are to sound the weekend of 7-30 and 7-31-2016. See D&C 77:12– ". . . and the sounding of the trumpets of the seven angels are the preparing and finishing of his work, in the beginning of the seventh thousand years–the preparing of the way before the time of his coming."

LDS Chapel 
(image courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

Q– Is the LDS Church prepared and poised also?
A– To some degree, yes. However, almost all of the members of the church are asleep. This will be a time of testing for all people. The sides of the battle (God and Satan) will be more defined, and each must chose which side he or she is on.

Q– Why are there trumpets to be blown?
A- The trumpets will announce that God is ready for battle, as done anciently in warfare, and to signal certain events which will be done by the angels. There are lots of angels everywhere, which are poised to do their specialized work.

Q– It seems like the world has entered in a new phase of violence recently. Is this reflective of the restlessness of the people under a faltering system, or what?
A– Many are coming forth in support of violence and Satan's agendas and tactics now. Satan still has limited power, but this will change once he and his hosts are released in their fury on 7-31-2016.

Q– How immediate will be the changes once Satan and his hosts are released?
A– Wait and see.

Personal questions for Raphael–

Q– Will I have time to practice blowing the trumpet of God before I do so on 7-31-2016?
A. There is no need to practice, for when you blow with pursed lips, the sound will come just as it should from your trumpet. Act in faith.

Q– How high up above Utah will I need to go to blow the trumpet of God?
A– Go to an elevation where you start seeing the curvature of the earth.
(Note: I looked online and found this occurs around 35,000 feet above sea level.)."

curvature of the earth
It is more difficult to tell curvature of the earth
in the mountains where I live than at the ocean 

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-24-2016 Sunday

Q– Is there a particular time of day that I should blow the trumpet of God?
A– Yes, you should do this at sunrise next Sunday. Be in position as the sun rises in the east and then blow your trumpet of God towards the rising sun that morning, 7-31-2016. Then proceed 
immediately afterwards to the domed room.

(Note: I looked online and found that sunrise in Salem, Utah would be at 6:34 am on Sunday, 7-31. It probably would be a few minutes earlier up at 35,000 feet above sea level. My home location is about 4,600 feet elevation. . . Later: This altitude to which I would need to rise would be almost 2 degrees more above the horizon. The earth moves around the sun at the rate of a quarter of a degree a minute, or the sun should appear about 8 minutes before it reaches the ground. If sunrise is at 6:24 am, then I should blow 8 minutes earlier, or 6:16 am on 7-31-2016. An online calculation gives me 6:14 am, two minutes earlier. Needless to say, I plan to be in place by about 6:10 am or earlier, where I start seeing the curvature of the earth, before the sun rises in the west.

Later that week: I felt I couldn't distinguish the curvature of the earth, with all these mountains around us, except at a much higher altitude. Possibly I will need to blow the trumpet as early as 6:00 am this coming Sunday.)

Q– Is there any particular place in Utah from where I should be when I do this?
A– No. Get in a meditative, prayerful state, move your free spirit to the location you need to be in straight above you, and follow all the directions that you have written down.

At sacrament meeting today:
Today when I partook of the sacrament, I felt that I was on the bluff in God's Loving Healing Center, overlooking the lake, with God's temple in the far-off north.

The Priest offered the prayer. I was kneeling on the ground at the bluff. I made my covenant with my Heavenly Father. Then Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came in front of me in the air. Heavenly Father then addressed me:

'Raphael, I accept your covenant which you have made with me today. This is your last week of preparation before you sound your trumpet of God next Sunday at sunrise.

Golden Alter
(Image courtesy of

Today the angel with the golden censer is before my throne, in front of the golden alter, as found in Revelation 8:3-5. The events of the 6th seal are completed. You are in the midst of the half an hour of silence. Tomorrow the angel with the golden censer will cast the fire from the coals to the earth.

Today, being the Utah Pioneer Day, the prayers of all the Saints in this dispensation, are added to the incense. They will rise to me later today with the incense.

I tell you this that you may know what time you live in, in the sequence of events as recorded in the Book of Revelation.

This coming week, I will answer whatever questions you may have relating to the Revelation which I gave to my servant John, found in the last book of the Bible.'

At that moment, the Priest offered the sacrament blessing on the water. I still saw Heavenly Father and Jesus before me in the air. I saw next, in my mind's eye, the golden alter before the throne of God. It is located between the fountain from where the three rivers flow, and the large doors of the temple, on the north end.

I saw the incense rise before the north side of the temple, along with all of the prayers of the Saints. Tomorrow, I believe as I have just been told, this angel will throw the fire from the alter to the earth. It was also very appropriate that today is Pioneer Day. Tomorrow we have our Pioneer Day celebrations in this area. This is the only day of the year that we really remember and celebrate our Latter-day Saint heritage, from the inception of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the present. Their prayers and ours who are living, will be added to the incense from the golden alter.

prayers and incense

Today in sacrament meeting, we also sang three pioneer songs in commemoration:
#30 Come, Come Ye Saints
#33 Our Mountain Home So Dear
#36 They, the Builders of the Nation

I also asked, later in the day, if I needed to prepare, in my own home, for an earthquake tomorrow on Monday, July 25th. The answer was no. I then felt that the fire that was cast to the earth from the angel with the golden censer, was going to bring about calamities in the near future. This verse (Revelation 8:5) says when this fire came to the earth, 'there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.' The footnote on 'voices' refers to D&C 88:90: 'And also cometh the testimony of the voice of thunderings, and the voice of lightnings, and the voice of tempests, and the voice of the waves of the sea heaving themselves beyond their bounds.'

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-30-2016 Saturday

"Here are my Q&A on the Book of Revelation, and happenings this weekend with the angels who blow their trumpet of God:

From 7-27 pocket journal entry–
Q– Is the first woe in Revelation 9:12 ('One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter.') the same woe as recorded in JST Revelation 12:12 ('for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.')?
A- Yes, the casting out of Satan is done twice: first from heaven, before the world was populated (JST Revelation 12:12 'And after these things I heard another voice saying, Woe to the inhabiters of the earth, yea, and they who dwell upon the islands of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.'). Satan will pursue more aggressively those who have a testimony of Jesus. There will be intense persecution against those who follow Christ, worldwide, now that Satan is unleashed in his fury.

Q– Does the church (woman) represent only the LDS church, or other Christian churches as well?
A– The Church of God represents the LDS church as well as other, wholesome Christian churches, people who truly believe and have faith in Jesus Christ.

From 7-29 pocket journal entry–
The half an hour silence (Revelation 8:1) will end just before midnight on 7-29-2016. 6 hours later, the 1st angel will sound on the 30th.

Last night, on 7-28-2016, I prayed to Heavenly Father, asking if he would extend his promise to me to ask any questions about the Book of Revelation for an additional week. He agreed! So I have another week too, until the 7th of August I believe. I feel so grateful for this!

The revelations of John are now being unfolded to me! I feel so blessed to start to really understand them. This is a fulfillment of this scripture:
Ether 4:15-16:
'Behold, when ye shall rend that veil of unbelief which doth cause you to remain in your awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind, then shall the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world from you—yea, when ye shall call upon the Father in my name, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then shall ye know that the Father hath remembered the covenant which he made unto your fathers, O house of Israel.

16 And then shall my revelations which I have caused to be written by my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people. Remember, when ye see these things, ye shall know that the time is at hand that they shall be made manifest in very deed.'

At 11:55 am, on 7-30-2016:
I confirmed just now that the 1st angel has already sounded at 6 am (Revelation 8:7), and that the 2nd angel is poised, ready to blow in 5 minutes from now, all 4 will blow over Utah, blowing in these directions:
On 7-30-2016:
1st angel: 6 am North
2nd angel: 12 noon East
3rd angel: 6 pm South
4th angel: 12 pm, just before midnight on the 30th West

On 7-31-2016:
5th angel, Raphael: about 6 am East

6th angel Gabriel: East
7th angel Michael: West. Michael will blow west, for Christ will come from the east and Michael will precede him, sounding to the west to herald his coming! Then all 7 archangels will also blow together from the east, blowing west in a glorious united sound!

At 12:01 pm, on 7-30-2016:
The 2nd angel just sounded! It was about 5 seconds long that I heard. It seemed long and loud so I could hear it too, and I did hear it!

I asked to hear the 1st angel again, and I did hear the sounding of his trumpet of God too! He blew this morning at 6 am when I was asleep, for 5 seconds also, blowing north.

I believe they are blowing to the 4 angels at the 4 corners of the earth, who have power to save life and destroy.
See D&C 77:8
'Q. What are we to understand by the four angels, spoken of in the 7th chapter and 1st verse of Revelation?
A. We are to understand that they are four angels sent forth from God, to whom is given power over the four parts of the earth, to save life and to destroy; these are they who have the everlasting gospel to commit to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people; having power to shut up the heavens, to seal up unto life, or to cast down to the regions of darkness.'

These 4 angels who have power to save life and destroy, are being heralded by the 4 archangels today, blowing their trumpets of God.

Once I blow the 5th trumpet of God, I will immediately go and loose Satan from the bottomless pit. My note of my trumpet has a different note than the first 4 angels. The first 4 angels blow a 'B' note, for about 5 seconds. I had this in my mind, ringing, and then went to our piano and found out it was a B note. I think mine will be a third higher, but I am not sure until I blow and see what note comes out. I think the trumpets of God are each tuned to blow a single note, some the same (first 4 angels), some different (the last 3 angels). The notes of the last 3 will be increasingly higher and louder too. Together, at the 2nd coming when the angels blow together, it will be a majestic sound, orchestrated by the Father himself!

The second silence in heaven for half an hour, described in D&C 88:95 will just precede the glorious 2nd coming when the face of the Lord shall be revealed. This silence will be broken by the sounding of Michael's trumpet, and then the sounding of all 7 archangel trumpets together. D&C section 88: 92-110 has lots of accounts of the blowing of the trumpets, multiple times, by the archangels."

4. The Events of July 31st, 2016

sunrise 6 am
Just Before Sunrise at 6:00 am in my Backyard

Rick's Personal Journal Entry, 7-31-2016 Sunday, 6:40 am

"This morning I awoke about 4:45 am, not being able to sleep well, for I didn't want to sleep past sunrise! I knew I was to sound the trumpet of God at sunrise, at an altitude above my home where I could detect the curvature of the earth. I was also recently told this would be around 6 am.

At 5:45 am, I left the house (everyone was asleep), and went to my backyard area. I was watering our fields (my water turn), and went to turn off the sprinklers so it would be still and quiet. I lied down on a recliner lawn chair, and covered myself with a beach towel. It was then 6:00 am when I was comfortable and really started meditating.

I opened my meditation with a short prayer to my Father, asking for his blessing. I felt assured that all would be well, and that I would do everything as he wished.

I then felt my free spirit move directly above me into the sky to a location where I was high enough to see the curvature of the earth.

I faced the light, which I could tell was going to start shining from the sun soon, hidden by the earth. It would be a glorious sunrise!

I reached behind me, and with both hands, removed the trumpet of God that I had been given on 7-17-2016. I removed it from the gold pendant loop behind my neck, and brought it before me. I checked to ensure also that my vestures were in place: my gold crown on my head; my inner and outer robes, including my brilliant white cape; my healing stone and gold pendant; my emerald green sash, and attached to my sash my black key on the right-front side, clipped in place; and my sword of Raphael on my left hip, with its sheath attached to my green sash.

I lifted the horn to my lips, with the bell pointed directly at the rising sun. When the first glimmer of rays shone, and I felt assured it was the right moment, I took a large breath, pursed my lips, and blew!

I still had the sound of the previous four angels who blew yesterday in my mind. I could tell I was a third note higher than their 'B' note. I blew for about five seconds and then felt to stop. I lowered my trumpet, looked at the rising sun rays, and the mountains I could see below me. It was so beautiful!

I then replaced the trumpet of God behind me, reattaching the gold chain around the silver mouthpiece, making sure it was secure. I covered it all with my cape.

sunrise 6:34 am
Sunrise at 6:34 am in my Backyard

Next I travelled directly to the domed room, in the celestial world, in God's Loving Healing Center. I knelt by an alter there, and offered a short prayer, like this:

'Heavenly Father, I come before thee now, having just returned from blowing the trumpet of God that I received from thee on the 17th of this month. I am ready now to proceed with thee and my Savior to the bottomless pit. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.'

At that moment, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared before me! Heavenly Father spoke:

'Raphael, I am pleased with what you have done today in blowing the trumpet of God at sunrise. Please stand.'

I then stood, and faced my Father, with Jesus on his right side. He continued:

'Raphael, my Beloved Son and I will now accompany you to the bottomless pit.'

We then were transported to a very dark, desolate place. I could see a very large opening in the ground that was pitch black. It must have been several miles across this circular opening. Heavenly Father then spoke again:

'Raphael, dismiss now your 24 guardian warrior angels to occupy positions around the perimeter of this opening. Then we will stay here while you go unlock the seal in the center of the opening.'

I then told my warrior angels to disperse themselves evenly around the opening of the pit, and to stand facing inward, with their swords positioned in front of their bodies, tips in the air. They left my side and went to their new posts. I counted them, and was assured they were all in place.

sides of the pit
Possible View of the Bottomless Pit

Next, I withdrew my sword of Raphael from its sheath on my left side. I raised it high above my head, holding the handle in my right hand. I then proceeded to move out above the pitch-black opening of the bottomless pit.

I moved in the air, above the seal, which I knew was just under my feet. I kept asking in my mind 'am I at the center yet?' When I felt I was at the center, I looked around. I could see the warrior angels far off at the sides of the pit, about one mile away. I could also faintly see, or perceive, Heavenly Father and Jesus standing, watching me, from where I had recently left their side.

I then lowered myself, feet first, until my bare feet rested on the seal. I could tell when I touched the seal, for it felt like I had just touched onto a trampoline, like the one in my backyard. The seal was transparent, and it was black, so dark all around me, especially below my feet! My sword was still elevated, in my right hand, high above my head. I couldn't see much at all.

I reached with my left hand to retrieve the black key on my sash, on my right-front side. I felt it and pulled, asking it to unclip. It did so, and I had it now in my left hand. I then knelt on my right knee, and, with my right arm still above me, holding the sword of Raphael, I lowered the key to the seal's surface.

I inserted the key right into the seal. It went in and stopped. I then turned it half a turn, counterclockwise. I then moved my left fingers, keeping my thumb on the key, and then turned it another half turn counterclockwise. I then grasped the key and withdrew it from the seal. I stood next, and then replaced the key to the same position on my sash until I heard the click of the clasp. I knew then it was securely fastened again.

I then elevated myself somewhat in the air, and looked for Heavenly Father and Jesus. I saw them, about one mile off. I moved quickly back to a position in front of Heavenly Father. I still was holding my sword above my head with my right hand.

Heavenly Father then spoke again:

'Raphael, you have done well, for you have successfully unlocked the seal to the bottomless pit. Now turn again to the side of the pit, and we three will go together into the pit.'

We then went to the edge of the pit.

Heavenly Father spoke again:

'Raphael, place both of your hands on the handle of your sword. After my Beloved Son and I come behind you, and place our hands on your shoulders, then move the tip of your sword to the seal at the edge of the pit. Touch the seal with your sword. Then quickly raise your sword directly above your head.'

I then placed both of my hands on the sword and raised the sword above my head. I then felt Heavenly Father's right hand on my left shoulder, and Jesus' left hand on my right shoulder. I next lowered the sword so that the tip touched the edge of the pit and the seal. I quickly then moved the sword again directly above my head.

At that moment, the seal entirely disappeared. I then saw a very large, black column of darkness gush forth into the air! It was huge, the entire two-mile distance across the pit, filling the air with great force! I remembered the scripture, which says this would be like 'smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit' (Revelation 9:2) I believe this was Satan and many of his evil hosts, exiting the bottomless pit!

'I then saw a very large, black column of darkness gush forth into the air!'

Heavenly Father then whispered to my mind to go into the pit, and that we three would proceed down the side.

As we moved over the edge, the blackness moved aside, but it kept flowing past us at great speed.

We then moved down, slowly at first, and then with increasing speed. I could see the blackness still racing past us, eager it seems to get out of the shaft that we were descending into.

I could tell how deep we were going as we descended. First I counted in feet: 100 feet, 200, 500 feet, then 1,000 feet. I then changed to miles: 1 mile, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, then 1,000 miles! I no longer could see the opening of the pit above us. It was pitch black except immediately around us three who were still descending faster and faster.

2,000, 3,000 miles, 4,000, 5,000, and finally we ended our descent at 5,500 miles below the edge of the pit where we had started above.

I could tell there were no more false spirits around us, nor below us. The pit still continued, open with no bottom that I could see. We moved to the center of the pit.

Heavenly Father then spoke to me:

'Raphael, move your sword forward and activate the silver lightning. We will then return to the top, routing out every spirit in the pit.'

lightning from the pit
Silver Lightning Flashed in the Blackness of the Bottomless Pit

I moved my sword forward from its upright position. Brilliant, silver lightning flashed everywhere, to our sides and above us, from the blade of the sword of Raphael! Everything was lit up.

We then moved upwards, with increasing speed, like we had descended. The lightning completely routed all of the demons and darkness in the pit as we rose to the surface!

As we got near the top rim of the pit, we slowed down. At the top, I could tell that Satan and his hosts had completely vacated the bottomless pit. We then moved to the side, and stood on the ground next to the opening.

Heavenly Father spoke:

'Raphael, you have done well! You may now sheath your sword while I talk to you.'

I sheathed my sword.

'Today, you have blown the trumpet of God as I instructed you as the sun rose in the east.

You have come to the domed room where my Beloved Son and I accompanied you to the bottomless pit. You have dispersed your 24 guardian angels, and alone went to the center of the seal over the opening. There you opened the seal with the black key that I gave to you on July 7th of this year. This was the same day that Jesus Christ opened the 7th seal as recorded in Revelation 8:1.

You then removed the black key from your sash, and inserted it into the center of the seal, which covered the opening of the bottomless pit. You turned this key one full revolution counterclockwise, and then returned the key to your sash. This you did alone.

After returned to us, and after we came behind you with our hands on your shoulders, you lowered your sword and removed the seal to the bottomless pit.'


'We three then proceeded into the pit, with your sword of Raphael held in both of your hands, above your head. At the point in the the pit where we were past any fallen spirits, you activated the silver lightning from your sword. This drove out all remaining false spirits as we rose again to the top of the pit.

Now that Satan is loosed again to the earth, without restraint, he is in his full fury, for he knows his time is short.

The reason I have allowed Satan to be released is for him to cleanse the wicked from the earth, and to test and help me purify my people. Each person on earth has power over Satan and his hosts if they humbly come unto me, in the name of my Son, Jesus Christ, and ask me to deliver them from Satan's power.

Raphael, this is a full-out war we now must fight. You and your healing angels, and those we send them to heal, will be protected from Satan and any of his devils. Keep your swords raised high in the defense of each healing angel, so they may do their great work unabated.

Now that you have accomplished this great work today, call your 24 warrior angels back around you, and unsheathe your sword again. Hold it high in the readiness, poised-for-battle stance. We will always be near you and support you, my son!'

With that, Heavenly Father and Jesus stepped backwards. I withdrew my sword of Raphael from its sheath, with my right hand. I then called to all 24 of my warrior angels to return to their protective posts around me. They all came and positioned themselves as they had done before.

I then realized I was back on my recliner lawn chair, in my backyard! I immediately looked at the cell phone and it was 6:34 am.

I then turned the sprinklers back on, and came inside and wrote in my journal. I end writing now at 8:18 am. I will type this up now and will share this with my healing angels on my website.

Later, at sacrament meeting, transcribed from my pocket journal:

I went to bluff today, overlooking the lake in God's Loving Healing Center, in my spirit, during the sacrament meeting. After the blessing on the bread, I made my covenant with my Father. He came with Heavenly Mother on his left side. They stood in the air in front of me, smiling. Heavenly Father spoke:

'Raphael, I accept the covenant that you have made this day, to take upon you the name of our Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to always remember me, and to keep my commandments always.

This morning you did a sequence of actions involving the three items I recently gave to you. You blew the trumpet of God at sunrise, announcing the events of the 5th angel and the loosening of Satan again to the earth; you unlocked the seal over the bottomless pit with the black key; and you used the sword of Raphael to expel Satan and his hosts, in their fury, to the earth. These actions have been very pleasing to me.

As a result of your faithful service, we will come more quickly and in greater power to all the healing angels who embark in their missions of healing. They will perceive more readily our presence, and know it is by our Godly healing power when they heal, as they act as pure conduits of healing to our children in mortality. They will receive full protection from Satan in their lives, and protection for those they seek to heal during all their healing work.'


The Priest then offered the prayer on the water. Once done, Heavenly Mother stepped forward and spoke to me:

'Raphael, our son, you have had a wonderful blessing this past Friday in the marriage of your daughter! Your Father and I were there to sanctify their union. We are so pleased with the lives of your daughter and son-in-law, and how they both seek to follow our direction.

We are now in the 7th seal, as spoken in the Book of Revelation. This is a time that the earth and its inhabitants will be sanctified or removed. For the righteous, we will come more readily in answer to their prayers. Our presence will be more evident to those who love us and obey our counsels. This is a glorious day that is dawning upon you!

We will be available also more readily to our dear healing angels. They will perceive us more quickly when we come, and more powerfully. We will be by their side to a much higher degree. Our work of healing will rapidly increase for our needy children, worldwide, as we work through our healing angels and other healers.

I love you, my son Raphael!'

Heavenly Mother then embraced me, and I felt her deep love, even for those who rebel and chose other paths than returning to their presence. She is so loving and kind!

Heavenly Father then embraced me. I felt his great power and strength. I was impressed with how well he has thoroughly planned for the events of these difficult times we are entering into, so that everything comes out exactly how he would want."

"This is a glorious day that is dawning upon you!" –Heavenly Mother

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