Class Testimonials

I thought you might like to hear some of the comments from people that have been taken one of the Advanced Classes:

"I very much enjoyed the discussions and I really enjoyed Rick's class. I found it very informative and helpful! I learned a lot."
–Student from Idaho

"I think the slide presentation was excellent! It was easy to follow and understand. I like the feeling of 'freedom' to be able to share experiences and feelings. The content was great!"
–Student from Oregon

"I liked that the start was there and Rick explained what has changed since he started doing this. Rick has given me new things to think about. New ideas for energy healing to test for myself. An opportunity to grow. I felt safe in asking any question and knowing I would receive an honest answer, even if it was 'I don't know'. I loved that it was hands-on. To do these things in class was good so as I had questions I could ask Rick right there. Amazing!"
–Student from Idaho

"Teaching style and involvement–great. This class is very informative. The opportunity you will have to be in this class is awesome. The love and warmth you will have and the opportunity to experience will fill your heart and mind–it is so personal. You will be filled with true love and light. You will be able to help others beyond your wildest dreams! It is for those who want to learn the Healer's Art"
–Anonymous student

"Thanks again for your inspiration and for teaching the class.  It has opened up a whole new world to me for healing that I am definitely embracing and working with."
–Student from Colorado

God's Loving Healing Hands

"Slide Presentation:
Very concise and informative. Loved having the binder to follow along and make notes.

Discussions in class:
You were always very centered and gracious with all of our comments.

I felt the content was applicable and thorough. You covered a lot of ground and a short amount of time.

Teaching style and involvement:
You are so darn flexible and humble it really allowed the class to flow, even with all our questions and comments. I admired that in you for sure.

Enjoyed the demonstrations, it broke up the class a bit and gave me a true feeling for what your feeling.

Working on each other:
INVALUABLE! This was most important to me since I don't operate the way you and Shari do. I will continue to practice until it all becomes comfortable to me. I have been praying to assist my sight and abilities.

I appreciated having you there, walking around checking on each of us. It made a huge difference in me questioning "what the heck am I doing???? Am I even doing anything at all"??? It was very comforting having you assist us in the loving, supporting manner that you did. So thankful for who you are!

I was so grateful to be apart of the "Gods Loving Healing Hands Advance Workshop." Although it is all available for free on Rick's website, there is a synergy that happens when people gather together to learn. The hands on training was invaluable as we learned the techniques Rick has been shown. Having him there to ask him questions was instant gratification and gave me more confidence.

Whether someone is new to healing or a master, there's something for every level. The slides and group discussions lead you along at a pace you can swallow. Rick's humility in teaching under God's direction is impressive. I now can honestly say "I know a man who is without guile." His love and compassion for each of us was immediately felt. The time and effort he put into all of us before the class even started was astounding.

I was blessed to witness him as a true servant of the Lord. Rick's obedience and diligence to the Lords commands is exactly why the Lord uses him. We were all truly blessed, on so many levels, to be apart of this class. Thank you Rick for being a humble servant of our Lord!"

Student from Arizona

"Slide Presentation:
Great, very detailed and clear. Paintings are extremely helpful too!

Discussions in class:
Great, open discussions enabled us to ask our questions and it was very helpful to be able to ask them as we went along.

Very thorough, I really enjoyed finding out that Heavenly Father specifically told you to include each of the introductory course topics- they really are so helpful when preparing to learn the healing gifts.

Teaching style and involvement:
It was perfect! You always made time to make sure that everyone could participate.

Very helpful. It was neat to be able to listen to what you were perceiving, to see the speed, and listen to what was going on. I learned a lot by watching these.

Working on each other:
It was good to switch with different partners and get to experience the gifts of each class member. It was good to try working on each other even if our ability to perceive was limited, because it helps us to remember how to do it for the future.

Other comments:
I feel like Rick's class truly is just what I needed to gain confidence in continuing on my journey to learn the Healer's Art. Although I had read the website and studied each powerpoint several times over the last year, attending the class made a huge difference for me. I needed to see it hands on, and practice it on others. I feel that the class gave me the tools I need to know how to go on my own from here. I feel so much more confident that Heavenly Father will speak to me and direct me specifically. It was so neat to feel such a bond with the entire class although we had never met. Rick has such a bright countenance and a deep goodness resonating from within. I was so impressed with his valiance and strict obedience to God throughout this whole learning process. He is truly dedicated to this work, and is fulfilling his life mission with honor and exactness. What a great example he is to me! I will always be grateful I took this class."

S.A, Arizona

"I love the things you have taught me. I do some emotion code work still and can see the heart walls now. The first time I saw it I was rather surprised, but since that time I have been able to see every single one I have worked on. The increase in my abilities have definitely improved since you worked on me. I have more confidence, faith and love. I love doing this work and am so grateful to Heavenly Father for the wisdom he has given you and so many others. Grateful for your willingness to share that information and to help so many people. I have my own healing room that I go to when I work remotely. LOVE IT!"

Student from Colorado

"Slide Presentation:
Excellent! The slides really helped my understanding. I can’t think of any way to improve on them. I loved the step by step process, with each step subsequently broken down. The drawings were very helpful to see what is going on! The binder was nice to follow along in, and I have used it much since the class ended.

Discussions in class:
I loved the discussions. Even though sometimes I felt like I talked too much, you never made me feel that way. Everyone was so welcoming.

I enjoyed hearing from others and getting new insights. I found the discussions helpful and benefited from them. I thought of many of the things said long afterward.

Excellent! It was just what I needed.

Teaching style and involvement:
I thought you did an excellent job teaching. You have a soothing voice that I find comforting and a joy to listen to. Your teaching style is very good and the class involvement was great. I appreciate you sharing such personal insights and inspiration. I really helped. The amount of work you do for this class and the website is staggering. What a great example you are to all of us….especially in the journal writing. Your example in writing everything down has really helped me to get started. I have known for a while I needed to do so, but I am only just getting started, thanks to you.

These were my favorite part! I loved watching you work and listening to you voice what you saw. It is not easy to experience things and voice them at the same time. I appreciate you doing this for us. It made it very real.

Working on each other:
This was the scary part! Although, it was probably the most needed part, and it was nice to spend one on one time with each participant to get to know them better and how they work.

I was very nervous trying the different healing gifts. I wasn’t able to see anything and didn’t perceive a lot. But, I found that it still worked! It really helped for you to come around and tell us what you saw/perceived. I really appreciate that!

Sometimes I could feel the work being done and sometimes I couldn’t. But, I always felt a great love and peace.

I found that some of the gifts were easier to perceive than others. For many, I would rely on muscle testing to know what was happening. In that case, I would try and figure out, for example, where the rings of fire were. Then, when I had an idea, I would muscle test to see if I was right. I got it correct the majority of the time and that really helped boost my confidence. I didn’t figure I would be able to do any work until I was able to see/perceive in the spirit very clearly….but that was not the case. I felt like Deity helps us at the level we are at.

Would you be willing to write a short positive comment about the class that I can publish on my website? If you feel so inclined, please write it here:

Rick’s class was the most amazing class we have taken! I can’t even begin to describe the great peace and love felt in the class. I had read all the material on the website ahead of time, and watched all the videos. However, I was way too nervous to try doing this on my own. I kept thinking I wouldn’t be able to do any of this until my own spiritual gifts were more fully developed. However, I was so surprised to find that I could do this work! I believe Deity helps us at the level we are at.

I really appreciate all the time, talent and energy Rick put into the website, his journaling, his watercolors, as well as all the emails, slides, and handouts! Rick gives each person such undivided attention, both in the classroom and out of the classroom.

I loved watching Rick demonstrate on people! It really helped to see it done in person, to get a feel for it. It made me nervous to practice on others, but Rick was right there walking around checking in on everyone, and telling us what he was perceiving. The practice and demonstrations were invaluable. So were the discussions. These were things I couldn’t get from the website. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this work without the class. I am very grateful for the class!

Rick is so patient with us! He was so in class and he always answers right away via email if we have any questions.

I never wanted the class to end! It was extremely difficult to get back into everyday life after being immersed in such love and peace. However, every time I read new insights and further training from Rick, I feel the same peace come again, as well as when I do the work. I feel the spirit testifying that these things are true.

I can’t recommend this class enough! Thank you Rick for all you have done to make this possible and for guiding us along! I know that Diety is right there guiding you, and us, as we learn to do this work.

–I.R., Arizona

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