When Heavenly Mother Came

I have kept the following information very personal, but I now feel moved upon to make it publicly available on this website. The contents are extraordinary to me, and speak of a very kind, caring, and loving personage whom I call Heavenly Mother. The experience also makes me consider this scripture again "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isa 55:8-9).


From my personal journal. 4/20/2013:

Today I had the most incredible experience of my life. I was attending day-four of a healing energy work class. At the beginning of the class, the instructor asked me to call upon someone in our class to pray. I called upon Sara (not her real name; there were all women except for me in the class, 8 of us total). We all had knelt and held hands.

God's Loving Embrace
We all had knelt and held hands.

During Sara's prayer, I could envision seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus on his right hand, like the Bible says. (I had been having this experience during my prayers for several weeks prior to the class.) Then I saw a beautiful woman come from behind Heavenly Father and stand next to him. I immediately knew it was Heavenly Mother! She came forward and entered into the room, whereas Heavenly Father and Jesus stood more off. During the rest of the prayer, I had a very hard time keeping my composure! This experience was altogether unexpected and entirely took me by complete surprise and awe.

After the prayer I shared the experience with the ladies who were in this class. I felt a little awkward since I was taking large breaths and crying (which I rarely do).  I told them that Heavenly Mother was going to be with us all day, helping us personally learn to heal, for that was the message I received during the prayer in my mind from Heavenly Father.

After this, our instructor spoke and said that when she was driving to the class with Sara that morning, that she felt that Heavenly Mother was going to be with us today too! Then another class member piped up and said that in her morning prayer that day that she had prayed for Heavenly Mother to come to the class too. There were three witnesses that she was going to be there!

When Heavenly Mother Came

She came forward and entered into the room

We separated, broke off by two's as we had predetermined the day before, to learn the energy healing methods our teacher had taught us. Sara and I were to do energy work on each other.

Anyway, I started to do energy work on SaraI had asked her to lie face up on the padded table we had, and then I put a blanket on her. I went to her feet, cupped them from underneath in both of my hands. I then offered a silent prayer to my Heavenly Father that I be able to heal, or help heal, Sara. He then said to me in my mind, clear as a bell: "ask your mother, for she is next to you!"

I then addressed her: "Mother, please help me to help Sara heal." She replied to me in my mind: "I am a healer too, as is your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ."

She then spoke to me, not in words but in my mind, in thoughts that just came into my mind, to move to Sara's head. I wheeled myself to Sara's head (I was sitting on a stool with wheels). When there, Heavenly Mother said to me in my mind: "place your hands on her shoulders."

Heavenly Mother then said to me in my mind: "I will show you how you need to heal my daughters." She then put her two hands on my own shoulders, while my two hands were on Sara's shoulders.

At that moment I saw a "golden ring of fire", or shimmering, bright golden ring, like it was on fire, sizzling, go fully around Sara's body at her neck, and gradually proceed down her body towards her feet. As it went to her arms and legs, it split into rings of fire around each of those appendages, and her torso. As it passed her body, it seemed to heal the body that it encircled, or put it at least in a healing state. The golden ring of fire proceeded gradually to her feet over the span of about 10 to 15 minutes. Upon reaching the bottoms of her feet, the rings exited her body and disappeared.

Golden Rings of FIre

The "golden ring of fire", or shimmering, bright golden ring

Next, I felt again Heavenly Mother's hands on my shoulders. She then imbued, through me, her love to Sara. I was the go-between. Her hands were on my shoulders, and my hands were on Sara's. I could see and felt bright light and a great amount of love coming from her through me to Sara. This lasted about 5 minutes.

Next Heavenly Mother then told me, in my mind, to put both of my hands on the sides of Sara's head, one hand on each side, with her ears between my index and middle fingers.  I did so.  I then could feel a slow, pulsed rhythm starting–and that it was from Heavenly Mother, through my hands.  I knew that we three were all synched up in the same rhythm. It was in and out, about every 5 seconds in a breathing cycle.

Then she told me this is how she gives Sara her own light.  I next became aware that Sara's crown chakra was growing more and more brightly with Heavenly Mother's light, pulsing brighter and brighter with our synched heavenly pulse. When this had pulsed 3-4 times through the heavenly pulse cycles, I next noticed Sara's pineal, or brow chakra, starting to also pulse in synch with her crown chakra, full of light as it pulsed, more and more. This continued another 3-4 cycles. Then her throat chakra came in next. The light expanded with each pulse.  It was brilliant white light that quickly went beyond her body. Then her heart chakra started pulsing with light, with the synched rhythm. Then her solar plexus chakra, then her sacrum chakra, and finally her root chakra. Each came in turn and joined the rhythm and were all filled more and more with light. Then Sara's entire body radiated bright, white light, dancing in and out with the rhythm of the pulse which we three were synched together in. It was remarkable! I felt awed and had a very hard time keeping my composure. I felt very honored and humbled. I felt so loved and happy to be again in the presence of my eternal mother. It was so nice!

Filling with Light
Sara's crown chakra was growing more and more brightly with Heavenly Mother's light,
pulsing brighter and brighter with our synched heavenly pulse

Next Heavenly Mother gave me the notion in my thoughts to take away my hands and slide backwards on my chair. I did so, clearing space between Sara and myself.

Then Heavenly Mother came and stood between Sara and myself. She leaned over Sara from behind her head, and kissed her on her right cheek, then her left cheek. Then she went to the left side of the table, and Sara's spirit sat up in her body. Sara swung her feet over the side, and Heavenly Mother embraced her! When they were done, Sara's spirit lay back down into her body. It was so amazing!

Then Heavenly Mother came back to me, faced me, and said: "Rick, this is how you may heal my daughters." Then she left.

I related this experience to Sara and our instructor in a private setting right afterwards.  It was remarkable to note that Sara was feeling the light, and sang church hymns to herself. Her last song was "Oh My Father", ending in these words: "Father, Mother, may I meet you in your royal courts on high". Well, she did meet and embrace Heavenly Mother at that very moment! It was remarkable, for sure.


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